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Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Funny Videos, Sexy, and Funny Pictures, only the best funny pictures and videos you can find and view free on the internet. Aysos is dedicated to providing only the highest quality Videos and Pictures for FREE!
Information - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Funny Videos, Sexy, and Funny Pictures, only the best funny pictures and videos you can find and view free on the internet. Aysos is dedicated to providing only the highest quality Videos and Pictures for FREE!
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Site News On Funny Videos And Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Keep up with all the news and happenings on our site
Site News On Funny Videos And Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Keep up with all the news and happenings on our site
Site News On Funny Videos And Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Keep up with all the news and happenings on our site
Site News On Funny Videos And Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Keep up with all the news and happenings on our site
Site News On Funny Videos And Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Keep up with all the news and happenings on our site
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- Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Funny Videos, Sexy, and Funny Pictures, only the best funny pictures and videos you can find and view free on the internet. Aysos is dedicated to providing only the highest quality Videos and Pictures for FREE!
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A page dedicated to educuating our users what AYSOS is all about
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Advertising details for Aysos
c 1 Funny-Pictures1 page
Funny Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Here you will find some of the best funny pictures on the internet, some are classic funny pictures and some are unique funny pics or images. We try to collect only the best quality and the most funny from various sources on the internet as well as a few unique ones created by the aysos team.
c 10 Stupid-Movies-and-Videos1 page
Stupid Movies and Videos - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
All of those funny yet very stupid videos and movies you just have to watch no matter how painfully stupid those people are
c 100 Rachael-Leigh-Cook1 page
Rachael Leigh Cook
Rachael Leigh Cook
c 101 Sandra-Bullock1 page
Sandra Bullock - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Sandra Bullock is known in Hollywood as very much the girl next door type. A few of her most notable roles include Speed, Miss Congeniality, and Love Potion No. 9. Of course we all know what happened with her marriage to Jesse James as well.
c 102 Nicole-Kidman1 page
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman
c 103 Mia-Kirshner1 page
Mia Kirshner - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Sultry Mia Kirshner is one of my favorite sexy celebrity babes, she is probably most famous for her role as Jenny Schecter on The L Word, but she has done many movies. I suggest you see Mia in a 1990's movie called Exotica, you won't be disappointed.
c 104 Danica-McKellar1 page
Danica McKellar - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Danica McKellar is certainly best known for her role as Winnie Cooper in the television show The Wonder Years, but she is also an author and a mathematician. She was even in the Twilight zone in 1985, man I used to love that weird show. Anyway, Danica is now all grown up and no longer that cute little girl, instead she is turned into one of the hottest child stars ever.
c 105 Amanda-Tapping1 page
Amanda Tapping - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Amanda Tapping is mostly known for her role as Samantha Carter in the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis Syfy channel shows as well as Sanctuary.
c 106 Kaley-Cuoco1 page
Kaley Cuoco - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Bing Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is such a cute and sexy actress. You might also remember that she played the hot daughter on '8 Simple Rules' that starred the late John Ritter
c 107 Drew-Barrymore1 page
Drew Barrymore - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Everyone remembers cute little Drew Barrymore as the famous girl in the movie E.T. She was also perhaps one of the first child actors that had problems or at least well publicized problems during her childhood with fame, however she was able to get back on track with her life and has since become one of the greatest actresses of our time. Drew has been in countless movies and other roles since ET including Charlies Angels and The Wedding Singer
c 108 Christina-Applegate1 page
Christina Applegate - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Christina Applegate is most widely known for her very early role playing Kelly Bundy on the FOX sitcom Married with Children. She has also played various roles in many movies and guest starred on a few shows. In 2009 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now fully recovered.
c 109 Kelly-Monaco1 page
Kelly Monaco - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Kelly Monaco has been in quite a few movies and TV shows, most notably would probably be her rol as Sam on General Hospital, but if you do some research into her early years you will also see that she was Playboy playmate of the year too! Not too difficult to see why she won, I guess because she is... Hot!
c 11 Funny-Signs1 page
Funny Signs - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
We have all seen the signs that aren't spelled correct, or just make no sense at all, makes you wonder who comes up with these stupid signs and to top it all off it is very likely that your tax dollars paid to have these funny signs created and then installed.
c 110 Lucy-Liu1 page
Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu
c 111 Jewel-Staite1 page
Jewel Staite - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Gorgeous and cute Jewel Statie is a Canadian actress, who you for sure know as Kaylee in the hit SciFy show Firefly and Serenity, and of course as Jennifer on yet another SciFy show Stargate Atlantis. Her amazing smile and sexy figure are amazing. Truly a one of a kind SciFy babe.
c 112 Jodi-Albert1 page
Jodi Albert
Jodi Albert
c 113 Lady-Gaga1 page
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
c 114 Elizabeth-Hurley1 page
Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley
c 115 Lacey-Chabert1 page
Lacey Chabert - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cute Lacey Chabert has grown up fast and very nicely might I add. You probably only really know her from her role as Claudia Salinger in the television show Party of Five and maybe in the movie Mean Girls and Not another teen movie.
c 116 Stockings1 page
Stockings - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
A hot category of nothing but the prettiest girls wearing lacey stockings and other lingerie for your viewing pleasure.
c 117 Jennifer-Morrison1 page
Jennifer Morrison - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Jennifer Morrison is one cute babe best known for her role on the hit show House. although she has also been on numerous other shows and movies like Star Trek and Urban Legend. She was born in 1979 in Chicago. She has such a great smile and nice legs. Check out her great pictures and videos right here!
c 119 Catherine-Zeta-Jones1 page
Catherine Zeta Jones - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Catherine Zea Jones is a very pretty Welsh actress. She has done so much in her career, but here are a few facts to remember. She is married to actor Michale Douglas and they have the same birthday! A few movies she has been in include Chicago, Ocean's Twelve,
c 12 Celebrity-Videos-and-Pictures1 page
Celebrity Videos and Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
The best sexy videos and pictures of your favorite celebrity babes and celebrity hunks every now and then for our female viewers
c 120 Gabrielle-Anwar1 page
Gabrielle Anwar - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Gabrielle Anwar has a long list of film and TV credits to her name, but these days she is mostly seen on the USA hit show Burn Notice as Fiona.
c 121 Jessica-Stroup1 page
Jessica Stroup - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Jessica Stroup
c 122 Helen-Flanagan1 page
Helen Flanagan - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Helen Flanagan is a cute British actress best known for playing Rosie Webster in the daytime soap opera show Coronation Street.
c 123 Mary-Louise-Parker1 page
Mary Louise Parker - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Mary Louise Parker
c 124 Miranda-Cosgrove1 page
Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove
c 125 Selena-Gomez1 page
Selena Gomez - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cute Selena Gomez is another child star who seems to be on her way to success in acting and as a singer. You likely first noticed her on the Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place. She is also the lead singer and found of her pop band Selena Gomez & the Scene. And of course you know she is currently dating (as of this writing), the Bieber man, Justin Bieber
c 126 Holly-Marie-Combs1 page
Holly Marie Combs - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Holly Marie Combs is likely only really know because of her role as Piper Halliwell on the TV series Charmed with Alyssa Milano. She is cute and sometimes sexy, but mostly just a B list actress at best, although you should certainly check her out in a movie called A Reason to Believe
c 127 Vanessa-Marcil1 page
Vanessa Marcil - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Vanessa Marcil is what very hot yet cute celebrity babe. She is best known for her roles as Brenda on General Hospital and Sam on the now cancelled show Las Vegas. She has won the hottest female star award too many times to even mention here. She also used to date Corey Feldman and had a kid with Brian Austin Green. Hell she was even in a great little move called 'The Rock' with Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage. I should also mention that she has been in just about every mens magazine there is, such as FHM, Maxim, Stuff, etc.... I really can't say enough about how much I like Vanessa Marcil
c 128 Alicia-Silverstone1 page
Alicia Silverstone - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Alicia Silverstone is another actress who is very cute and sexy and has a long career with many various roles. She has been batgirl, in music videos for Aerosmith, she has posed nude for PETA, starred in movies like 'Clueless' and seduced men in the movie 'The Crush'
c 129 Tila-Tequila1 page
Tila Tequila
Tila Tequila
c 13 Funny-Commercials1 page
Funny Commercials - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
All the best funny commercials you see on TV, from the greats like 'Where's the Beef' to all the recent banned and Superbowl commercials
c 130 Adrianne-Palicki1 page
Adrianne Palicki - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Adrianne Palicki is probably most recognized from her role as Tyra Collette in Friday Night Lights, however you will soon see much more of her as she has earned the role of the new Wonder Woman on NBC. We will see if she can replace the classic Lynda Carter
c 131 Sarah-Shahi1 page
Sarah Shahi - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Many people don't relaize, but Sarah Shahi was a former NFL cheerleader and she made it to #66 on the Maxim HOT 100 list! You probably know her now from her new show as Kate Reed on 'Fairly Legal', but she also starred in 'The L Word'
c 132 Maggie-Grace1 page
Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace
c 133 Mandy-Moore1 page
Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore
c 134 Tricia-Helfer1 page
Tricia Helfer - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Leggy Tricia Helfer is a Canadian actress and was a model for a period of time. Her most widely known role was playing Number Six in the hit SciFi series Battlestar Galactica
c 135 Kate-Moss1 page
Kate Moss
Kate Moss
c 136 Elisha-Cuthbert1 page
Elisha Cuthbert - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Elisha Cuthbert is most likely know from her role as Kim Bauer in the television series 24. You can catch her now as Alex in Happy Endings a comedy on ABC
c 137 Milla-Jovovich1 page
Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich
c 138 Michelle-Trachtenberg1 page
Michelle Trachtenberg
Michelle Trachtenberg
c 139 Diane-Kruger1 page
Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger
c 14 Sexy-Commercials1 page
Sexy Commercials - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
We have all seen them, those commercials that are banned or you know are eventually going to get banned because they are just borderline too sexy. Personally I think we need to open up a bit and be more like Europe and let the sexy commercials go on the air
c 140 Ashley-Greene1 page
Ashley Greene - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Ashley Greene has done it all, she has been on the cover of Maxim magazine, named one of the most beautiful women in the world, posed nude in a body painted bikini, and also plays Alice Cullen in the hit series Twilight.
c 141 Amber-Heard1 page
Amber Heard - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Amber Heard, another celebrity babe brought to you from the show Friday Night Lights.
c 142 Susie-Abromeit1 page
Susie Abromeit
Susie Abromeit
c 143 Serinda-Swan1 page
Serinda Swan
Serinda Swan
c 144 Carly-Craig1 page
Carly Craig - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
I don't really have much information on Carly Craig except that she was in an issue of Maxim magazine I got a couple months ago and this babe was hot as hell.
c 145 Reese-Witherspoon1 page
Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon
c 146 Lingerie1 page
Lingerie - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
A category of nothing but sexy babes showing off how they look in their lingerie. This category will be more general that the stockings category.
c 147 Becki-Newton1 page
Becki Newton - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Rebecca Becki Newton is best known for her role as Amanda on the television series Ugly Betty. She is kinda hot sometimes and for sure mostly annoying on Ugly Betty.
c 148 Anna-Friel1 page
Anna Friel - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Anna Friel is an English actress who is widely known for her SOAP roles, she is very pretty and reminds me somewhat of Emma Watson, another English actress you for sure already know about
c 149 Ashley-Tisdale1 page
Ashley Tisdale - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Actress and Singer Ashley Tisdale was born in 1985 in New Jersey. Ashley has been on a variety of shows such as 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody', 7th Heaven, Family Guy and she has also release a few records. Such a cute actress
c 15 Great-Videos-in-Time1 page
Great Videos in Time - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Classic great videos that we all remember from our childhoods. Videos that will bring back those memories of playing marbles at the playground after you road your bike for 15 minutes through the neighborhood to get there. You don't see that these days. Remember Where's the Beef?
c 150 Bridget-Wilson1 page
Bridget Wilson - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Bridget Wilson is the wife of tennis legend Pete Sampras. She is the hot teacher that played the role of Veronica Vaughn in the movie Billy Madison alongside Adam Sandler. She was also Sonya Blade in the movie Mortal Kombat.
c 151 Brittany-Murphy1 page
Brittany Murphy - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Brittany Murphy pretty much got her big acting career break in the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone, although she has been in quite a few other films and TV roles. Brittany died in 2009 with no real exact reason given, although she had been know to be using prescription drugs.
c 152 Kate-Middleton1 page
Kate Middleton - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Kate Middleton was born in 1982 and as you probably know is the fiancee of Prince William of Wales. I normally don't post pictures or videos of royal family, but she is going to be one hot princess for sure, she is such a cutie as well.
c 153 Jill-Hennessy1 page
Jill Hennessy - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Jill Hennessy is a Canadian actress known for her roles on Law & Order and Crossing Jordan. Most guys and yes some gals probably most like her for her very long legs that she loves to show off.
c 154 Judy-Greer1 page
Judy Greer
Judy Greer
c 155 Jules-Asner1 page
Jules Asner
Jules Asner
c 156 Lucy-Pinder1 page
Lucy Pinder
Lucy Pinder
c 157 Cobie-Smulders1 page
Cobie Smulders - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
I bet most people don't realize just how sexy Cobie Smulders really is and just think if her as the quirky babe on the very popular show
c 158 Jordana-Brewster1 page
Jordana Brewster - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Sexy Jordana Brewster you likely know best from the movie 'The Fast and the Furious', but she has been on a few other well known films as well. Very much known for her long legs that continue forever to heaven
c 159 Danica-Patrick1 page
Danica Patrick - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Danica Patrick also known as the hottest female race car babe. She has driven for Indy and Nascar, not to mention also being a model. Her main sponsor is GoDaddy and she is one of their spokes models and she drives the GoDaddy car as well.
c 16 Other Misc1 page
Other/Misc - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Other miscellaneous funny videos and pictures that just didn't quite fit into any other category.
c 160 Allison-Munn1 page
Allison Munn - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Allison Munn was born in 1974 in South Carolina. You have seen her in a few shows like 'What I Like About You' with Amanda Bynes and Jenny Garth and more recently on the show 'One Tree Hill' with Sophia Bush. She was also in a comedy series called 'Carpoolers'. Sorry everyone, she got married in 2007
c 162 Infographics1 page
Infographics - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Info-graphics are relatively new (at the time of this writing) and are basically a picture representing information in writing. Basically a fun way with a graphics type background that makes reading a bit more fun.
c 163 Alison-Angel1 page
Alison Angel - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Adult actress Alison Angel probably one of the most seen blonde babes on the web. Mostly known for her FTV First Time Videos series
c 164 Jennifer-Lawrence1 page
Jennifer Lawrence - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Jennifer Lawrence is of course best known as the star babe on the hit movie and book The Hunger Games playing the lead role as the character Katniss
c 165 Marisa-Tomei1 page
Marisa Tomei
Marisa Tomei
c 166 Renee-Zellweger1 page
Renee Zellweger
Renee Zellweger
c 167 Grace-Park1 page
Grace Park - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Grace Park is a fairly newcomer as a sexy celebrity actress. The first time she probably really caught your eye was as the character Sharon on the Battlestar Galactica show. Now you can see her on the new show Hawaii Five-0 as detective Kono, which is a remake of the classic series
c 168 Linda-Cardellini1 page
Linda Cardellini - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Linda Cardellini is best known for her roles on Freaks and Geeks, Scooby-Doo films, and as Samantha on ER.
c 169 Brittany-Snow1 page
Brittany Snow - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Brittany Snow is a very pretty actress and singer. She has performed in quite a few movies and TV series, however you might recognize her most from her role in the movie The Pacifier with Vin Diesel and Hairspray.
c 17 Crazy-Videos-and-Pictures1 page
Crazy Videos and Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Wild and Crazy Videos and pictures, from amazing trick videos to just your average stupid people doing stupid things. These aren't your average just funny videos or pictures, these are the crazy hard to believe ones!
c 170 Legs1 page
Legs - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Just close up pictures of sexy legs, who doesn't like a pair of sexy legs and these are all close up shots of just legs
c 171 Jessica-Simpson1 page
Jessica Simpson - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Singer and actress Jessica Simpson really needs no introduction. She was mostly brought into fame from her reality show Newlyweds with then husband Nick Lachey, but she is an accomplish singer as well. You surely also know her from the throwback movie The Dukes of Hazzard in her little daisy dukes. Her sister Ashley Simpson hasn't done much, but she it a little hottie in her own right.
