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Internet Explorer Failed
Added: 24th October 2008
Views: 2556
Comments: 1

Microsoft Internet Explorer something failed error message, now that is funny, they let you know that for sure something has failed and is not working correctly, they just can't tell you what.

Tags: Microsoft Internet Explorer FAIL
Reasons for using Internet Explorer
Added: 20th April 2009
Views: 3860
Comments: 0

A funny pie chart on funny reasons for using Internet Explorer

Tags: Internet Explorer pie chart funny reasons
Real Life Firefox girl
Added: 21st February 2011
Views: 2168
Comments: 1

Even if you are a user of Microsoft Internet Explorer and not Firefox as you should be, you will recognize this picture, this is the real life Firefox girl

Tags: Firefox broswer Firefox girl Internet Explorer Mozilla Microsoft
HTML and HTML5 differences funny picture
Added: 19th February 2012
Views: 3805
Comments: 0

Funny picture on an actual slide show showing you just how to tell if the webpage you are browsing is using HTML or the newer HTML5 version with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Tags: HTML HTML5 Microsoft Internet Explorer funny picture
Microsoft Internet Explorer 1990s Commercial
Added: 24th January 2013
Views: 4604
Comments: 0

A great commercial from Microsoft bringing you back to your childhood in the 1990s and Internet Explorer

Tags: Microsoft 1990s Commercial Internet Explorer