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Snowmobile vs Tree
Added: 4th June 2009
Views: 2024
Comments: 0

So how does a snowmobile do vs a tree? Hint: The tree wins. Needless to say this guy fails as you would expect in the video

Tags: snowmobile tree fail video
Fishtank and Firecrackers FAIL
Added: 24th August 2010
Views: 944
Comments: 0

Check out these smart guys who actually think putting a firecracker in a full fishtank is maybe a good idea? FAILure

Tags: fishtank firecracker fail video
Kid Hacker Funny Video FAIL
Added: 13th October 2010
Views: 2076
Comments: 1

This Kid thinks he is the future of hacking? Check this funny video out, he actually thinks that the tracert cmd is telling him how many people are on google and their IP addresses! Oh and there is usually only 10 people in the world on google at a time.... KID, YOU FAIL

Tags: funny video kid hacker fail fail video hacker kid
Another Beauty Contestant Failure
Added: 16th September 2013
Views: 5236
Comments: 0

Yet another fail video showing a fine example of a Beauty Contestants failed response to an easy question.

Tags: Fail Video Beauty Contestant Failed Response Easy Question
Fail soccer goalie score a goal
Added: 5th January 2012
Views: 2530
Comments: 0

Now this is a crazy fail video of a soccer goalie kicking the ball about 100 yards and scores on the other goalie, what an amazing shot.

Tags: fail video soccer goalie goal soccer amazing
Girls on bikes fail videos compilation
Added: 6th February 2012
Views: 3335
Comments: 0

You might feel bad laughing at these girls on bikes here in this awesome fail collection as it proves that not only can women not drive, but they can’t ride bikes too. FAIL

Tags: girls on bikes fail videos fail video compilation fail
FAIL video of a car stuck in snow
Added: 21st February 2012
Views: 3465
Comments: 0

If your car is stuck in the snow, then think about how you are going to get it out again – not like this guy who is just not doing the business. FAIL

Tags: fail video fail car stuck in snow fail
FedEx Semi Truck Fail Video
Added: 15th September 2012
Views: 5227
Comments: 1

FedEx Semi Truck truck delivers your packages with care at 65mph down the highway pushing your stove with his grille.

Tags: FedEx Video Fail Fail Semi Truck Fedex Package
Boaters get Owned on the Waves
Added: 6th September 2012
Views: 5113
Comments: 2

Check out this crazy video of some boaters getting nothing but owned out on the waves. They all have that look of confidence right up to the point where they get pOwned. Check out the driver for certain and how the one babe is checking for her teeth when it is all said and done. They make a...

Tags: boaters owned crazy video waves wake owned fail video
Martial Arts Fail Videos Collection
Added: 31st January 2014
Views: 5397
Comments: 1

A collection of some of the best fails in Martial Arts or at least those trying to do martial arts.

Tags: Martial Arts Fail Video Collection Best Fails