c 172 Fergie1 page
Fergie - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Stacy Ann Ferguson is her real name, but you for sure know her as just Fergie. She is mostly known as being the lead singer for The Black Eyed Peas, but she is also a songwriter, designer, and actress. She is also married to Josh Duhamel
c 173 Funny-Jokes1 page
Funny Jokes - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Some of the best jokes you see out on the internet, in emails, websites, etc...
c 174 Kari-Byron1 page
Kari Byron - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
The infamous red headed MythBusters babe, she is hotter than the rest of the cast of the show for sure ;)
c 175 Jennette-McCurdy1 page
Jennette McCurdy - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Not too much to say about cute little Jennette McCurdy except she is best known for playing the role of Sam Puckett on the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly. I expect her to be quite the hot little celebrity babe in a few years so keep an eye on her for sure.
c 176 Candace-Bailey1 page
Candace Bailey - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cute little Candace Bailey was a star on many Nickelodeon shows as well as playing the role of Skylar Stevens on the CBS series Jericho. As now you can see her as the co-host on Attack of the Show! on G4TV
c 177 Jaimie-Alexander1 page
Jaimie Alexander - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Jaimie Alexander hasn't really done much in her career, but you might know her from her roles as Jessi on the TV series Kyle XY and Sif in the 2011 superhero film Thor.
c 178 Emily-Deschanel1 page
Emily Deschanel - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Mostly known simply as Zooey Deschanels sister, Emily Deschanel has been somewhat successful in her own right and is certainly as pretty as her sister. You can currently see her as
c 179 Christa-Miller1 page
Christa Miller - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Christa Miller is a very hot actress mostly known for her various roles in comedy type series. Of course you remember her as Kate on The Drew Carey Show and Jordan on Scrubs. She has also played a few different characters on Seinfeld as well. Now you can see her on ABC in Cougar Town.
c 18 Scary-Videos-and-Pictures1 page
Scary Videos and Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Just the scary pictures and videos you want to look at but sometimes just can't, so if you don't like scary videos or pictures find another category now.
c 180 Melissa-Joan-Hart1 page
Melissa Joan Hart - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Melissa Joan Hart is without a doubt best known for her role as the cute yet ditsy witch on the hit show Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
c 181 Scarlett-Johansson1 page
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson
c 182 Cameron-Diaz1 page
Cameron Diaz - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Everyone knows the girl next door cute blonde and spunky Cameron Diaz. Her first big movie role was in The Mask alongside Jim Carey. Then nobody could forget her in the classic Something about Mary. Charlies Angels and Princess Fiona in the Shrek series to name just a few more movies this hot babe has starred. I would also be committing some type of party foul if I did not mention her very very long and sexy legs she is very well known to show off.
c 183 Maxim-Magazine-Babes1 page
Maxim Magazine Babes - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
A category full of the sexy babes appearing in Maxim magazine, some are celebrities some are not, but they for sure will all be very hot
c 184 Jannah-Burnham1 page
Jannah Burnham
Jannah Burnham
c 185 Tori-Black1 page
Tori Black
Tori Black
c 186 Amanda-Knox1 page
Amanda Knox - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Amanda Knox is the American babe who was convicted of murder in Italy. She has been portrayed her as a crazy sexual babe and they have dubbed her the Foxy Knoxy
c 187 Christina-Ricci1 page
Christina Ricci - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Christina Ricci of child star fame The Addams Family has had an on and off again career to say the least, but she certainly has mostly stayed out of trouble unlike child stars like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. She has been in a lot of movies you have likely never even heard of, but you can now see her on the hit ABC show Pan Am playing the role of Maggie
c 188 Military-Aircraft1 page
Military Aircraft - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
The coolest pictures and videos of Miltary aircraft. Here you can check out some of the best military planes from around the world.
c 189 Beverley-Mitchell1 page
Beverley Mitchell - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beverley Mitchell is a gorgeous actress that you almost without a doubt only know because of her role as Lucy Camden on 7th Heaven starring next to another well know hot celebrity Jessica Biel.
c 19 Funny-Audio1 page
Funny Audio - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Audio media and or music that may or may not be funny, such as mp3s, wavs, etc...
c 190 Sarah-Michelle-Gellar1 page
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar
c 191 Piper-Perabo1 page
Piper Perabo - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Piper Perabo you probably remember first as her role as Violet Jersey in the hit movie Coyote Ugly. Now you can best check her and her long legs out on the USA network as the CIA agent Annie Walker, in Covert Affairs.
c 192 Miley-Cyrus1 page
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
c 193 Katharine-McPhee1 page
Katharine McPhee
Katharine McPhee
c 194 Hilary-Duff1 page
Hilary Duff - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Singer and actress Hilary Duff got her real start on the Disney Channel television series Lizzie McGuire. She has performed in numerous TV shows and movies, but really only Cheaper by the Dozen was a success. She has appeard in Maxim magainze at least once.
c 195 Kate-Upton1 page
Kate Upton
Kate Upton
c 196 Emma-Stone1 page
Emma Stone - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cute actress Emma Stone, her real name is actually Emily Stone. She has had a role in quite a few movies, however the most exciting is her upcoming role as Gwen in the Amazing Spiderman movie.
c 197 Azita-Ghanizada1 page
Azita Ghanizada - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Azita Ghanizada is a very hot American actress who moved from Afghanistan. She has been in quite a few television roles like How I Met Your Mother, Entourage, NUMB3RS, and Bones. Now you can catch her full time in the Syfy show Alphas
c 198 Victoria-Justice1 page
Victoria Justice - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful singer and actress Victoria Justice is one of those celebrity babes that just makes me feel really old, she was only born in 1993 which is the year I graduated high school and she is already a star... not to mention very hot. You probably recognize her mostly from her Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 and Victorious.
c 199 Lisa-Edelstein1 page
Lisa Edelstein
Lisa Edelstein
c 2 Stupid-People-Pictures1 page
Stupid People Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
You guessed it, this is the spot for you to view and post your favorite pictures and videos of stupid people doing stupid stuff. Just take your camera to Wal-Mart one day and you could post here all night
c 20 Emma-Watson1 page
Emma Watson - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Everyone knows the beautiful english actress Emma Watson, probably best for her huge success in the Harry Potter series of movies playing the character of Hermione Granger. She was born in 1990 in Paris and she has quickly grown up before all of our eyes to be a very beautiful and sexy actress.
c 200 Sasha-Alexander1 page
Sasha Alexander - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
If you have ever watched NCIS, at least the first few seasons they you for user know Sasha Alexander as Kate on that hit show. I didn't know this until I looked it up, but she was also on Dawsons Creek and played Paceys sister. She was killed off NCIS fairly early on and replaced by Cote De Pablo (Ziva), but you can still see Sasha in her new show Rizzoli & Isles as Maura on the TNT network.
c 201 Meghan-Markle1 page
Meghan Markle - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Meghan Markle is the hot lawyer babe from the hit new show Suits on the USA network.
c 202 Alison-Haislip1 page
Alison Haislip - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Pretty Alison Haislip can be seen on G4 in Attack of the Show! She used to be a bartender as well!
c 203 Lake-Bell1 page
Lake Bell
Lake Bell
c 204 Jennifer-Garner1 page
Jennifer Garner - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Your favorite CIA babe from the hit show Alias in the role of Sydney Bristow. Jennifer Garner is married to Ben Affleck, I don't know why no so don't ask. She is much adored for her cute smile and very long sexy legs.
c 205 Angela-Sarafyan1 page
Angela Sarafyan
Angela Sarafyan
c 206 Rose-McGowan1 page
Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan
c 207 Maggie-Gyllenhaal1 page
Maggie Gyllenhaal - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Maggie Gyllenhaal is the sometimes sexy actress, but I still havent fallen in love with her yet. She is also the older sister of actor Jake Gyllenhaal. She has played in numerous roles however probably best know for her seductive role in the movie Secretary
c 208 Casey-Anthony1 page
Casey Anthony - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Everyones favorite not guilty killer mom, Casey Anthony, just a few of her partying pictures. RIP Caylee Anthony
c 209 Jennifer-Esposito1 page
Jennifer Esposito
Jennifer Esposito
c 21 Jennifer-Love-Hewitt1 page
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Jennifer Love Hewittt (JLH) is known for so many roles it is difficult to list them all, but she was on Kids Incorporated, the hit show Party of Five, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and of course Ghost Whisperer is her most famous current show. She was also the hot gold digging babe in the movie Heartbreakers with Sigourney Weaver. From a physical appearance she is probably best known for her great ass, legs, and chest, a true classic hot actress
c 210 Yvonne-Strahovski1 page
Yvonne Strahovski - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Yvonne Strahovski is quite possibly the best looking Australian actress of all time. Yes, you have seen her several times especially her role in the TV show Chuck as a super HOT spy named Sarah Walker. Rumor has it that she also applied for the role of Bionic Woman
c 211 Fail-Videos1 page
Fail Videos - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
All of your favorite stupid people failing in their videos
c 212 Fail-Pictures1 page
Fail Pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
All of your favorite stupid people failing in their pictures
c 213 Emily-VanCamp1 page
Emily VanCamp
Emily VanCamp
c 214 Facebook-Fails1 page
Facebook Fails - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
You have all seen the various posts, pictures, and stupid fail comments on Facebook, they are all here in one huge collection of Facebook fail media.
c 215 Pauley-Perrette1 page
Pauley Perrette - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Pauley Perrette plays the role of Abby Sciuto on the hit TV show NCIS. NCIS is likely the only place you know her from, but she has done many other short films and was even a bartender in New York for some time. If you ever see her, be sure to bring her favorite drink, a Caf-Pow.
c 216 Twitter-Fails1 page
Twitter Fails - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Funny pictures of various people posting their Twitter FAILS so that everyone can see them
c 217 Alyson-Hannigan1 page
Alyson Hannigan - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cute innocent and sometimes not so innocent Alyson Hannigan. She is first known for her role as Willow in the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Michelle in the American Pie movies, and most recently, Lily on How I met your mother. She is such a cute babe and I want to see her with a flute for sure.
c 218 Stana-Katic1 page
Stana Katic - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cute Stana Katic has been in quite few shows with small roles, but she has now landed the role of Detective Kate Beckett in ABC's Castle so check out this celebrity babe.
c 219 Sarah-Hyland1 page
Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland
c 22 Britney-Spears1 page
Britney Spears - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
wow, does Britney Spears really need an introduction? She has had a very visible and controversial career and life. Let's see, she has shaved her head, married Kevin Federline, she was in the Mickey Mouse Club, and even appeared on Star Search as a child. She is one of the most well known and hottest singers
c 220 Amber-Stratton1 page
Amber Stratton - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Amber Stratton
c 221 Evangeline-Lilly1 page
Evangeline Lilly - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
A quick breakdown of Evangeline Lilly for you. Here it goes. In lost on ABC as Kate, very sexy legs, great smile and she did a bunch of other dumb movies and shows.
c 222 Elisabeth-Shue1 page
Elisabeth Shue - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful Elisabeth Shue is an american actress born in the state of Delware. She has done so many movies in her successful career it is almost insane, but here are a few you will for sure remember playing a key role. The Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail, and Back to the Future
c 223 Alison-Brie1 page
Alison Brie - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Attack of the show babe Alison Brie! She has also appeared as Annie on Community and Trudy Mad Men
c 224 Jennifer-Connelly1 page
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly
c 225 Jennifer-Ellison1 page
Jennifer Ellison - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Jennifer Ellison is an English actress, model, dancer and singer. She has pretty much given up the singing career at this point and is concentrating on modeling. You might know her as Emily on the soap opera Brookside.
c 226 Jennifer-Lopez1 page
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
c 227 Kathleen-Robertson1 page
Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson
c 228 Kelly-Brook1 page
Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook
c 229 Kimberly-Williams1 page
Kimberly Williams - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Kimberly Williams also known as Kimberly Williams-Paisley now that she is married to country music singer Brad Paisley. She is such a pretty actress and so classy, you have to love her cute yet someone sexy smile. She was the sister on the hit ABC show According to Jim and was the daughter in the Father of the Bride movies with Steve Martin. Did I mention she also has some very nice long legs?
c 23 Natalie-Portman1 page
Natalie Portman - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Natalie Portman, wow, what can we say, her career is massive, she has been in the 'Star Wars' movies as Padmť Amidala, 'Closer' where she plays a very hot stripper, she has lived in Wal-Mart for a movie, she shaved her head for 'V for Vendetta', and most recently in 'Black Swan' as a lesbian hot babe
c 230 Leelee-Sobieski1 page
Leelee Sobieski
Leelee Sobieski
c 231 Melissa-George1 page
Melissa George
Melissa George
c 232 Meg-Ryan1 page
Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan
c 233 Mira-Sorvino1 page
Mira Sorvino
Mira Sorvino
c 234 Shania-Twain1 page
Shania Twain
Shania Twain
c 235 Ellen-Pompeo1 page
Ellen Pompeo - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo. Ellen was born November 10, 1969 and is best known for playing the title role of Meredith Grey in Greys Anatomy. I think she might need to gain a little weight, but a cute actress for sure.
c 236 Lea-Seydoux1 page
Lea Seydoux - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Sexy Lea Seydoux is the hot new female villain in the new Mission Impossible movie called Ghost Protocol.
c 237 Olga-Fonda1 page
Olga Fonda - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Olga Fonda is a hot Russian babe who you have likely only seen in the movie Real Steel, however she is soon set to start in the Twilight series Breaking Dawn.
c 238 Sasha-Grey1 page
Sasha Grey - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Former adult film star Sasha Grey has retired from the adult film industry and started to go mainstream with her acting and even singing. She retired about 2 years ago from the industry and has since appeared on several shows. Her birth name by the way is Marina Ann Hantzis
c 239 Chyler-Leigh1 page
Chyler Leigh - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Hot little Chyler Leigh today is probably best know as Lexie Grey on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, but you might very well also remember her as the dorky teen girl in the movie Not Another Teen Movie as Janey.
c 24 Hayden-Panettiere1 page
Hayden Panettiere - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
A very well known hot celebrity, almost everyone knows Hayden Panettiere from the hit show
c 240 Lea-Thompson1 page
Lea Thompson - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Lea Thompson was one of my first celebrity crushes growing up, I literally fell in love with her on the movie Some Kind of Wonderful. You however for sure remember her as Lorraine McFly on the Back to the Future movies. She also did a fairly successful comedy show called Caroline in the City.
c 241 Geri-Halliwell1 page
Geri Halliwell
Geri Halliwell
c 242 Kristen-Stewart1 page
Kristen Stewart - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Let's just cut to the chase with Kristen Stewart, she has been in a lot of movies over the years, but in all reality you know her certainly as Bella in The Twilight Saga. She will of course be in the soon to be released update Breaking Dawn Ė Part 2
c 243 Amber-Tamblyn1 page
Amber Tamblyn - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Pretty Amber Tamblyn is for sure known as Emily on the soap opera General Hospital, but she has recently broke out of that role and has been in several movies and TV shows, like the hit show House for one and a great movie called Normal Adolescent Behavior. She is truly showing that she wants to break out of her good girl roles.
c 244 Carly-Foulkes1 page
Carly Foulkes - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Carly Foulkes is the popular and beautiful T-Moble girl you have seen on their commercials and sometimes making fun at other cell phone carriers like AT&T
c 245 Stephanie-Courtney1 page
Stephanie Courtney - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Stephanie Courtney is Flo on the Progressive insurance commercials.
c 246 Elizabeth-Gillies1 page
Elizabeth Gillies - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Elizabeth Gillies is a very pretty actress and singer, currently you can see her as Jade the Nickelodeon show Victorious. She has also played roles in the iCarly series as well.
c 247 Screen-Team-Show1 page
Screen Team Show - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
A collection of funny videos and various song parodys by our friends at Screen Team Show, Chad and Angie.
c 248 Lana-Del-Rey1 page
Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey
c 249 Babes-in-their-Bikinis1 page
Babes in their Bikinis - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
A nice collection of pictures and videos of nothing but hot babes in their bikinis
c 25 Ashley-Simpson1 page
Ashley Simpson - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Pretty much the only reason you even know Ashley Simpson is because of either her sister, Jessica Simpson, or because she is hot as hell, other than that she really serves no purpose.
c 250 Games1 page
Games - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Great games, flash games and all your favorites including the retro old time games we all grew up loving as kids.
c 251 Political-funny-pictures1 page
Political funny pictures - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Funny pictures that have a political nature to them, political cartoon, pictures, and drawings.
c 252 Ariana-Grande1 page
Ariana Grande - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Ariana Grande as a singer in her own right and also known as Cat on the Nickelodeon show Victorious.
