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Its the End of the World as we Know it
Added: 11th December 2008
Views: 1630
Comments: 0

Seriously scary, cool, amazing and some what true!

Tags: end of the world cool
Scary Atomic Bomb Picture
Added: 14th October 2008
Views: 2579
Comments: 2

What the view might look like just before the end of the world... kinda scary accurate really.

Tags: scary atomic bomb atomic bomb picture end of the world
Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris
Added: 23rd May 2011
Views: 943
Comments: 1

Bruce Less vs Chuck Norris, who would win, would it cause the end of the world, a black hole, can you imagine this fight?

Tags: Chuck Norris Bruce Less fight
Happy Mayan Day To All
Added: 21st December 2012
Views: 4818
Comments: 0

Well I guess if I am writing this and you are ready it then we all know that today is Mayan day or the end of the world so here is a funny old time cartoon picture to keep you smiling until the very end.

Tags: Mayan Day End of the World Earth Shattering Kaboom Funny Picture