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Natalie Portman Legs
Added: 9th September 2008
Views: 3772
Comments: 1

Sexy Celebrity Natalie Portman shows off her sexy legs in a cute picture of her listening to some music. Not sure what the deal is with those "boots", but works for me. Everyone knows Natalie Portman was in Star Wars, but remember that movie she did a long time ago where she was pregnant and...

Tags: celebrity Natalie Portman legs cute picture boots
Crazy Measuring Cup
Added: 24th October 2008
Views: 2004
Comments: 0

Now here is a measuring cup you aren't going to find at your local Walmart for sure. Kinda cool though, put things into perspective that you wouldn't normally think about.

Tags: measuring cup crazy
Stupid Walmart People
Added: 13th April 2009
Views: 11084
Comments: 1

How do you mistake a newborn child for a burrito? Only in a Walmart full of stupid people.

Tags: stupid Walmart people Walmart
Walmart self checkout can be handy
Added: 18th May 2011
Views: 7539
Comments: 0

Yes, handy in the title was on purpose. As you can see from this Walmart receipt from whom I assume to be a gal, the self checkout line can be most convenient at avoiding some embarrassment.

Tags: Walmart self checkout receipt
People of Walmart Funny Music Video
Added: 8th February 2013
Views: 4665
Comments: 1

I couldn't resist. These people were basically asking me to write a song about them! What started out as a late night songwriting session, turned into a full production idea. I hope you enjoy my video as much as we enjoyed making it!

Tags: People of Walmart Funny Video Music Video Songwriting
How can you not like a good Yeast Ring
Added: 14th April 2014
Views: 5339
Comments: 0

Only at Walmart. A funny sign for a product I have never heard of before. These Yeast Rings sure do look good and who doesnt enjoy a good ring now and then.

Tags: Yeast Ring Funny Sign Walmart
Introducing the Walmart Bingo Game
Added: 9th June 2014
Views: 4875
Comments: 0

You have seen it here first the new release of the Walmart Bingo game. See how many you can get on your average trip to the Wally World super retailer

Tags: Walmart Bingo Game Walmart Bingo Retailer Wally World
Grocery Shopping in Colorado
Added: 25th September 2014
Views: 4486
Comments: 0

The local Walmart in Colorado probably isn't like anything you have in your town for grocery shopping. There you can buy Pot in bulk with your Sams club card

Tags: Colorado Pot grocery shopping Walmart
Fine girl shopping at Walmart in her Panties
Added: 18th August 2016
Views: 10639
Comments: 0

Fine girl shopping at Walmart in her Panties with perfect legs and feet

Tags: girl shopping panties legs feet Walmart