c 253 Bridgit-Mendler1 page
Bridgit Mendler - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Bridgit Mendler from the show Good Luck Charlie
c 254 Debby-Ryan1 page
Debby Ryan
Debby Ryan
c 255 Connie-Britton1 page
Connie Britton
Connie Britton
c 256 Kelly-Preston1 page
Kelly Preston - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Kelly Preston
c 257 Kate-Mara1 page
Kate Mara - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Kate Mara play the character of Zoe Barnes in the hit Netflix drama House of Cards
c 258 Ariel-Winter1 page
Ariel Winter - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Ariel Winter from the TV show Modern Family
c 259 Bar-Refaeli1 page
Bar Refaeli - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Pictures of super model Bar Refaeli most recently known for her GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial called The Kiss
c 26 Ashley-Judd1 page
Ashley Judd - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Another very beautiful and classy celebrity actress, Ashley Judd has a long career and has even been in Star Trek TNG. Some people don't realize that Naomi Judd (a country singer) is her mother and Wynonna Judd (also a country singer) is her half-sister. I would say she got the better looks in the family for sure.
c 260 Erin-Burnett1 page
Erin Burnett - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Our favorite CNN news anchor Erin Burnett pictures and videos.
c 261 Eva-Amurri1 page
Eva Amurri - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Eva Amurri
c 263 Jane-Krakowski1 page
Jane Krakowski
Jane Krakowski
c 264 Katharine-Isabelle1 page
Katharine Isabelle - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Katharine Isabelle
c 265 Daniela-Ruah1 page
Daniela Ruah - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Daniela Ruah
c 266 Elizabeth-Ann-Roberts1 page
Elizabeth Ann Roberts - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Elizabeth Ann Roberts
c 267 Alice-Eve1 page
Alice Eve - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Alice Eve
c 268 Anna-Kendrick1 page
Anna Kendrick - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Anna Kendrick you know her most likely from playing the role of Beca, the beautiful lead singer in the movie Pitch Perfect. Get ready because Pitch Perfect 2 will be out soon.
c 269 Dakota-Johnson1 page
Dakota Johnson - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Dakota Johnson and 50 Shades of Grey is there really anything more to say about her?
c 27 Catherine-Bell1 page
Catherine Bell - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Beautiful, tall and leggy, Catherine Bell is your classic celebrity babe. You probably most recognize her from her role as Sarah MacKenzie of the TV show JAG. She is now starring in the Lifetime show Army Wives. She has been in various other movies and roles, but one I personally suggest you check out is a Cinemax series called Hot Line, check out volume 3 titled The Brunch Club
c 270 Funny-Memes1 page
Funny Memes - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Funny Memes
c 271 Sexy-Selfie-Babes1 page
Sexy Selfie Babes - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Babes taking sexy selfies
c 272 Milana-Vayntrub1 page
Milana Vayntrub - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Milana Vayntrub the cute AT&T girl that you never knew is actually very sexy
c 273 Alona-Tal1 page
Alona Tal
Alona Tal
c 28 Mena-Suvari1 page
Mena Suvari - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Many know Mena Suvari just as the innocent girl in American Beauty and her role in the movie American Pie, however she is also a fashion designer and a model.
c 29 Jennifer-Aniston1 page
Jennifer Aniston - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Obviously everyone knows who Jennifer Aniston is just because of her worldwide hit role as Rachel Green on the show Friends. I also liked her in the cult style classic movie Office Space. I am not sure what the hell Brad Pitt was thinking in dumping her for Angelina Jolie.
c 3 Funny-Videos1 page
Funny Videos - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Here you will find some of the best funny videos on the internet, some are classic funny videos and some are unique funny vids.
c 30 Anne-Hathaway1 page
Anne Hathaway - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Anne Hathaway used to only be known for her little girl role on The Princess Diaries (2001). Since then she grown into quite the sexy actress and has broken out into several other movies such as Havoc and The Devil Wears Prada. If you haven't seen her in Havoc yet, do it, go buy the DVD and watch it, in fact buy 2 copies, you are likely to wear out the first copy.
c 31 Katie-Holmes1 page
Katie Holmes - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cute little Katie Holmes first graced us with her young beauty while playing the role of Joey Potter (they could have picked a better name in my opinion) on Dawson's Creek alongside Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek. She has since married weirdo Scientology freak Tom Cruise and has a baby with him.
c 32 Keira-Knightley1 page
Keira Knightley - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
English actress Keira Knightley is without a doubt one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. She has great legs, a sexy attitude and lip that are to die for. She has played many times of roles in many movies, but her real breakout was her work on Pirates of the Caribbean although she also looks great in Atonement.
c 33 Kate-Beckinsale1 page
Kate Beckinsale - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Another gorgeous English actress is Kate Beckinsale, with her never ending shapely legs that will make you melt. Probably most known for her role as Selene in Underworld
c 34 Katherine-Heigl1 page
Katherine Heigl - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Sexy yet cute Katherine Heigl is for sure best known for her role as Izzie on Grey's Anatomy, but you have likely also seen her on several funny movies such as Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. Most people find her pouty lips very sexy.
c 35 Sophia-Bush1 page
Sophia Bush - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Sophia Bush has mostly known for her role as Brooke on the hit show
c 36 Kirsten-Dunst1 page
Kirsten Dunst - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Kirsten Dunst has been in all kinds of movies and other roles, however her best movie series was probably that of playing Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man movies. She is sometimes kinda hot, but I think mostly just annoying.
c 37 Stacy-Keibler1 page
Stacy Keibler - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Stacy Keibler is best known in quite a few vastly different roles in life, however I am sure you know her best from her super long curvy legs! Stacy has been a model, appeared in various mens magazines like Stuff and Maxim, but oddly enough was also a former professional wrestler in the WCW and WWE. Ok, lets get back to those crazy sexy legs now...
c 38 Amy-Acker1 page
Amy Acker - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Amy Acker is one hot babe for sure, you probably recognize her from the TV series Angel as Winifred Burkle and on Alias as Kelly, she has been in numerous other shows and movies, but I mostly like her for her slim looks and nice legs
c 39 Joanna-Garcia1 page
Joanna Garcia - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Hot little Joanna Garcia with her sparkly personality, cute innocent looks, and a tight body that make you drool. It's very likely the first time you saw her was from her role as Cheyenne on the show Reba as a ditsy blonde. If you miss seeing her she is currently playing Mia on the ABC sitcom Better with You
c 4 Funny-Animals1 page
Funny Animals - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Just some cute and sometimes crazy Funny Animals pictures and videos to make you laugh.
c 41 Diane-Lane1 page
Diane Lane - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Diane Lane, another beautiful actress, she has a very classy feeling about her, yet you can tell she is a bit wild too. Diane has been in many movies dating back to 1979, you might remember her from Judge Dredd, but you are for sure to remember her from Unfaithful and if you haven't seen that one, go rent or buy it right this minute! oh my...
c 43 Keri-Russell1 page
Keri Russell - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Kerri Russell was born in 1976 and is likely most known as playing the role of Felicity Porter on the hit show Felicity. She has also been in several movies and popular TV shows such as: Married with Children, Mission Impossible III, and 7th Heaven. She is one of the sexiest actresses today
c 44 Jessica-Biel1 page
Jessica Biel - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Jessica Biel was born in 1982 and is probably best known for her role as Mary Camden on the family show 7th Heaven. She is also widely known for having one of the best bodies in Hollywood.
c 45 Amanda-Bynes1 page
Amanda Bynes - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cute little Amanda Bynes is an actress that really needs no introduction. While she says she has retired I would be willing to bet we will see her again soon. You for sure know her best from one of her many movies roles such as; What I Like About You, What a Girl Wants and Hairspray.
c 46 Paris-Hilton1 page
Paris Hilton - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Not sure I even really need to introduce you to Paris Hilton, if you don't know who she is then you certainly aren't from this planet, should seek mental help immediately, or buy a damn TV already. She is the stereotypical socialite we have come to either love or hate. She has her own perfume and hotel chain, lets just say she will never be hurting for money. I guess you could also say she is a model, actress, singer, and even a fashion designer. She has had her own sex tape, been arrested many times, and hangs out frequently with the wrong people like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. You also likely painfully remember her from her show
c 47 Rachel-Bilson1 page
Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson
c 48 Megan-Fox1 page
Megan Fox - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Sexy Megan Fox is certainly known for her role as Mikaela Banes in the Transformers movie series, however she has been in a number of other movies and TV roles as well. She has been voted one of the hottest women on TV many times over.
c 49 Alyssa-Milano1 page
Alyssa Milano - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Alyssa Milano pictures and videos, your favorite 'Who's the Boss' babe has been the first crush of many boys and men throughout the years. And didn't she look good on the show Charmed as well?
c 5 Sexy1 page
Sexy - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Well, I think the category name describes what you will see here, nothing but sexy stuff, sexy girls, sexy guys, lingerie pictures, and videos. You must be a site member to see most of the really nude stuff so make sure you sign up and login.
c 50 Jenna-Fischer1 page
Jenna Fischer - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Jenna Fischer is one of the cutest actresses, she seems so petite and innocent with a pretty face and great smile. Even if you don't know the name Jenna Fischer I am sure you know the name; Pam Halpert, which is the character she plays on the hit show
c 51 Summer-Glau1 page
Summer Glau - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Summer Glau is easily perhaps one of the most beautiful celebrity actresses today. She has been on many many shows and movies, but is best known for her roles on Firefly and follow-up movie Serenity as well as the show Terminator. She even did an episode on The Big Bang Theory where she starred as herself
c 52 Kate-Walsh1 page
Kate Walsh - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Long legged and with that face that you can't help but to lust after, Kate Walsh is certainly one of the hottest celebrity babes working today. You for sure know her in at least one of her TV roles like Dr. Addison Montgomery on the ABC dramas Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.
c 53 Lindsay-Lohan1 page
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
c 54 Michelle-Williams1 page
Michelle Williams - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cute blondie Michelle Williams was first known for her large role in the hit WB show Dawson's Creek as Jen and while she has performed in numerous movies and shows her best movie role was probably in Brokeback Mountain
c 55 Carla-Gugino1 page
Carla Gugino - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Hot Carla Gugino is one hot celebrity babe, known for her roles in Sin City, Watchmen, and Snake Eyes with Nicolas Cage
c 56 Jessica-Alba1 page
Jessica Alba - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
wow, I could go on and on about sexy Jessica Alba, but I have to keep this fairly short. Basically you probably remember her starting out on a show called Dark Angel on the SciFi channel where she was a genetically altered super killer babe. She has done numerous other movies and shows including Fantastic Four and even been ranked Number 1 in the Maxim magazine top 100 list.
c 57 Tina-Fey1 page
Tina Fey - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Actress and comedian Tina Fey is best known for her role on the hit show 30 Rock and of course for her crazy funny Sarah Palin impersonations on Saturday Night Live. She has a very sexy school teacher or secretary look about her that is very attractive.
c 58 Eva-Longoria1 page
Eva Longoria - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Eva Longoria while very hot is basially only know recently for her role as Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. I guess she first got her break on the soap opera The Young and the Restless
c 6 Optical-Illusions1 page
Optical Illusions - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
This category is dedicated to all of those great pictures and videos out there that make your eyes go crazy with the optical illusions.
c 60 Angelina-Jolie1 page
Angelina Jolie - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Angelina Jolie, what else needs to be said, although I still think Brad should have stuck with Jennifer Aniston, but hey she is the tomb raider babe
c 61 iPhone-Wallpaper1 page
iPhone Wallpaper - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
iPhone wallpaper sized perfectly for your Apple iPhone device.
c 62 Sexy-iPhone-Wallpaper1 page
Sexy iPhone Wallpaper - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Sexy iPhone wallpaper to put on your device, sized just right, just save it and you are all set.
c 63 Sexy-Videos1 page
Sexy Videos
Sexy Videos
c 64 Cool-Videos1 page
Cool Videos - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
The best cool videos you can find, funny videos, crazy videos, just a down right cool videos collection from all over the internet.
c 65 Kristen-Bell1 page
Kristen Bell - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Sexy blonde babe Kristen Bell is the desire of many men and women 10x over, she is so cute yet sexy and spunky. She is also a Detroitian (from Detroit). Kristen is also a vegetarian, hey not everyone is perfect, but I am willing to overlook that for her. She has taken many roles over the year, but here are a few you should see or likely would recognize her from. Reefer Madness, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, When in Rome, and soon to come out, House of Lies. I should also mention she has THE best legs of any celebrity.
c 66 Gemma-Atkinson1 page
Gemma Atkinson - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Gemma Atkinson is a beautiful model, most notably for her Glamour shots and lingerie modeling. She has even been in a few PC games such as Command & Conquer. She also had breast implants done as well that took her up to a 34E, yes you heard right a 34E, she says it was because she lost a lot of weight and that 34E was her original size... yea right.
c 67 Isla-Fisher1 page
Isla Fisher - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Isla Fisher is a very cute and sometimes even sexy Scottish and Australian actress. While she certainly isn't quite as mainstream as someone like Jennifer Aniston she has done well it quite a few movies, TV series and soap operas, although Wedding Crashers in my opinion was her best role.
c 68 Cote-de-Pablo1 page
Cote de Pablo - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Cote de Pablo from NCIS, what a girl and so very pretty and don't forget how quick she could kill you either
c 69 Vanessa-Hudgens1 page
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens
c 7 Stupid-Signs1 page
Stupid Signs - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
We have all seen these stupid yet funny signs out there on the road, slow children at play, stop signs misPellet (that was on purpose), so here is the category for you to laugh your butt off for all the stupid people that actually make these stupid signs.
c 70 Kim-Kardashian1 page
Kim Kardashian - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Another crazy celebrity with many issues, Kim Kardashian. You Probably first saw her in her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She of course had to have a sex tape scandal that was settled for a nice sum of money, and just recently (as of this writing) she got a divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets after only 72 days of marriage
c 71 Blake-Lively1 page
Blake Lively - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Blake Lively is the beautiful actress currently starring in the TV series Gossip Girl. She has been in a few movies including the Green Lantern.
c 72 Leighton-Meester1 page
Leighton Meester
Leighton Meester
c 73 Taylor-Swift1 page
Taylor Swift - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Taylor Swift, let me give you the quick and dirty on her. Long legs, beautiful blonde hair, country and pop singer and songwriter, and was interrupted at her video acceptance speech by Kanye West at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards
c 74 Salma-Hayek1 page
Salma Hayek - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Salma Hayek, the hottest Mexican actress in my opinion. Widely known for her seductive looks with that great smile and nice chest she is well known by many men and women for that matter. A few of her great roles include Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, Fools Rush In, and Frida. If you don't know Salma, you should check her out now.
c 75 Zooey-Deschanel1 page
Zooey Deschanel - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
One of the cutest actresses, Zooey Deschanel being in a movie is enough to make you want to go watch it, even the crazy weird movie
c 77 Halle-Berry1 page
Halle Berry - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Halle Berry is one classy and very sexy actress. Her big break came in a little film called Jungle Fever. She has since been in many movies over the years, but here are a few of my favorite. X-Men and the sequels, Bond Girl Jinx in Die Another Day, and Catwoman.
c 78 Emanuelle-Chriqui1 page
Emanuelle Chriqui
Emanuelle Chriqui
c 79 Charlize-Theron1 page
Charlize Theron - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Charlize Theron has played so many roles in so many films it is crazy, but here are a few that you will likely recognize her for; The Devil's Advocate, Mighty Joe Young, and The Cider House Rules. Many also may not realize that she was born in South Africa
c 8 Music1 page
Music - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Various music downloads in various formats, no copyrighted material allowed obviously. Anything from MP3s to MP4s, and even wav files.
c 80 Rachel-McAdams1 page
Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams
c 81 Christina-Aguilera1 page
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera
c 82 Malin-Akerman1 page
Malin Akerman
Malin Akerman
c 83 Olivia-Wilde1 page
Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde
c 84 Katy-Perry1 page
Katy Perry - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Katy Perry is hot hot hot and very much complimented on her very shapely sexy legs and beautiful eyes. Many people don't realize that her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, Katy Perry is really just a stage name. Most people think of the song and video,
c 85 Mila-Kunis1 page
Mila Kunis - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Mila Kunis is one very hot Ukrainian babe and actress. You have seen her in quite a few popular movies like; Black Swan, That 70s Show, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and The Book of Eli to name just a few.
