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Funny Toilet Sign
Added: 27th July 2008
Views: 2365
Comments: 0

Ahh... the age old saying, if at first you don't succeed... The funny thing about this toilet sign is that someone must have personally had a bad experience with someone not doing a courtesy flush!

Tags: funny toilet sign courtesy flush
Toilet of the Future
Added: 10th October 2008
Views: 3351
Comments: 1

Introducing the toilet of the future, soon you will have high speed internet right to your toilet, I mean really, who can live their own life without taking a 5 minutes break from the computer to use the restroom...

Tags: future toilet toilet picture funny toilet
Funny Toilet Picture
Added: 5th October 2010
Views: 1950
Comments: 0

Not sure who thought this was a good design, but they should probably be flushed. Even not thinking about the toilet in the middle, why the need for so many sinks?

Tags: funny picture toilet picture
Never run out of toilet paper again
Added: 3rd March 2011
Views: 1811
Comments: 1

Now here is a huge roll of toilet paper that will ensure you never run out of toilet paper again, or at least not for quite some time. I wonder how often that toilet gets plugged though?

Tags: toilet paper funny toilet
A toilet with a great view
Added: 14th April 2011
Views: 1475
Comments: 0

Finally us guys have it, the perfect toilet with a great view, now all we need is some dancing girls, a beer machine, and pizza. The only issue I really see is no place for our magazines

Tags: toilet view funny toilet outside
Funny Toilet Serial Number
Added: 12th July 2016
Views: 4758
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Funny Toilet Serial Number

Tags: Funny Toilet Serial Number