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Crazy Funny Animation
Added: 9th September 2008
Views: 3395
Comments: 1

wow, now this took a lot of effort and skill. No way you will be able to not watch all of this, AIM guy vs. The One, very cool

Tags: cool animation crazy funny funny animation animation video
No News Today
Added: 22nd October 2008
Views: 2079
Comments: 0

What happens when one day there is no news to report? Read the scrolling ticker tape, it is crazy funny. No news is good news... I guess that is what they say right

Tags: no news news news video funny video
Crazy Funny Stop Sign
Added: 9th November 2008
Views: 2687
Comments: 1

Stop here, no wait don't, there is not stopping anytime expect for right now where it says stop on the sign, sorry, not right now though, now that is funny if not at least annoying

Tags: crazy funny stop sign funny sign funny
Piracy is Enviornmentally Friendly
Added: 11th September 2009
Views: 2338
Comments: 1

Crazy funny picture of how piracy is friendly for the environment, go green today and pirate your software, save the world

Tags: software piracy enviornmentally friendly
Crazy Funny Sobriety Test
Added: 17th November 2009
Views: 1314
Comments: 0

When sobriety tests go bad, they usually go crazy funny bad, check out this guy for instance, oh my

Tags: crazy sobriety test
Funny Video Extra Happy Happy Meal
Added: 5th February 2010
Views: 1424
Comments: 0

Crazy Funny video of a guy going through a drive through making sure he gets extra Happy in his Happy Meal!

Tags: funny happy meal video
The Evolution of Dance Funny Video
Added: 4th August 2010
Views: 8843
Comments: 3

Now this is a crazy funny video, guaranteed to make you smile, or your money back? This guy has got some moves to match the pros. 5 minutes watching this will make the rest of your day a good one for certain

Tags: evolution of dance Judson Laipply funny funny video dance video
Every Tom Cruise Movie Plot
Added: 30th August 2010
Views: 2588
Comments: 1

Crazy Funny Video from a comedian about how every Tom Cruise movie has the exact same plot over and over. Top Gun, Days of Thunder, etc....

Tags: funny video Tom Cruise movie plot comedian
I wanna be an Engineer Video
Added: 5th February 2011
Views: 2173
Comments: 0

Great spoof video, I want to be an Engineer so freaking bad! This is crazy funny, share it with your friends now!

Tags: funny video spoof wanna be an engineer spoof
Person planking on passenger plane
Added: 3rd November 2011
Views: 1555
Comments: 1

Say that 3 times real fast, Person Planking on Passenger Plane. Not sure what else to say about this funny picture, although I think that guy has a facial expression that is like WTF and the woman thinks it is crazy funny, maybe he could score with her after they land.

Tags: planking planking on plane funny picture