c 86 Miranda-Kerr1 page
Miranda Kerr - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Miranda Kerr is a very sexy Australian model, mostly widely known as a top model for Victoria's Secret Angels. Don't get me wrong she is a fine model indeed, but she could still use a bit more mean on her bones, a bit too skinny
c 87 Penelope-Cruz1 page
Penelope Cruz - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Penelope Cruz is a very hot Spanish actress and has done many movies over the years. Vanilla Sky was perhaps one of her best and is where she started dating Tom Cruise, but they broke up a few years later. Can you imagine Tom and Penelope Cruise? You probably also remember her from Pirates of the Caribbean and the movie Nine.
c 88 Eva-Mendes1 page
Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes
c 90 Eliza-Dushku1 page
Eliza Dushku - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Eliza Dushku is a very pretty actress known for her television roles, as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. She has been in a few movies as well and she for sure has some very nice legs as well.
c 91 Amy-Adams1 page
Amy Adams - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Sexy Amy Adams will be the new Lois Lane in the upcoming Man of Steel Superman movie to be released around 2013 I believe. You have also seen her in other movie roles like, Serving Sara and Cruel Intentions 2 and if you haven't seen her in that you need to do so right away.
c 92 Heather-Graham1 page
Heather Graham - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Long legged and blonde, Heather Graham certianly is easy to look at. Perhaps mostly famous as the Rollergirl in the movie Boogie Nights, but you for sure know her from The Spy Who Shagged Me with Austin Powers as well.
c 93 Julie-Bowen1 page
Julie Bowen - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Julie Bowen, truly a veteran actress, she is both sexy and class. Not only does she have a vast portfolio containing roles in some of the classy TV series (such as Dawson's Creek, Lost, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) but she also manages to stand tall when it comes to a full length movie role (Boston Legal; Modern Family). And let's not forget how hot she looked in Happy Gilmore in her white lacey lingerie and stockings. Being nominated 7 times for the Primetime Emmy Awards doesn't come as a surprise for an actress of her caliber.
c 94 Minka-Kelly1 page
Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly
c 95 Julia-Stiles1 page
Julia Stiles - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Julia Stiles was born 1981 in New York. You probably know her best for her role as Nicky Parsons in the Bourne film series, although she has a career dating back to around 1993. She has a very pretty and unique look because she is part Italian, Irish and English. A very fine celebrity
c 96 Michelle-Keegan1 page
Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan
c 97 Mischa-Barton1 page
Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton
c 98 Kate-Bosworth1 page
Kate Bosworth - Funny and Sexy Videos and pictures
Kate Bosworth is basically only really known career wise for 2 roles where she played Lois Lane in Superman Returns and for her role in Blue Crush. Kate was born in 1983 so she is a fairly young celeb. She doesn't seem to be doing much these days, but she sure is a pretty actress and deserves to be on the aysos celebrity list, although she does need to gain some weight.
c 99 Gwyneth-Paltrow1 page
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow
c All1 page
All funny videos and pictures in our collection
The entire collection of funny videos, pictures, and media found on aysos.
comments 1 Loser-Stick-Figures1 page
Loser-Stick-Figures - comments
Comments - ahh.. nothing like bringing back the good ole days when we would have all thought these funny stick figure drawings would be good
comments 1007 Stupid-Walmart-People1 page
Stupid-Walmart-People - comments
Comments - How do you mistake a newborn child for a burrito? Only in a Walmart full of stupid people.
comments 1014 Cheeseburger-in-a-can1 page
Cheeseburger-in-a-can - comments
Comments - What will they come up with next, and you thought SPAM was bad, check out this new product where you can get a complete cheeseburger in a can!
comments 1015 Crazy-Girl-on-Pain-Medication1 page
Crazy-Girl-on-Pain-Medication - comments
Comments - This girl in the hospital is on some pain medication and her reaction is crazy.
comments 1016 Christian-Bale-meets-Bill-OReilly1 page
Christian-Bale-meets-Bill-OReilly - comments
Comments - Funny video mix from Christian Bale freaking out on his set along with Bill O'Reilly freaking out for the ultimate set freakout.
comments 1018 Police-play-solitaire1 page
Police-play-solitaire - comments
Comments - Police officer caught by home video playing solitaire while in his cruiser, I am guessing there is also a dozen donuts on the passenger seat
comments 1020 White-Barack-Obama1 page
White-Barack-Obama - comments
Comments - What would Barack Obama look like if he were white you ask, ok, you probably didn't ask, but I thought it was too funny to not share.
comments 1026 Reasons-for-using-Internet-Explorer1 page
Reasons-for-using-Internet-Explorer - comments
Comments - A funny pie chart on funny reasons for using Internet Explorer
comments 103 Funny-Urinal-Sign1 page
Funny-Urinal-Sign - comments
Comments - Man, talk about performance anxiety, trying to take a leak while staring at these funny urinal signs, although all the girls look pretty cute, I think I wouldn't pick the one that's laughing for sure!
comments 1041 Disposable-Bullshit-Bag1 page
Disposable-Bullshit-Bag - comments
Comments - A great idea I could use a disposable bullshit bag every day I am at work, I know I heard enough ***** from them to fill a few of these bags.
comments 1043 Cool-Fire-Woman-picture1 page
Cool-Fire-Woman-picture - comments
Comments - I just thought this was a very cool picture to share, looks like a woman on fire.
comments 1044 Beavis-and-Butthead-look-alike1 page
Beavis-and-Butthead-look-alike - comments
Comments - I'm not sure who's who, Beavis or Butthead, but this chic, (poor girl) sure does look like him
comments 1045 Tips-for-Success-with-Women1 page
Tips-for-Success-with-Women - comments
Comments - Funny picture drawing about how to be successful with women, well you can start by not being an ugly you stupid nerd
comments 1048 The-Infamous-Banana-Flasher1 page
The-Infamous-Banana-Flasher - comments
Comments - Check out this banana flashing his fellow fruit friends, cool picture, nice artwork
comments 1049 All-Chrome-Mercedes-Benz1 page
All-Chrome-Mercedes-Benz - comments
Comments - Wow, I can't even imagine what this all chrome Mercedes Benz is worth or who would want to drive it even.
comments 1052 Funny-Restroom-Sign1 page
Funny-Restroom-Sign - comments
Comments - Now this is definitely one of the more creative and funny restroom signs I have ever seen and it just had to be shared.
comments 1056 Funny-Beach-Parking-Sign1 page
Funny-Beach-Parking-Sign - comments
Comments - wow, talk about a confusing parking sign eh.. Your just trying to get to the beach to enjoy your day and you now have no idea of what to do. Enter is now the new exit and free is the new $5.00
comments 1058 Marijuana-McDonalds1 page
Marijuana-McDonalds - comments
Comments - Now I thought this was a very funny McDonald's version of a Marijuana sign
comments 106 Basketball-Trick-gone-wrong1 page
Basketball-Trick-gone-wrong - comments
Comments - Stupid kids tries to be clever and gets a wake up call from the ball... you can probably guess where this is going just by looking at the picture.
comments 1060 Handicapped-Fire-Escape-ladder1 page
Handicapped-Fire-Escape-ladder - comments
Comments - Funny, Handicapped fire escape ladder, even has the safety railing that will allow a wheelchair to fit
comments 1061 Light-Saber-Cigarette-Lighter1 page
Light-Saber-Cigarette-Lighter - comments
Comments - Sometimes you just can't find that lighter for your cigarette, well, just pull out your handy dandy light saber and you are good to go!
comments 1062 Always-Coca-Cola1 page
Always-Coca-Cola - comments
Comments - Funny Coca Cola spoof sign advertisement , always with dryweave... haha go coke
comments 1063 Hot-Drew-Barrymore1 page
Hot-Drew-Barrymore - comments
Comments - I just had to share this hot picture of Drew Barrymore in a tight black dress/skirt, wow, this is one of the better pictures I have seen of her in a while, although it does look like it has been touched up a bit.
comments 1064 Taco-Bell-Drive-Thru-Folk-Song1 page
Taco-Bell-Drive-Thru-Folk-Song - comments
Comments - These guys sing a folk song in the drive thru, then the guy working the drive thru.... actually reads back the order correctly! supposedly this was not staged and you can see the digital screen increasing as they sing their order, good stuff
comments 1065 Cool-Transformers-Logo1 page
Cool-Transformers-Logo - comments
Comments - Almost time for the new Transformer movie to come out, cool Transformers Autobot Logo picture
comments 1069 Stupidity-learning-the-hard-way1 page
Stupidity-learning-the-hard-way - comments
Comments - Now check out this stupid moron guy, wonder how sharp these really are, let me stick my tongue on it, wtf.. Some stupid people have to learn the hard way I guess.
comments 1070 Where-did-the-Swine-Flu-Start1 page
Where-did-the-Swine-Flu-Start - comments
Comments - Here you go , patient 0, where the swine flu started, damn kids
comments 1072 Warning-pervert-next-3km1 page
Warning-pervert-next-3km - comments
Comments - Now here is a sign you don't see everyday on the road, flashers ahead, for those that actually pay attention to those sign as you are driving that is....
comments 1073 Cute-Smile-Natalie-Portman1 page
Cute-Smile-Natalie-Portman - comments
Comments - Just sharing a great picture of celebrity Natalie Portman with her great smile. She is such a cute girl who knows how to be very hot when she wants.
comments 1074 Burger-King-Drive-In1 page
Burger-King-Drive-In - comments
Comments - Well, talk about taking the phrase Drive In literally huh, I guess this Burger King got a drive in alright! The sign make it so funny
comments 1075 Kids-Football-Trick-Play1 page
Kids-Football-Trick-Play - comments
Comments - Now this has got to be one of the best trick plays I have ever seen, especially in a kids football game. I bet the other kids were not happy
comments 1076 Cool-Toilet-Sign1 page
Cool-Toilet-Sign - comments
Comments - Another very funny and creative toilet sign, warning ladies there could be a peeper!
comments 1078 Jesus-Face-in-a-Kit-Kat-Bar1 page
Jesus-Face-in-a-Kit-Kat-Bar - comments
Comments - What do you see in the Kit Kat bar? The face of Jesus some say, although I am not sure if this is faked, I do see the face.
comments 1079 No-Ho-Zone1 page
No-Ho-Zone - comments
Comments - WTF, you know you have a problem in your neighborhood if you actually have to post signs that say this is a No Ho Zone, wow
comments 1080 No-Signs-allowed1 page
No-Signs-allowed - comments
Comments - huh, someone didn't read the no signs allowed stupid sign now did they, breaking the rules
comments 1081 Sexy-Mandy-Moore-Lingerie1 page
Sexy-Mandy-Moore-Lingerie - comments
Comments - I had to share this very hot picture of Mandy Moore showing off her very long sexy legs in black stockings, you're welcome
comments 1082 Cola-vs.-Diet-Cola1 page
Cola-vs.-Diet-Cola - comments
Comments - funny depiction of what Cola looks like driving down the street vs it's diet Cola counterpart
comments 1083 Woman-goes-wrong-way-on-escalator1 page
Woman-goes-wrong-way-on-escalator - comments
Comments - Big sale and everyone rushes in store and one women cant make it up escalator. WRONG WAY
comments 1084 Introducing-The-Work-Song1 page
Introducing-The-Work-Song - comments
Comments - Great funny video of the perfect work song, a spoof based off of 'Your Beautiful'
comments 1085 How-to-fold-a-TShirt-Amazing1 page
How-to-fold-a-TShirt-Amazing - comments
Comments - Now this is an amazing video on how to fold a shirt and I know you are all going to try and do this as soon as you see it, never thought you could fold a tshirt this quick and perfect
comments 1086 Funny-Light-Switch1 page
Funny-Light-Switch - comments
Comments - Just another very creative idea for a light switch, very funny
comments 1087 Reserved-for-Drunk-Drivers1 page
Reserved-for-Drunk-Drivers - comments
Comments - I don't know how you feel about drunk drivers, but I thought this was very funny and a very appropriate parking space for all of them.
comments 1088 Why-are-EZPass-Lanes-so-slow1 page
Why-are-EZPass-Lanes-so-slow - comments
Comments - You might ask, why do I have to go 15mph just to use my EZpass, well check out this guy, I bet he will go slow the next time , if he has a next time that is....
comments 1091 Who-came-first-Chicken-or-the-Egg1 page
Who-came-first-Chicken-or-the-Egg - comments
Comments - ah.. The age old question, who came first the chicken or the egg? Although this cartoon is quite a bit more funny for sure...
comments 1092 Downloading-the-Internet1 page
Downloading-the-Internet - comments
Comments - Ever wonder how long it would take to download the entire internet over a 41kbps connection? No , me either, but funny none the less
comments 1093 Baggage-Cart-Sucked-into-Engine1 page
Baggage-Cart-Sucked-into-Engine - comments
Comments - A large baggage container was sucked into the engine of a large jet at Los Angeles airport, LAX
comments 1094 Ashley-vs-The-Octomom1 page
Ashley-vs-The-Octomom - comments
Comments - Just for mother's day, Ashley vs. The OctoMom funny video
comments 1095 Strength-Hammer-Test---Fail1 page
Strength-Hammer-Test---Fail - comments
Comments - We have all seen or tried this at the fair, amusement parks, etc... you take the rubber hammer and hit the platform as hard as you can, a device this goes up and tell you how strong you are right? Well this guy doesn't quite get it right and fails big time
comments 1096 Saturday-Night-Live---Mother-Lover1 page
Saturday-Night-Live---Mother-Lover - comments
Comments - Another great performance by Justin Timberlake on SNL Saturday Night Live with Mother Lover
comments 1099 Steroid-Babe-Olympics1 page
Steroid-Babe-Olympics - comments
Comments - Some people think there are many babes in the Olympics that use steroids,... I don't know, I just don't see it. Notice what category I put this under?
comments 1102 Airline-Attendant-Rap-Song1 page
Airline-Attendant-Rap-Song - comments
Comments - Airline attendant from Southwest does a rap song instead of the normal boring, wear your seat belt, etc.. talk. A very cool video
comments 1103 Just-a-picture-of-some-butter1 page
Just-a-picture-of-some-butter - comments
Comments - Just your run of the mill open up your butter and take a picture of it for no reason at all, no comment on this one, but I thought it was interesting
comments 1105 Exercise-Ball-Back-Flip1 page
Exercise-Ball-Back-Flip - comments
Comments - Now this took some practice and I am sure he has the bruises and sore neck to prove it. Check it out doing a back flip off of an exercise ball while it is moving, amazing
comments 1106 Leggy-Celebrity-Kristen-Bell1 page
Leggy-Celebrity-Kristen-Bell - comments
Comments - I found this picture the other day of celebrity actress Kristen Bell showing off her very long sexy legs and I just had to share it with my loyal viewers as I believe it would be a crime not post it here
comments 1107 Southwest-Airplane-Landing-Fire1 page
Southwest-Airplane-Landing-Fire - comments
Comments - A Southwest airlines airplane had an issue with it's landing gear and it caught fire on landing, glad all was well and nobody was hurt.
comments 1112 Egg-Genocide1 page
Egg-Genocide - comments
Comments - The blatant genocide of eggs is a problem that has too often gone largely unnoticed and something really needs to be done, perhaps the U.N. needs to get involved with this issue
comments 1113 Rare-mushroom-glows1 page
Rare-mushroom-glows - comments
Comments - A great picture I wanted to share of a rare mushroom that glows in the dark. The scientific name is Mycena chlorophos and are mostly found in Japan and Brazil I believe. No, it's not that kind of mushroom!
comments 1114 White-Phosphorus-Explosion1 page
White-Phosphorus-Explosion - comments
Comments - A group of US Marines discover a large supply of rockets and white phosphorus grenades in Iraq and blow them up.
comments 1115 Alcohol-makes-you-feel-cool1 page
Alcohol-makes-you-feel-cool - comments
Comments - So you have a feel drinks of alcohol and you are feeling pretty good, relaxed, confident, etc... Well this is what you really look like after all those drinks people!
comments 1127 Lightning-Strikes-Space-Needle1 page
Lightning-Strikes-Space-Needle - comments
Comments - A camera catches the Seattle Space Needle getting hit by lightning numerous times.
comments 1128 Swine-Flu-Symptoms-vs-Mexico-Trip1 page
Swine-Flu-Symptoms-vs-Mexico-Trip - comments
Comments - A list of symptoms you may experience if you have the swine flu vs if you just take a trip to Mexico
comments 1129 Dont-call-me-a-Homo1 page
Dont-call-me-a-Homo - comments
Comments - Kid makes a video asking, no telling, no yelling at people to not call him a homo for some video he made on youTube.
comments 113 Sexy-Funny-Commercial1 page
Sexy-Funny-Commercial - comments
Comments - Funny Commercials from an IT company, very sexy woman in elevator wants this guy so she stops the elevator, the very bright guy figures he will fix the problem?
