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Can an iPad replace paper for Everything
Added: 13th September 2013
Views: 6826
Comments: 1

This funny video shows exactly how the Apple iPad cannot replace true paper for everything in your life.

Tags: Apple iPad Paper Funny Video
The New Apple iPad
Added: 3rd February 2010
Views: 4553
Comments: 1

Sorry, with all the jokes going around about the Apple iPad, this picture had to be posted

Tags: funny apple ipad pad
The New Apple iPad Phone
Added: 10th May 2010
Views: 3024
Comments: 1

Apple has recently released an update to allow users to make calls from their iPad, kind of a merge between the iPad and iPhone.

Tags: Apple iPad Apple iPad iPhone
Introducing the new iPad stand
Added: 13th September 2010
Views: 2284
Comments: 1

Get the brand new iPad stand while supplies last, with this ingenious design they aren't going last long. Order today and they will likely double your order, (just pay additional S/H)

Tags: funny apple iPad iPad stand
iPad now has cameras
Added: 11th April 2011
Views: 1576
Comments: 0

Ever since the first iPad came out everyone has been complaining about the fact that it didn't have a camera, then the iPad 2 came out and people are complaining that the two cameras aren't good enough, check out the newest version with over 300 cameras, hope you are all happy now!

Tags: apple iPad iPad cameras
Difference between an iPad and a rock
Added: 26th October 2011
Views: 1342
Comments: 0

Now this is a crazy but true picture. This funny picture outlines all the differences or not so much, between the Apple iPad and a regular old rock.

Tags: Apple iPad funny picture Apple rock iPad crazy picture
Apple released new product the iRock
Added: 28th December 2011
Views: 2473
Comments: 0

A very funny picture, spoof of Apple products. In late breaking and a very tightly head secret, Apple has released a revolutionary, excellent, and beautiful update to the iPad, and it is called the iRock and it is just amazing

Tags: Apple iPad iRock Apple iPad
Apple iPad Sucks Spoof Video
Added: 1st May 2014
Views: 8720
Comments: 1

Just watch this video and you will start to wonder why you even own an Apple iPAD and more than likely you do.

Tags: Apple iPAD Video Spoof Sucks