comments 1130 President-Obama-as-a-Vulcan1 page
President-Obama-as-a-Vulcan - comments
Comments - To follow up on our white Obama picture on the site, we had to add this one, what would president Obama look like if he were a Vulcan?
comments 1131 Blonde-babe-Loves-Collage1 page
Blonde-babe-Loves-Collage - comments
Comments - This blonde babe sure does love her some Collage and she knows it is only going to get gooder after she gets her edumucatioin
comments 1132 Google-Maps-on-Paper1 page
Google-Maps-on-Paper - comments
Comments - Now this is crazy, an entire Google Maps simulation done entirely with paper, no actual computer involved here! A very cool and creative video
comments 1135 Bear-Grylls-eats-bear-poop1 page
Bear-Grylls-eats-bear-poop - comments
Comments - Bear Grylls from the show Man vs. Wild - video where he straight up eats bear poop in the woods, I would have to be really near starvation in order for this to ever happen
comments 114 Funny-Commercial1 page
Funny-Commercial - comments
Comments - A hottie on the prowl for a man gets denied by the
comments 1140 Sweat-Tea-anyone1 page
Sweat-Tea-anyone - comments
Comments - Ah, nothing like a nice cool glass of sweat tea on a hot summer day
comments 1143 Sign-Not-In-Use1 page
Sign-Not-In-Use - comments
Comments - Just a stupid sign letting you know that this sign is not in use and serves no real purpose other than wasting your tax dollars
comments 1144 Hockey-Target-Practice1 page
Hockey-Target-Practice - comments
Comments - Check out this guy doing some hockey slap shot target practice, I think we all knew where this was going before the video even started
comments 1145 Funny-Creative-Ping-Pong-balls1 page
Funny-Creative-Ping-Pong-balls - comments
Comments - Some had too much time on their hand and got a little creative with these ping pong balls (what I believe are ping pong balls)
comments 1146 Somalian-Pirate-Hat1 page
Somalian-Pirate-Hat - comments
Comments - Now you too can own your very own Somalian pirate Hijack hat, bullet in the head is included for an additional $9.99
comments 1148 Im-a-Barbie-Girl1 page
Im-a-Barbie-Girl - comments
Comments - Funny and sexy re-enactment of I'm a Barbie girl sound track.
comments 1149 Deer-Jumps-over-Police-Car1 page
Deer-Jumps-over-Police-Car - comments
Comments - wow, check out this deer on a crowded city street as it completely jumps over a police car that catches it all on the dash cam, now that is a crazy video
comments 1150 Excuse-from-Jury-Service1 page
Excuse-from-Jury-Service - comments
Comments - An actual affidavit requesting an excuse from performing jury duty, very funny indeed, wonder if it got him out of jury service or not?
comments 1152 Cute-Emma-Watson-Kissing1 page
Cute-Emma-Watson-Kissing - comments
Comments - Cute little Emma Watson kissing some type of character, feel free to comment and let me know what character this is. Wish we could see more of her wonderful legs though.
comments 1153 Babe-turns-into-Motorcycle1 page
Babe-turns-into-Motorcycle - comments
Comments - Honda commercial where they show a hot babe in all black that turn into a Motorcycle
comments 1154 Poop-on-the-Office-floor-prank1 page
Poop-on-the-Office-floor-prank - comments
Comments - Ahh.. the old poop on the office floor and then eat it prank
comments 1155 Caffeine-Coffee-Machine1 page
Caffeine-Coffee-Machine - comments
Comments - An old computer server converted into a super caffeine coffee making machine!
comments 1157 The-Bike-Thief1 page
The-Bike-Thief - comments
Comments - This guy leaves a funny note for whoever stole his bike and the thief actually writes back!
comments 1158 Natalie-Portman-and-Hillary-Clinton1 page
Natalie-Portman-and-Hillary-Clinton - comments
Comments - Hillary Clinton and Natalie Portman pose for a photo opp, I am guessing Natalie was a little bit cold and damn Hillary just plain scares me here...
comments 1159 First-Woman-on-the-Moon1 page
First-Woman-on-the-Moon - comments
Comments - yep, this is about what would happen if we were to send a woman to the moon, leave the keys right in the space ship...
comments 116 How-to-do-backups1 page
How-to-do-backups - comments
Comments - Now this is how backups should be done, nice and organized so when you need to do a restore you have no idea where to start.
comments 1160 100-Ton-Bomb-Explosion1 page
100-Ton-Bomb-Explosion - comments
Comments - Wow, if you ever wonder what a 100 Ton explosion from a bomb would look like here ya go, listen after the explosion to the pieces flying by the mic at the speed of sound, amazing crazy video.
comments 1161 Homeland-Security1 page
Homeland-Security - comments
Comments - Now here is a guy who might have better thought through his choice of shirt before attending this event. A terrorist shirt is probably not the best idea.
comments 1165 Funny-Wet-Paint-Prank1 page
Funny-Wet-Paint-Prank - comments
Comments - Sexy In this funny prank, girls with a dress on sit down on what appears to be a freshly painted bench. Minutes later, some dude comes along and places a wet paint sign down on the bench.
comments 1166 How-not-to-Facebook1 page
How-not-to-Facebook - comments
Comments - Here is a funny picture of a guy who heard the term Facebook and got it all wrong, this is how not to do it for sure, can we all say FAIL together?
comments 117 Funny-Craigslist-Commercial1 page
Funny-Craigslist-Commercial - comments
Comments - Very funny commercial about Craigslist, you know you have all seen this type of stuff before.
comments 1171 How-to-Keep-others-from-your-drink1 page
How-to-Keep-others-from-your-drink - comments
Comments - Everyone has been on both sides of this coin, public refrigerator taking someone else drink or losing yours, here is a clever way to ensure nobody wants it...
comments 1172 Funny-Eye-Test-Sign1 page
Funny-Eye-Test-Sign - comments
Comments - Instead of the normal boring random letters for an eye test why not make it interesting? oh, I guess because then you would know what to expect, ok, but funny anyway
comments 1175 Free-Orgasm-Coupon1 page
Free-Orgasm-Coupon - comments
Comments - Ok, I know all the guys have already clicked on the print button so they can use this as the next part they go to, don't, this is stupid and it is not going to help you in the least
comments 1176 Bad-Bird-House1 page
Bad-Bird-House - comments
Comments - Anyone see anything at all wrong with this bird house, talk about subliminal messages for sure
comments 1177 Funny-Sexy-Golf-Training-Prank1 page
Funny-Sexy-Golf-Training-Prank - comments
Comments - Hidden camera prank where an instructor is giving golf lessons to a group of females one of which is dressed rather sexy, a very funny video to watch their reactions.
comments 1181 No-Ski-Masks-in-the-Bank1 page
No-Ski-Masks-in-the-Bank - comments
Comments - Should be common sense, but this bank felt that it happened to often so now they are asking their customers to remove their ski masks before entering the bank. I sure hope this bank is somewhere like Alaska or somewhere really cold, can't believe they would really need a funny sign posted for this.
comments 1182 Snowmobile-vs-Tree1 page
Snowmobile-vs-Tree - comments
Comments - So how does a snowmobile do vs a tree? Hint: The tree wins. Needless to say this guy fails as you would expect in the video
comments 1183 How-to-guide-Breakdance1 page
How-to-guide-Breakdance - comments
Comments - A simply instructive guide giving step by step instructions so that anyone can learn to breakdance
comments 1184 Warning-Drinking-and-memory-loss1 page
Warning-Drinking-and-memory-loss - comments
Comments - Warning that nice cold frosty beer on a hot summer day that tastes so good could cause memory loss or even worse memory loss or perhaps worst case , memory loss
comments 1186 Newspaper-Headlines-40-years1 page
Newspaper-Headlines-40-years - comments
Comments - What a difference 40 years makes in what makes newspaper headlines huh...
comments 1187 The-WTF-Blanket1 page
The-WTF-Blanket - comments
Comments - We've all seen the late night commercials for this stupid blanket that isn't a blanket at all, it is a snuggie or snuggy, snuggey, whatever they call it.. Basically saying that an actual blanket is so yesterday and a blanket with sleeves is so much more convenient
comments 1189 Mama-Duck-calls-for-Help1 page
Mama-Duck-calls-for-Help - comments
Comments - This mama duck walked in circles and called for help after her little ducklings fell through a grate in the road, don't worry it is a happy ending
comments 119 Sexy-Celebrity-Jessica-Simpson1 page
Sexy-Celebrity-Jessica-Simpson - comments
Comments - Jessica Simpson shows off her sexy daisy dukes in what appears to be a Dukes of Hazzard promo shoot, very cute!
comments 1190 10-Seconds-you-never-get-back1 page
10-Seconds-you-never-get-back - comments
Comments - Yes, I know, stupid and a waste of your time to even click on this thumbnail, but that was the point right, 10 seconds spent on this demotivational poster you will never get back., ya uh. sorry
comments 1191 Behind-Britney-Spears-Microphone1 page
Behind-Britney-Spears-Microphone - comments
Comments - So what does a live concert from Britney Spears really sound like if you actually hear her microphone? uh... worse than I expected for sure
comments 1192 iTunes-Licensing-Agreement1 page
iTunes-Licensing-Agreement - comments
Comments - Ok, we have all done it , just click accept. blah blah and move on to the install, well seems like we might want to start actually reading the licensing agreement, especially from Apple iTunes
comments 1193 Crazy-hot-Kristen-Bell1 page
Crazy-hot-Kristen-Bell - comments
Comments - With the best smile and crazy hot legs of anyone, Kristen Bell is sure on the top of my list of celebrity babes
comments 1194 Samsung-SSD-Drives1 page
Samsung-SSD-Drives - comments
Comments - Solid State Drives, SSD drives are the newest drives on the market with no moving parts and much less heat, faster read times, etc... you can now get them in many laptops but are still quite expensive, these will soon be replacing most platter based drives
comments 1196 Unnecessary-Censorship-Jimmy-Kimmel1 page
Unnecessary-Censorship-Jimmy-Kimmel - comments
Comments - Very funny video, censoring out completely good words for not reason at all other than to make your mind think they were really saying the bad words from the Jimmy Kimmel show
comments 1197 Romance-for-the-Girls1 page
Romance-for-the-Girls - comments
Comments - A funny video of guys showing the girls just how romantic they can be...
comments 1199 Censor-Bar-Art-Video1 page
Censor-Bar-Art-Video - comments
Comments - A very funny and creative video where the people get naked, but make art by using the censor bar... hard to explain , ...just watch it
comments 1200 Lightning-Strike-Victim-Blooper1 page
Lightning-Strike-Victim-Blooper - comments
Comments - News cast about a victim of a lightning strike goes bad when the video is messed up, big blooper, probably by a hacker
comments 1202 Slow-Children-Sign1 page
Slow-Children-Sign - comments
Comments - We have all seen this slow children sign before and laughed, but with the added 1000 points each, it is very hard to resist
comments 1203 eBay-is-Cheaper1 page
eBay-is-Cheaper - comments
Comments - While I have personally never had any issues with eBay, I can very much see something like this happening... or worse and no, they are not always cheaper so make sure you do your research first.
comments 1204 Natures-Boob-shaped-Mushrooms1 page
Natures-Boob-shaped-Mushrooms - comments
Comments - Just natures way of being funny and beautiful all at the same time, boob shaped mushrooms who would have thought
comments 1205 Fake-Security-Camera1 page
Fake-Security-Camera - comments
Comments - Very clever security camera setup, too bad it is fake and was called out
comments 1206 Proof-That-girls-are-evil1 page
Proof-That-girls-are-evil - comments
Comments - Finally, we have a proven math formula that once and for all proves that indeed girls are evil
comments 1208 Not-OJ-License-Plate1 page
Not-OJ-License-Plate - comments
Comments - I guess if you owned a white Bronco back in the OJ Simpson chase days this was a great idea for a funny license place
comments 1209 What-Drive-Drunk1 page
What-Drive-Drunk - comments
Comments - I am guessing they left out the don't part of this crazy drive drunk sign
comments 121 The-Simpsons-Cartoon-vs-Real1 page
The-Simpsons-Cartoon-vs-Real - comments
Comments - Now this is funny, check out the cartoon opening of the Simpsons on the right of the screen compared to a full re-enactment of it on the left with real people, etc... Very cool
comments 1211 ShitBeGone-Toilet-Paper1 page
ShitBeGone-Toilet-Paper - comments
Comments - A very creative name for this toilet paper brand, ShitBeGone
comments 1212 Sexy-Gisele-Bundchen1 page
Sexy-Gisele-Bundchen - comments
Comments - Possibly Gisele Bunchens sexiest pictures to date.. and a whole lot more for your viewing pleasure
comments 1213 Priceless-Cheerleader1 page
Priceless-Cheerleader - comments
Comments - Having a picture of you all dolled up in your cute little cheerleader outfit posted all over the internet, now that is Mastercard priceless.
comments 1214 Mac-VS.-PC-funny-commercial1 page
Mac-VS.-PC-funny-commercial - comments
Comments - One of the classic funny Apple commercials, putting the Mac vs. the PC
comments 1215 Busted-for-Peeing-in-Public1 page
Busted-for-Peeing-in-Public - comments
Comments - We've probably all wanted to do this at one point, you just gotta go and don't think you can hold it any longer, what is even better is that he doesn't seem to care that he is busted, he figures well, might as well finish
comments 1217 A-few-good-Expenses1 page
A-few-good-Expenses - comments
Comments - Very funny video spoof of A Few Good Men video about sales rep's and how lap dances cannot be expensed!
comments 122 Infamous-Funny-Godaddy-Commercial1 page
Infamous-Funny-Godaddy-Commercial - comments
Comments - We all remember this commercial from during the Super Bowl, hot lady testifies about what she will do for the GoDaddy commercial while almost falling out of her top several times for a wardrobe malfunction
comments 1223 Funny-Sexy-Towels1 page
Funny-Sexy-Towels - comments
Comments - Every man should own a few of these sexy towels and I bet the wife would love it too, well maybe not, but then who gives a crap anyway!
comments 1225 Marlboro-Painted-Fence-Gate1 page
Marlboro-Painted-Fence-Gate - comments
Comments - Someone got creative here and painted up there old wooden fence gate to look like a box of Marlboro smokes!
comments 1226 Cute-Celebrity-Kaley-Cuoco1 page
Cute-Celebrity-Kaley-Cuoco - comments
Comments - I had to share this great picture of cute little Kaley Cuoco and her great smile.
comments 1227 Cool-Gun-Bag1 page
Cool-Gun-Bag - comments
Comments - Probably not what you were thinking as far as a gun bag goes, but some clever store got creative in their marketing dept to come up with this cool gun bag.
comments 1229 I-love-NY-Terrorist1 page
I-love-NY-Terrorist - comments
Comments - Yes, I know before you send me the nasty messages, this is a stereotype and he is likely a perfectly good family loving guy, but it is funny, ok, leave it at that
comments 123 Funny-Sexy-Bud-Lite-Commercial1 page
Funny-Sexy-Bud-Lite-Commercial - comments
Comments - Couple skinny dip in a pool at night all romantic like and don't realize that they are..... being watched. Funny But Lite beer commercial
comments 1230 Kristen-Bell-Pinup-Picture1 page
Kristen-Bell-Pinup-Picture - comments
Comments - Have I mentioned that I like Kristen Bell, sexy, funny, .. oh and don't forget the extremely nice legs and smile
comments 1232 Lindsay-Lohan-Come-back1 page
Lindsay-Lohan-Come-back - comments
Comments - Watch out Lindsay Lohan is on the come back...... maybe
comments 1235 Girls-of-the-WB-Network1 page
Girls-of-the-WB-Network - comments
Comments - All the hot girls of the WB network, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Keri Russell, etc...
comments 1236 The-Morning-Poem1 page
The-Morning-Poem - comments
Comments - Great morning poem for all of those people who are not morning people, very funny
comments 1237 MS-Werd-Microsoft-Word-Spoof1 page
MS-Werd-Microsoft-Word-Spoof - comments
Comments - Now a new version of MS Word has been release called MS Werd!
comments 1238 Hand-Lotion-just-pull1 page
Hand-Lotion-just-pull - comments
Comments - Funny cartoon drawing of a man offering hand lotion for sale, just pull....hahah
comments 124 Miss-Teen-USA-2007---South-Carolina1 page
Miss-Teen-USA-2007---South-Carolina - comments
Comments - Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question or should I say TRIES to answer a question, wonder why people around the world are thinking we are stupid or something? I mean this really hurts to watch, it is almost too hard to laugh because you actually start feeling sorry for her and her stupid answer that wasn't even a coherent response.
comments 1241 Cool-Shark-Picture-Art1 page
Cool-Shark-Picture-Art - comments
Comments - I saw this and thought it was a very cool picture, amazing what some can do with a photoshop type application to make this kind of art.
comments 1243 A-bird,-no-a-plane1 page
A-bird,-no-a-plane - comments
Comments - It's a bird, no, it's a plane, or could just be a clever photoshop trick, nicely done though for sure
comments 1244 Martial-Artist-knocks-people-down-with-his-voice.1 page
Martial-Artist-knocks-people-down-with-his-voice. - comments
Comments - Kiai Martial Artist He knocks people down with the sound of his voice.
comments 1246 Cool-Cigarette-Lighting-Trick1 page
Cool-Cigarette-Lighting-Trick - comments
Comments - Check out this guy who does a very cool cigarette lighting trick
comments 1249 Guy-uses-head-smashing-windshield1 page
Guy-uses-head-smashing-windshield - comments
Comments - Here is obviously a guy who is not all there, check him out smashing his head into this windshield over and over again
comments 1251 Cool-dual-Water-spout-picture1 page
Cool-dual-Water-spout-picture - comments
Comments - A very cool picture of a dual water spout on the open water. A water spout is nothing more than a tornado that touches down over open water.
comments 1252 Amazing-Iraq-Video1 page
Amazing-Iraq-Video - comments
Comments - An amazing video of US troops on the road in Iraq almost hit by some type of bomb on the road, amazing stuff
comments 1253 Hayden-Panettiere-Bikini1 page
Hayden-Panettiere-Bikini - comments
Comments - Wow, if you like Hayden Panettiere, you will love this picture with 8 of her all in Bikinis at the beach, ah a dream come true more than 1 of Hayden Panettiere
comments 1254 Funny-Blue-Restroom-Sign1 page
Funny-Blue-Restroom-Sign - comments
Comments - Just another creative and funny restroom sign
comments 1256 Apple-How-it-all-Started1 page
Apple-How-it-all-Started - comments
Comments - Cool retro picture of how Apple computer got started, obviously yes people before you all start commenting, it is a fake and meant to be funny..... geeezz
comments 126 Sexy-Keira-Knightley1 page
Sexy-Keira-Knightley - comments
Comments - Sexy celebrity Keira Knightley shows off her great body and perfect legs while looking at the camera with that
comments 1262 Low-Budget-Gym1 page
Low-Budget-Gym - comments
Comments - I guess with this economy people have to be creative in what they spend their money on, now this is what you call a low budget gym for sure, redneck maybe..?
comments 1264 Girls-and-Guns1 page
Girls-and-Guns - comments
Comments - Girls and Guns, what else needs to be said here?
comments 1265 Guy-wins-Lottery-twice-in-1-day1 page
Guy-wins-Lottery-twice-in-1-day - comments
Comments - This guy first wins $1,000 on a scratch off ticket, then takes it back to get more tickets and wins the big $1 Million , all in the same day!
comments 1266 Dont-eat-Poop1 page
Dont-eat-Poop - comments
Comments - Just a friendly service message on a shirt, you shouldn't eat poop
comments 1267 Happy-SysAdmin-Day1 page
Happy-SysAdmin-Day - comments
Comments - For all those nerd sysadmins out there, here is to you, happy sysadmin day complete with a nerd cake and all
comments 1268 What-does-it-all-mean1 page
What-does-it-all-mean - comments
Comments - We all know about the google search engine and the great suggestions they normally make, but check out this actual search for what does it mean
comments 1269 Funny-Moving-Tip-641 page
Funny-Moving-Tip-64 - comments
Comments - Fyi, moving tip #64 specifically tells you not to use your empty boxes as furniture or you could fall down backwards and kill yourself
comments 127 Funny-GoodFellas-Scene1 page
Funny-GoodFellas-Scene - comments
Comments - We all know the famous scene, usually called the
comments 1270 Cool-Middle-Finger-Street-Sign1 page
Cool-Middle-Finger-Street-Sign - comments
Comments - Cool and funny street sign showing a middle finger instead of the normal don't walk stick figure guy.
comments 1271 Women-are-not-Equal-to-men1 page
Women-are-not-Equal-to-men - comments
Comments - Cute girl talks about how women are not equal to men and should stop acting like it already
comments 1272 Missles-shoot-Insurgents-in-Iraq1 page
Missles-shoot-Insurgents-in-Iraq - comments
Comments - Check out this crazy video of US forces taking out 3 insurgents with HellFire missiles setting an IED on a roadway in Iraq
comments 1273 How-Beer-Goggles-work1 page
How-Beer-Goggles-work - comments
Comments - The perfect illustration of just how the beer goggles do work, try it today
comments 1275 Funny-Help-Wanted-Sign1 page
Funny-Help-Wanted-Sign - comments
Comments - Funny sign showing just how bad the economy has gotten for small businesses
comments 1276 The-Newest-Place-To-Store-A-Laptop1 page
The-Newest-Place-To-Store-A-Laptop - comments
Comments - The Newest Place To Store A Laptop
comments 1278 Cool-Space-Shuttle-Liftoff1 page
Cool-Space-Shuttle-Liftoff - comments
Comments - Not really funny, but a very cool picture of the NASA space Shuttle liftoff, still amazes me even though we have been doing this for a long time.
comments 1279 The-End-of-the-Rainbow1 page
The-End-of-the-Rainbow - comments
Comments - Ever seen the end of a rainbow, well here ya go
comments 128 Extreme-Tooth-brushing1 page
Extreme-Tooth-brushing - comments
Comments - Everything has gone extreme, and now we have extreme tooth brushing. Made me chuckle.
comments 1280 Women-Driver-Backs-UHaul-Over-Front-Steps-And-Breaks-Them1 page
Women-Driver-Backs-UHaul-Over-Front-Steps-And-Breaks-Them - comments
Comments - Women Driver Backs UHaul Over Front Steps And Breaks Them
comments 1281 Really-Bad-Sunburn1 page
Really-Bad-Sunburn - comments
Comments - Wow, this is a bad sunburn and not because of the sun directly, I bet the pain is the least of this guy's worries
comments 1282 The-Onion---Dorm-Room-Fire1 page
The-Onion---Dorm-Room-Fire - comments
Comments - I had to watch this at least twice, it is so funny from The Onion about a dorm room fire during a party
comments 1283 Stop,-it-is-a-Trap1 page
Stop,-it-is-a-Trap - comments
Comments - Don't do it man, it's a setup, a trap, noooooo, everyone knows if you drop the soap in the shower that you put your butt against the wall and walk out carefully
comments 1285 You-Rock-no-You-Rule1 page
You-Rock-no-You-Rule - comments
Comments - Funny cartoon picture of a rock and a ruler
comments 1287 Firepit-Grill-from-Shopping-Cart1 page
Firepit-Grill-from-Shopping-Cart - comments
Comments - Now this is being creative, you have a problem of how to cook your meat over your fire pit, but you don't have a grill grate large enough, simple , just steal a shopping cart and throw it up there
comments 1289 Funny-Video-about-John-McCain1 page
Funny-Video-about-John-McCain - comments
Comments - Funny Video making fun of John McCain
comments 129 Mary-Lou-Retton-1984-Olympics1 page
Mary-Lou-Retton-1984-Olympics - comments
Comments - Mary Lou Retton on her last event of the All Around competition at the 1984 Olympic Games. She needed a 10.00 to win the gold medal, and she did it twice. She scored a perfect 10 on both her vaults.
comments 1290 If-Britney-Spears-were-President1 page
If-Britney-Spears-were-President - comments
Comments - David Letterman Top 10 list read by Britney Spears in her Bikini, TOP 10 ways the world would be different if she were President of the United States
comments 1291 Freedom-Political-Statement1 page
Freedom-Political-Statement - comments
Comments - Not sure exactly what to read into this picture, I am guessing it is a political statement of some sort, or statements, read into it what you will
comments 1292 Patricia-Heaton--Fails-At-Math-BAD-On-Millionaire1 page
Patricia-Heaton--Fails-At-Math-BAD-On-Millionaire - comments
Comments - Patricia Heaton
comments 1293 Star-Trek-Parody-The-Red-Shirt1 page
Star-Trek-Parody-The-Red-Shirt - comments
Comments - Funny Star Trek parody video making fun of the people who always got killed wearing the infamous Red Shirt on the original series
comments 1295 If-Paris-Hilton-had-a-Beard1 page
If-Paris-Hilton-had-a-Beard - comments
Comments - Well, let me ruin the Paris Hilton fantasy for all of you out there, this is what she would look like with a beard and quite possibly what she will look like when she is older
comments 1296 Forbidden-Access-to-hot-babe1 page
Forbidden-Access-to-hot-babe - comments
Comments - Hot babe error, access to this babe is Forbidden, your IP address has been logged in our database and you will be labeled a pervert
comments 1297 Shooting-of-Police-Officer-by-Teen-Criminals1 page
Shooting-of-Police-Officer-by-Teen-Criminals - comments
Comments - A police officer pursues a pickup truck until it crashes into a telephone pole. Officers approach the vehicle with weapons drawn
comments 1298 Vintage-Hard-Drive1 page
Vintage-Hard-Drive - comments
Comments - An old Advertisement for a Radio Shack 15MB hard drive that costs $3,000, amazing how times have changed.
comments 1299 Michelle-Obama-SMASHES-Her-Head1 page
Michelle-Obama-SMASHES-Her-Head - comments
Comments - Michelle Obama SMASHES Her Head On Door On Air Force One Plane
comments 130 Funny-Olympics-Stickman1 page
Funny-Olympics-Stickman - comments
Comments - A funny stickman olympics animation with lots of crashes and sticks flying around. The whole thing is made in Pivot Stickfigure Animator.
comments 1300 Plane-Lands-in-the-Water1 page
Plane-Lands-in-the-Water - comments
Comments - Plane doesn't touch down quick enough to apply the breaks and ends up in the sand and water
comments 1301 Crazy-SpongeBob-Picture1 page
Crazy-SpongeBob-Picture - comments
Comments - Admit everyone likes SpongeBob Squarepants including you adults out there, thought this was a kinda scary picture of him
comments 1303 Cute-Girl-crushes-soda-on-her-head1 page
Cute-Girl-crushes-soda-on-her-head - comments
Comments - Just a random stupid cute girl trying to crush a can of soda on her head
comments 1305 Tactical-Bacon1 page
Tactical-Bacon - comments
Comments - not sure what to think of this so thought I would post this picture of Tactical Bacon, basically it is a bunch of bacon in a can, doesn't sound very good to me.
comments 1306 Marriage-Vows-Are-interrupted-by-THE-BRIDE1 page
Marriage-Vows-Are-interrupted-by-THE-BRIDE - comments
Comments - Marriage Vows Are Interrupted by THE BRIDE. She Cant Stop Laughing
comments 1307 Guy-Fails-at-Tanning1 page
Guy-Fails-at-Tanning - comments
Comments - Check out this guy, I would say he definitely fails at tanning
comments 1308 Crazy-Beer-Pong-Video1 page
Crazy-Beer-Pong-Video - comments
Comments - Now these guys have way too much time on their hands to be this good at Beer Pong
comments 131 George-Bush-Olympics-Flag1 page
George-Bush-Olympics-Flag - comments
Comments - Our president of the United States of America at the Olympics holding the flag backwards! I just can't believe it and then again I can. I guess to give some credit, it is the right way from his point of view. Yes, I am putting this in the stupid people category.
comments 1310 Rainbow-Butt1 page
Rainbow-Butt - comments
Comments - Rainbow coming out of this guys butt, man that has to hurt
comments 1312 Complaint-Department-Take-Number1 page
Complaint-Department-Take-Number - comments
Comments - Funny sign if you want to file a complaint, take a number off of this grenade
comments 1313 SpongeBob-finds-a-Hot-Girlfriend1 page
SpongeBob-finds-a-Hot-Girlfriend - comments
Comments - Finally , poor little SpongeBob has found himself a babe for a girlfriend so he can't stop hanging out with gay Patrick all the time
comments 1315 Michael-Phelps-Swimmer1 page
Michael-Phelps-Swimmer - comments
Comments - Michael Phelps as a sperm is the first to the egg!
comments 1316 DVD-Rewinder1 page
DVD-Rewinder - comments
Comments - Up for sale is this great new product , a DVD re-winder! I have a special deal going on right now if you order in the next 10 minutes I will send you two for the price of one (just pay additional S/H)
comments 1317 Piracy-is-Enviornmentally-Friendly1 page
Piracy-is-Enviornmentally-Friendly - comments
Comments - Crazy funny picture of how piracy is friendly for the environment, go green today and pirate your software, save the world
comments 1318 Funny-Signs-Video-Collection1 page
Funny-Signs-Video-Collection - comments
Comments - A funny video collection of numerous funny signs
comments 1319 Kid-Takes-A-FOUL-BALL-to-The-Head1 page
Kid-Takes-A-FOUL-BALL-to-The-Head - comments
Comments - Kid Takes A FOUL BALL to The Head. When He Is In The Batter Box
comments 132 A-Tribute-to-Steve-Irwin1 page
A-Tribute-to-Steve-Irwin - comments
Comments - A Tribute to the great Croc Hunter Steve Irwin
comments 1320 A-world-Record-41.45-pound-Trout1 page
A-world-Record-41.45-pound-Trout - comments
Comments - A Michigan man has set the world record for the largest Brown Trout ever, weighing in at 41.45 pounds.
comments 1321 Funny-Computer-Operator-Picture1 page
Funny-Computer-Operator-Picture - comments
Comments - Well this sure does take the term Computer Operator literally for sure.
comments 1325 Insurgents-Blow-themselves-up1 page
Insurgents-Blow-themselves-up - comments
Comments - Oops, I guess that didn't work like they had planned as the insurgents blow themselves up with their own IED, FAIL
comments 1326 The-Next-Tiger-Woods1 page
The-Next-Tiger-Woods - comments
Comments - The Next Tiger Woods Starting At Age 2
comments 1328 A-Boss-is-Like-a-Diaper1 page
A-Boss-is-Like-a-Diaper - comments
Comments - Funny sign about your boss being like a diaper and full of ****
comments 1329 Kanye-West-Interrupts-Barak-Obama1 page
Kanye-West-Interrupts-Barak-Obama - comments
Comments - Funny Spoof of Kanye West interrupting Barack Obama's state of the union speech
comments 133 50-Greatest-Songs-of-all-Time1 page
50-Greatest-Songs-of-all-Time - comments
Comments - A video showing and playing portions of the 50 best songs of all time and there are some classics in here, very well done video
comments 1330 Dumb-Woman-Crashes-Shelby-Cobra1 page
Dumb-Woman-Crashes-Shelby-Cobra - comments
Comments - The first rule of owning a classic car like this 1967 Shelby Cobra is women are only allowed to sit in the passenger seat. This guy ignored that rule and paid the price
comments 1331 Beer-Can-Dominoes1 page
Beer-Can-Dominoes - comments
Comments - The guy in this video must not be drunk yet because this beer can dominoes course looks very well thought out. Very funny and inventive.
comments 1332 Learn-Chinese-the-Easy-Way1 page
Learn-Chinese-the-Easy-Way - comments
Comments - Learn to read the Chinese language the easy way, just turn it sideways!
comments 1335 Try-to-Keep-your-Focus1 page
Try-to-Keep-your-Focus - comments
Comments - Go ahead stare at this picture for more than 2 seconds and I bet you can't keep your focus
comments 1336 Save-The-Boobs1 page
Save-The-Boobs - comments
Comments - Behind The Scenes Of Save The Boobs
comments 1337 New-World-Record-on-Guitar-Hero1 page
New-World-Record-on-Guitar-Hero - comments
Comments - A 12 year old kid has just broken the world record by scoring over 1 Million points on the well known game Guitar Hero
comments 1338 Missle-attack-sends-Insurgents-in-the-Air1 page
Missle-attack-sends-Insurgents-in-the-Air - comments
Comments - A US missle attack on Insurgents sends these guys flying 40ft in the air
comments 1339 Tallest-Oreo-Cookie-Ever1 page
Tallest-Oreo-Cookie-Ever - comments
Comments - Someone had way too much time on their hands in order to make this huge Oreo cookie
comments 134 Man-Almost-Loses-Penis1 page
Man-Almost-Loses-Penis - comments
Comments - Xing, a 41 year-old man, was calling from LanTian park in the middle of the night. The lonely and disturbed man had apparently thought it would be fun to have sex with one of the steel sit-up benches around the park.
comments 1341 Strange-UnIdentified-Creature-Found1 page
Strange-UnIdentified-Creature-Found - comments
Comments - Some strange unidentified creature found by some kids, this is a crazy scary video
comments 1343 How-to-get-the-Girl1 page
How-to-get-the-Girl - comments
Comments - A nice pie chart explaining exactly how to get the girl of your dreams, it is very complicated.
comments 1344 Girl-Caught-digging-her-Butt1 page
Girl-Caught-digging-her-Butt - comments
Comments - Girl Gets Caught Digging In Her Butt And Sniffs It
comments 1345 No-Peeing-on-our-wall1 page
No-Peeing-on-our-wall - comments
Comments - Don't dare pee on this wall or they will cut your pee pee clean off with scissors!
comments 1346 Crazy-Amazing-Great-Apple-Video1 page
Crazy-Amazing-Great-Apple-Video - comments
Comments - Apple keynote address they are amazing, great, incredible, easy, good. Funny
comments 1347 Funny-Subway-Stripper-Prank1 page
Funny-Subway-Stripper-Prank - comments
Comments - Hot babe strips on the subway as a prank on these riders
comments 1348 Cool-NASA-Rocket-Launch-Picture1 page
Cool-NASA-Rocket-Launch-Picture - comments
Comments - Very cool picture of a NASA rocket launch, check out the plume of smoke and the shadow in the sky
comments 1349 Always-Check-your-Kids-Homework1 page
Always-Check-your-Kids-Homework - comments
Comments - Just a friendly reminder that you as a parent should always be checking your child's homework, it just might save you some embarrassment. Here is what the parent wrote back to the teacher: Dear Mrs. Jones, I wish to clarify that I am not now, nor have I ever been, an exotic dancer. I work at Home Depot and I told my daughter how hectic it was last week before the blizzard hit. I told her we sold out every single shovel we had, and then I found one more in the back room, and that several people were fighting over who would get it. Her picture doesn't show me dancing around a pole. It's supposed to depict me selling the last snow shovel we had at Home Depot. From now on I will remember to check her homework more thoroughly before she turns it in.
comments 135 Cute-Sophia-Bush-Picture1 page
Cute-Sophia-Bush-Picture - comments
Comments - Everyone knows who Sophia Bush is from the show One Tree Hill, and if you don't know who she is, you will as soon as you get a good look at her picture. so cute and Hot all at the same time. Sophia Bush pays the valet for bringing her car around. Sophia Bush has one of the best smiles and legs that just don't stop. I know you are about to go off and do a google search for her, I think you will find many sexy pictures of Sophia Bush and you will notice she loves to show off her perfectly shapes legs.
comments 1350 1959-vs.-2009-Crash-Test-1 page
1959-vs.-2009-Crash-Test- - comments
Comments - A cool video in which a 1959 Bel Air is crashed head on against a 2009 Chevy Malibu, with amazing results demonstrating improvements in safety.
comments 1352 Cool-Jeep-Trick-Video1 page
Cool-Jeep-Trick-Video - comments
Comments - He probably crashed a few times before learning how to do this trick! Absolutely the best trick I have seen.
comments 1353 Knock-Out-Pill1 page
Knock-Out-Pill - comments
Comments - Really, this guy wants to kidnap someone so he asks about a knock out pill on a forum, amazing, FAIL
comments 1354 FreeStyle-Bed-Jumping1 page
FreeStyle-Bed-Jumping - comments
Comments - Look I know itís childish, but it has to be said that having a good jump on the bed is about the most fun you can have on it with your clothes on! Its free fun for all, and can be even better if itís somebody elseís bed! Freestyle bed jumping should be considered by the Olympic committee
comments 1355 Funny-Guinness-Beer-Commerical1 page
Funny-Guinness-Beer-Commerical - comments
Comments - A funny and sexy Guinness beer commercial, I can see why it wasn't allowed to be played in the United States
comments 1356 Private-Sign1 page
Private-Sign - comments
Comments - Not sure I understand this once, but it is funny, Private Sign , Do Not Read
comments 1357 Bow-Hunter-bags-a-30-point-Buck1 page
Bow-Hunter-bags-a-30-point-Buck - comments
Comments - This lucky old deer hunter bags a 30 point buck with his bow!
comments 1358 How-to-Get-Fired-on-Facebook-1011 page
How-to-Get-Fired-on-Facebook-101 - comments
Comments - For all of those that are frustrated with your job, it can get worse, use some common sense so don't get fired while surfing Facebook at work!
comments 1360 Yahoo-404-Sign1 page
Yahoo-404-Sign - comments
Comments - Yahoo 404 Fails Sign. Poorly placed add with a well known 404 internet error code
comments 1361 Girl-Friend-Scared-By-Dummy-Head1 page
Girl-Friend-Scared-By-Dummy-Head - comments
Comments - Girl Friend Scared To Death By Dummy Head
comments 1362 Cool-Heineken-Keg-Can1 page
Cool-Heineken-Keg-Can - comments
Comments - A cool picture of a Heineken Keg Can made only from CD's
comments 1364 Unemployed-To-Do-List1 page
Unemployed-To-Do-List - comments
Comments - A list of stuff to do when you are unemployed, I don't think wasting your time on this list is going to help you find a job any quicker, but funny for sure
comments 1365 Snapping-Turtle-Gets-Guys-Finger1 page
Snapping-Turtle-Gets-Guys-Finger - comments
Comments - It may seem like common sense, but you should obviously never stick you fingers in or close to a snapping turtles mouth... or this could happen
comments 1366 Babe-Shoots-Gun-Wrong1 page
Babe-Shoots-Gun-Wrong - comments
Comments - I am pretty sure of two things here, 1. this babe is doing this way wrong, and 2. this is going to hurt..., she is cute, but she does fail at shooting this gun
comments 1368 Woman-with-Cardboard-Boyfriend1 page
Woman-with-Cardboard-Boyfriend - comments
Comments - Support the troops, you too can carry around a cardboard cutout of your boyfriend or girlfriend who is away serving their country
comments 1370 Whiskey-Soup-of-the-Day1 page
Whiskey-Soup-of-the-Day - comments
Comments - Now here is a place to go for a quick lunch at work and get your Whiskey Soup
comments 1371 Getting-IT-in-the-Can1 page
Getting-IT-in-the-Can - comments
Comments - Funny video commercial about getting IT in the can
comments 1372 Trucker-Flips-Rig-Masturbating1 page
Trucker-Flips-Rig-Masturbating - comments
Comments - He subsequently admitted to masturbating at the time of the accident. The trucker, apparently unable to reach a satisfactory climax, then proceeded to continue to pleasure himself while in the midst of a police interrogation
comments 1373 Drunken-Lego-Men1 page
Drunken-Lego-Men - comments
Comments - This is why no good parent should let their children play with Lego's, forget about the choking hazard
comments 1374 Viagra-Commercial-Gone-Wrong1 page
Viagra-Commercial-Gone-Wrong - comments
Comments - A terribly gone wrong Viagra commercial. Too easy to make fun of.
comments 1375 The-Rare-but-feared-Tiger-Squirrel1 page
The-Rare-but-feared-Tiger-Squirrel - comments
Comments - This picture was captured outside a Washington home and shows just how vicious the rare and much feared Tiger Squirrel can be.
comments 1377 Funny-Sign-This-is-not-a-Door1 page
Funny-Sign-This-is-not-a-Door - comments
Comments - Strange looks like a door, but no, it is indeed not a door, I mean the sign says so right...
comments 1378 Awesome-Hooters-Girl-Bar-Trick1 page
Awesome-Hooters-Girl-Bar-Trick - comments
Comments - Check out the skills with this Hooters Girl, watch the stool go round and round while she pours a beer, a great trick.
comments 1380 Cute-Girl-Shaves-her-Head1 page
Cute-Girl-Shaves-her-Head - comments
Comments - A perfectly Cute Girl Shaves her Head for no reason at all, what a waste...
comments 1381 Banned-Hardees-Commercial1 page
Banned-Hardees-Commercial - comments
Comments - A commercial for Hardees restaurant that was banned and never seen in the United States, you can probably see why
comments 1384 The-WTF-Stamp1 page
The-WTF-Stamp - comments
Comments - Everyone should have a WTF stamp at work although i am pretty sure i would need alot of ink refills from all the stupid people
comments 1385 Funny-Pepsi-Commerical1 page
Funny-Pepsi-Commerical - comments
Comments - Check out this funny commercial from Pepsi complete with a hot babe to tease these poor guys.
comments 1389 Security-Camera-Failure1 page
Security-Camera-Failure - comments
Comments - Now whoever installed this security camera sure did fail, how the he11 is this going to possibly work
comments 139 Sexy-Celebrity-Keri-Russell1 page
Sexy-Celebrity-Keri-Russell - comments
Comments - While you probably remember Keri Russell best from her show
comments 1390 Howard-Stern-Prank-Call1 page
Howard-Stern-Prank-Call - comments
Comments - Richard Christy from howard stern radio uses multiple voices to confuse a woman selling three items a dryer, a fur-coat, and a basketball hoop. Just listen! Its hilarious!
comments 1393 Bungee-Jump-Goes-Wrong1 page
Bungee-Jump-Goes-Wrong - comments
Comments - Here is a video of a guy who is very luck to be alive when his first bungee jump goes very wrong, can we all say FAIL
comments 1394 Funny-Fake-ATM-Prank1 page
Funny-Fake-ATM-Prank - comments
Comments - Gets owned by this funny fake ATM prank
comments 1397 Dual-Urinal-for-Two1 page
Dual-Urinal-for-Two - comments
Comments - WTF is this all about, I don't think so! A urinal for two what are they thinking? Dual gay urinal perhaps
comments 1398 Crazy-Guy-Time-Machine1 page
Crazy-Guy-Time-Machine - comments
Comments - This crazy guy walking the street probably has invented a time machine and he is serious about it, very funny sign at least.
comments 1399 Funny-Police-Doughnut-Picture1 page
Funny-Police-Doughnut-Picture - comments
Comments - Funny picture of a police car looking through a Doughnut, somewhat ironic huh..
comments 14 Moving-Dots-Optical-Illusion1 page
Moving-Dots-Optical-Illusion - comments
Comments - Can you keep the dots from moving around. This is one of those optical illusions that will make you sick and have to show all your friends
comments 1403 Crazy-Strange-Messed-Up-Pictures1 page
Crazy-Strange-Messed-Up-Pictures - comments
Comments - Now these are some crazy strange and messed up pictures to say the least, not for the people with weak stomachs
comments 1404 NASA-to-Bomb-The-Moon1 page
NASA-to-Bomb-The-Moon - comments
Comments - This hasn't been out in the news much, but in a couple of days NASA will be 'bombing' the moon, October 9th, 2009. Now let's get a few facts straight before you watch this idiot on this video. NASA is NOT BOMBING the moon, they are simply ramming a chuck of metal the size of a school bus into a crater on the moon to collect debris to analyze for water. Now look at all these idiots talk about nukes, tides, etc.. man do they come out of the woodwork..
comments 1406 Demotivational-Poster-Collection1 page
Demotivational-Poster-Collection - comments
Comments - A collection of the best funny and crazy demotivational posters ever
comments 1408 How-to-best-use-an-iMac1 page
How-to-best-use-an-iMac - comments
Comments - Funny picture of the best use for an Apple iMac, I mean what else can you use them for anyway
comments 141 The-iRack1 page
The-iRack - comments
Comments - A political spoof making fun of the Iraq war. Michael McDonald from MadTV plays Apple founder Steve Jobs and introduces Apple's latest product the
comments 1411 Meredith-Like-this-Navy-Pilot1 page
Meredith-Like-this-Navy-Pilot - comments
Comments - Meredith from Who Wants to be a Millonaire likes this Navy pilot and she tells it like it is, she is even almost out of line in what she keeps saying as she hits on him
comments 1412 Do-The-Pokemon1 page
Do-The-Pokemon - comments
Comments - wtf, check out this guy, he wants to be the very best. I guess at the very least this took guts to actually record and put out on the net
comments 1414 Funny-Windows-Service-Pack-31 page
Funny-Windows-Service-Pack-3 - comments
Comments - Funny picture making a mockery of Microsoft Windows service pack 3
comments 1415 Gas-Grass-or-Ass1 page
Gas-Grass-or-Ass - comments
Comments - Gas, Grass, or Ass, nobody rides for free baby!
comments 1416 Cool-Ice-Cream-Stand-Video1 page
Cool-Ice-Cream-Stand-Video - comments
Comments - Not just any ordinary Ice Cream stand check out the skills with ice cream this guy has, very funny
comments 1418 Bum-Will-Eat-for-Food1 page
Bum-Will-Eat-for-Food - comments
Comments - Check out this bum, he will eat for food, guess he is not willing to work for food eh...
comments 1419 Megan-Fox-Lights-her-Tongue1 page
Megan-Fox-Lights-her-Tongue - comments
Comments - Not sure what the deal is here, but anything Megan Fox has to be posted, it is basically a man law at this point. Although not sure why she needs to hold a lighter to her tongue
comments 142 The-Apple-iGun1 page
The-Apple-iGun - comments
Comments - With the success of the iPhone, Apple is going to release the iGun, finally exactly what we have all been waiting for, the only thing that pisses me off is that their is no WiFi, how many times will Apple make this same mistake.
comments 1420 Naked-Guy-Gets-Tasered1 page
Naked-Guy-Gets-Tasered - comments
Comments - Naked guy forces a shoot out with the cops and gets tasered where nobody should ever be tasered
comments 1421 One-in-a-Million-Picture1 page
One-in-a-Million-Picture - comments
Comments - Too funny, had to be posted, what are the chances this crazy picture would be taken right at this moment?
comments 1422 Women-and-Axe-Body-Spray1 page
Women-and-Axe-Body-Spray - comments
Comments - Now this woman knows what she wants and she let's this guy know exactly what the Axe Body Spray does to her
comments 1423 YOU-can-HELP-find-a-Date-for-Skippy1 page
YOU-can-HELP-find-a-Date-for-Skippy - comments
Comments - Please everyone, for as little as a cup of a coffee a day you too can help Skippy find his soul mate.. or at least a date.
comments 1424 Batman-Haircut-Guy1 page
Batman-Haircut-Guy - comments
Comments - Strange guy decides it would be a good idea to get a haircut and carve batman out of his head... to each his own I guess.
comments 1428 Hot-Dog-Anyone1 page
Hot-Dog-Anyone - comments
Comments - Get your Hot Dog, get your fresh Hot Dog, now that is a mildly funny dog picture
comments 143 Rejected-Olympic-Sport:-Toddler-Tossing1 page
Rejected-Olympic-Sport:-Toddler-Tossing - comments
Comments - Now here are a couple of idiot guys that aren't thinking this all the way through. These guys would definitely be contenders if toddler tossing was an Olympic sport. Instead they are one bad throw from having DCFS knocking down the door. What I think is the funniest are the drunk bitcXes in the background laughing.
comments 1431 Crash-Test-Dummies-have-Feelings1 page
Crash-Test-Dummies-have-Feelings - comments
Comments - Next time you get in your car, think about the countless test dummies that gave their lives to ensure the safety of your vehicle and realize that they have feeling as well.
comments 1433 Ticket-for-not-Speaking-English1 page
Ticket-for-not-Speaking-English - comments
Comments - Check out this news video, a woman gets a ticket because she doesn't speak English?
comments 1439 The-new-Fune-Phone-from-MSFT1 page
The-new-Fune-Phone-from-MSFT - comments
Comments - Microsoft has finally done it and released their new Fune phone to compete directly with the iPhone. Yes, i know the real thing from MFST is called the Zune
comments 1442 Funny-Sign-Angry-Hornet1 page
Funny-Sign-Angry-Hornet - comments
Comments - A funny sign , beware of the Angry Hornet, he will get you if you aren't careful
comments 1444 Pie-Anyone1 page
Pie-Anyone - comments
Comments - Pie Anyone? ok, funny I know, but you had to chuckle, get it PI
comments 1448 NASA-Launches-Ares-Rocket1 page
NASA-Launches-Ares-Rocket - comments
Comments - NASA finally got to launch its new Ares Rocket after many delays because of weather. What a cool rocket launch
comments 1449 The-Greek-Weather-Girl1 page
The-Greek-Weather-Girl - comments
Comments - This Greek weather girls is a much better alternative to our boring bald American weather guys for sure, and who would even care if she was wrong about the weather.
comments 145 Funny-Olympics-Training1 page
Funny-Olympics-Training - comments
Comments - Funny how we peons never know what goes into all that training for the Olympics, makes you have some respect for the athletes now doesn't it!
comments 1452 Mini-Me-Katy-Perry1 page
Mini-Me-Katy-Perry - comments
Comments - Check out this little Mini Me Katy Perry Babe
comments 1457 Funny-Cartoon-The-Blind-Babysitter1 page
Funny-Cartoon-The-Blind-Babysitter - comments
Comments - Funny Cartoon picture and why you should never hire a blind babysitter
comments 1460 Crowded-Fishing-Hole1 page
Crowded-Fishing-Hole - comments
Comments - I don't know what the deal is with this fishing hole, but it must have some of the best eating fish there is with all these guys fishing around this one little hole. Seriously check out some of those deep sea pole they are using, crazy.
comments 1461 Just-some-Crazy-Videos1 page
Just-some-Crazy-Videos - comments
Comments - Crazy videos here that you should check out, and if you don't want to , then fine don't click here
comments 1462 Cool-Cartoon-Character1 page
Cool-Cartoon-Character - comments
Comments - Not sure where I found this, but thought it was a cool drawing of a cartoon character
comments 1463 Big-Bang-Theory-Kaley-Cuoco1 page
Big-Bang-Theory-Kaley-Cuoco - comments
Comments - I am a huge fan of the show The Big Bang Theory so here is a tribute to Kaley Cuoco who plays the cute yet dumb blonde next door babe Penny
comments 1466 Funny-Picture-Coffee-Cup1 page
Funny-Picture-Coffee-Cup - comments
Comments - Great funny picture advertisement by this company of a babe drinking coffee from a well painted cup
comments 147 Funny-Alien-Song1 page
Funny-Alien-Song - comments
Comments - Alien Song I will survive spoof very funny song and a cool video as well.
comments 1470 Transparent-Guitar1 page
Transparent-Guitar - comments
Comments - Thought this was neato, and yes I used the word neato, so 1980s huh. Anyway, here ya go, just what you have always wanted, a transparent guitar
comments 1474 Take-one-for-the-Team-Honey1 page
Take-one-for-the-Team-Honey - comments
Comments - Sorry Honey, I can't talk, take one for the team
comments 1475 Incredible-Leggy-Megan-Fox1 page
Incredible-Leggy-Megan-Fox - comments
Comments - While I don't like Megan Fox much as an actress or person, she seems to snotty for my liking, I sure can't just go through life without admiring her tight body and long sexy legs, very leggy indeed
comments 1476 RedNeck-Truck-Door1 page
RedNeck-Truck-Door - comments
Comments - Check out this redneck and how he supposedly fixed is truck door with a piece of plywood
comments 1478 Diving-in-a-Bathtub-Stupid-guy1 page
Diving-in-a-Bathtub-Stupid-guy - comments
Comments - How stupid do you have to be to try this, not only once but twice!? Who would even ever think to try diving into your bathtub, notice the category I put this one under...
comments 1479 Exotic-Dancer-Babe-has-a-Problem1 page
Exotic-Dancer-Babe-has-a-Problem - comments
Comments - This exotic dancer is for sure a babe, but she seems to have some technical difficulties with the pole, no pun intended
comments 148 Funny-BlondeStar1 page
Funny-BlondeStar - comments
Comments - A spoof of the OnStar commercials with a stereotypical dumb blonde
comments 1482 Global-Warming-Is-It-real1 page
Global-Warming-Is-It-real - comments
Comments - Global warming isn't real and I can't imagine where it would be coming from anyway
comments 1486 Cool-Hammer-Party-Trick1 page
Cool-Hammer-Party-Trick - comments
Comments - A very cool trick that for once, yes, you can try this at home. I have recreated this with ease. You just need some string a ruler, and a hammer.
comments 1487 Mona-Lisa-in-the-USA1 page
Mona-Lisa-in-the-USA - comments
Comments - Everything is better in the good ole USA, just look at how Mona Lisa would have looked had it been done here.
comments 1489 Construction-around-a-BMW-Car1 page
Construction-around-a-BMW-Car - comments
Comments - Now this is a what you call a lucky person, having construction take place all around your BMW instead of just having it destroyed
comments 1491 The-Slug-and-the-Salty-Maze1 page
The-Slug-and-the-Salty-Maze - comments
Comments - Putting a slut in a salt maze, couldn't this be considered cruel and unusual punishment?
comments 1492 Guy-Checks-out-the-Babe-Poster1 page
Guy-Checks-out-the-Babe-Poster - comments
Comments - Check out this guy trying to get a peak of this babes goodies on a poster
comments 1497 Cool-Smoke-Twister-inside-a-Bubble1 page
Cool-Smoke-Twister-inside-a-Bubble - comments
Comments - This guy blows smoke inside a bubble and creates a twister inside the bubble until it runs out of air, very cool video
comments 1498 Naughty-Nurse-Christina-Aguilera1 page
Naughty-Nurse-Christina-Aguilera - comments
Comments - Have I mentioned that Halloween is my new favorite holiday? I mean check out Christina Aguilera dressed up as a naughty little nurse, I don't know who the guy is , but I don't really care either.
comments 1499 Pet-Dog-Likes-his-Owners-Chest1 page
Pet-Dog-Likes-his-Owners-Chest - comments
Comments - Now here is a dog who knows what he wants and likes, His owners chest is such a warm inviting place
comments 1500 Funny-Charlie-Brown-and-Snoopy1 page
Funny-Charlie-Brown-and-Snoopy - comments
Comments - Just a quick funny Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoon moment
comments 1501 Bad-Portrait-Drawing1 page
Bad-Portrait-Drawing - comments
Comments - We have all seen them on the street when they do those amazing on the spot portrait drawings while you sit and wait right. Well this guy should really learn to exaggerate the positive once in a while, wow
comments 1504 Some-very-Sexy-Fast-Food-Commercials1 page
Some-very-Sexy-Fast-Food-Commercials - comments
Comments - A collection of the very best and sexy fast food commercials.
comments 1505 Kate-Beckinsale-Cute-Sexy-pose1 page
Kate-Beckinsale-Cute-Sexy-pose - comments
Comments - Kate Beckinsale wasn't named the sexiest woman alive for no reason and here is another great picture of Kate in a very cute and sexy pose
comments 1507 The-BabySitter1 page
The-BabySitter - comments
Comments - Check out the scam these guys are running to get it on with this babysitter...
comments 1508 The-MacBox-for-checking-your-Mail1 page
The-MacBox-for-checking-your-Mail - comments
Comments - You've got mail, check out the newest Steve Jobs creation, now you can check your electronic mail and your snail mail from the same box, GENIUS
comments 1511 What-are-you-Thankful-for1 page
What-are-you-Thankful-for - comments
Comments - Its that time of year again, almost thanksgiving. Funny cartoon about the Apple iPhone
comments 1513 Leggy-Sophia-Bush-in-Stockings1 page
Leggy-Sophia-Bush-in-Stockings - comments
Comments - Check out your favorite One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush in a trench coat showing off her legs in black stockings and heels
comments 1518 Super-Stereo-Feel-the-Bass1 page
Super-Stereo-Feel-the-Bass - comments
Comments - Now I bet quite a bit of money and time went into this crazy stereo setup and I am sure you can feel the bass
comments 1519 The-First-Internet-Router1 page
The-First-Internet-Router - comments
Comments - Very cool video taking you back in time to show what the first internet router looked like
comments 1521 Carmen-Electra-in-a-HOT-Bikini1 page
Carmen-Electra-in-a-HOT-Bikini - comments
Comments - Carmen Electra has still got it for sure, check her out in this commercial wearing a skimpy little Bikini
comments 1522 The-Toilet-Shower1 page
The-Toilet-Shower - comments
Comments - Not sure what the deal is here or what stupid people designed this layout, but I sure don't understand the logic in having a shower head above your toilet head
comments 1524 The-Ultimate-Pez-Collection1 page
The-Ultimate-Pez-Collection - comments
Comments - Someone obviously needs some counseling to collect this many Pez dispensers
comments 1526 Obama-Party-Crashers1 page
Obama-Party-Crashers - comments
Comments - Everyone has heard by now about the reality wanna-be couple that crashed the presidential dinner and actually met with OBama, the VP, etc..
comments 1528 Iwo-Jima-Mario-Brothers-Style1 page
Iwo-Jima-Mario-Brothers-Style - comments
Comments - First of all, let me say that to those veterans who have served and who will serve in the future. As a Vet myself I truly appreciate their sacrifice. Ok, now everyone can laugh a bit at this Mario version of Iwo Jima
comments 1529 Bridge-Disrepair-in-the-US1 page
Bridge-Disrepair-in-the-US - comments
Comments - Everyone has been hearing about how bad the bridges are in the US and in need of repair, but did anyone realize that it was this bad
comments 1530 The-new-and-Improved-Wheelchair1 page
The-new-and-Improved-Wheelchair - comments
Comments - The all new improved Wheelchair, all for free just pay a small shipping and handling charge of 4 easy payments of $399
comments 1531 Workplace-Sexual-Harassment1 page
Workplace-Sexual-Harassment - comments
Comments - Sexual Harassment in the workplace is no laughing matter, everywhere else is fine, just not the workplace.
comments 1535 The-First-Car-GPS1 page
The-First-Car-GPS - comments
Comments - Go back 10 years and you can see what the prototype first automobile GPS system looked like, nothing like a big globe mounted to the dash of your car eh...
comments 1536 Great-Deal-on-Leaves-on-CraigsList1 page
Great-Deal-on-Leaves-on-CraigsList - comments
Comments - Check out this great deal for free leaves on Craigslist, get em now while they are still available. Next I am going to start selling clean dirt , or perhaps diet water
comments 1537 Free-Condom1 page
Free-Condom - comments
Comments - Free Condom, wow, how can you ever beat a free deal, I think I would probably still be careful with this one though
comments 1540 The-Noose-Necktie1 page
The-Noose-Necktie - comments
Comments - Check out this necktie made out of a noose, could this be yet another funny attempt to talk about the ball and chain, perhaps this is what should be worn to your wedding?
comments 1541 Bum-Sleeping-between-two-Pillars1 page
Bum-Sleeping-between-two-Pillars - comments
Comments - Check out this bum, you must be really tired to be able to sleep between two concrete pillars
comments 1542 Passed-out-Guy-Beer-cans-balanced-on-his-Head1 page
Passed-out-Guy-Beer-cans-balanced-on-his-Head - comments
Comments - I guess worse things have happened to guys and gals that are passed out after a night of drinking, but this is pretty amazing with all those cans balanced on his head
comments 1543 Babe-holds-the-clouds-in-her-hands1 page
Babe-holds-the-clouds-in-her-hands - comments
Comments - Some babe in a cool picture giving the illusion that she is holding the clouds in her hands
comments 1544 IM-Chat-Scam1 page
IM-Chat-Scam - comments
Comments - A real IM chat conversation where a guy is trying one of the oldest scams in the book
comments 1545 Kaley-Cuoco1 page
Kaley-Cuoco - comments
Comments - Kaley Cuoco looking very nice in her little black outfit
comments 1547 Amanda-Knox-Foxy-Knoxy1 page
Amanda-Knox-Foxy-Knoxy - comments
Comments - You have probably heard of Amanda Knox on the news, she is the alleged killer American babe in Italy. Anyway, I can see why they call her Foxy Knoxy for sure...
comments 1548 Photography-what-a-job1 page
Photography-what-a-job - comments
Comments - Now how in the world do you get this job, I personally always thought photography would be a boring job, but I guess I have been wrong all these years if you can get paid to take pictures of these nice butts
comments 1549 How-much-have-cell-phones-changed1 page
How-much-have-cell-phones-changed - comments
Comments - Wow, I guess you don't realize it until you actually see how much cell phones have changed over the years, just look at the size they started at and what they are today
comments 1551 Cute-as-Hell-Emma-Watson1 page
Cute-as-Hell-Emma-Watson - comments
Comments - Emma Watson looking very cute and grown up in a frilly white dress, wow
comments 1552 Cute-Babe-gets-owned-by-the-gun1 page
Cute-Babe-gets-owned-by-the-gun - comments
Comments - Just another standard cute babe getting owned by a powerful handgun
comments 1553 Missing-Imaginary-Friend-Sign1 page
Missing-Imaginary-Friend-Sign - comments
Comments - Funny sign some guy posted on how he is missing his imaginary friend and even put a picture of his friend... or lack thereof
comments 1554 Guy-gets-a-Deer,-dents-up-his-Truck1 page
Guy-gets-a-Deer,-dents-up-his-Truck - comments
Comments - This guy was so happy to get his deer for the year that he didn't even seem to care what damage or dents he put into his pickup truck
comments 1555 The-Matrix-with-Legos1 page
The-Matrix-with-Legos - comments
Comments - How would The Matrix look if it were done in all Lego's? I know you have asked yourself that question many times, well here you go, check it out, very cool
comments 1557 Men-and-Women-FlowChart1 page
Men-and-Women-FlowChart - comments
Comments - What are the differences in how Men and Women argue? Check out this awesome flowchart that shows the differences and exactly how the man can NEVER win!
comments 1564 10-Optical-Illusions-in-2-Minutes1 page
10-Optical-Illusions-in-2-Minutes - comments
Comments - This video was created by nerds who live in the Samsung dungeon, 1 mile below the earths crust. They attempt to show you 10 optical illusions in 2 minutes.
comments 1565 Funny-Windows-File-Copy-Spoof1 page
Funny-Windows-File-Copy-Spoof - comments
Comments - We have all seen it, well if you run a Windows computer. The file copy dialog box can change its estimate dramatically when a file is being copied, hence this very funny cartoon spoof
comments 1567 Cool-Sunset-Picture1 page
Cool-Sunset-Picture - comments
Comments - A very cool picture of a sunset where a guy makes it look like his fingers are holding the sun, I know there are lots of these out there, but this one actually looks fairy realistic
comments 1569 Is-Your-Tap-Water-Safe1 page
Is-Your-Tap-Water-Safe - comments
Comments - CNN video about how unsafe many public tap water systems really are, I am glad I am on a well
comments 157 Not-Funny,-but-Serious1 page
Not-Funny,-but-Serious - comments
Comments - Now this is why so many schools around the country are starting to mandate that all student and faculty start using a dress code like, tucking in your shirt! Amazing what a little dress code in our schools could do... or prevent I guess.
comments 1570 How-do-you-like-your-Toilet-Paper1 page
How-do-you-like-your-Toilet-Paper - comments
Comments - Ahh... the age old debate is right, which is the right way, should the toilet paper come down from the back or the front, make a comment let us know what you think!
comments 1571 The-Phallic-Fence-Railing1 page
The-Phallic-Fence-Railing - comments
Comments - Someone should have put some more thought or had a bit more review time for this fence railing I would say. nothing like a good phallic symbol looking rail.. fail
comments 1574 Facebook-Relationship-Status1 page
Facebook-Relationship-Status - comments
Comments - Crazy couple getting married and stop the ceremony so that they can both update their Facebook relationship status.
comments 1576 Babe-wants-some-Pancakes1 page
Babe-wants-some-Pancakes - comments
Comments - I bet the next time this babe is asked if she wants some pancakes from this guy, she will surely say no and run
comments 1577 Waffle-Tetris-Game1 page
Waffle-Tetris-Game - comments
Comments - If you like the classic Tetris game, you're going to love playing Waffle Tetris and you won't be hungry either!
comments 1578 Woman-has-3rd-Child-on-the-same-day1 page
Woman-has-3rd-Child-on-the-same-day - comments
Comments - This woman has her 3rd child on the same birthday as her other 2 and it wasn't planned or C section etc.. all natural, now that is just crazy, what are the changes of that I wonder
comments 158 Stupid-Drunk-Guy1 page
Stupid-Drunk-Guy - comments
Comments - Now here's a guy who is do drunk he can't even sit at the police station while waiting to get tested, arrested, and everything else. Then he decides he doesn't like the way that wall looks. Stupid is as stupid does... can we say DUI
comments 1581 Tiger-Woods-Shirt-Just-Do-IT1 page
Tiger-Woods-Shirt-Just-Do-IT - comments
Comments - Poor little picked on Tiger Woods, give me a break he is getting what he deserves and here is a funny shirt with the infamous Nike - Tiger Wood motto, Just Do IT
comments 1582 Forget-Shotgun-Wedding1 page
Forget-Shotgun-Wedding - comments
Comments - This couple isn't messing around, they totally skipped the shotgun wedding and went for a handgun and semi-automatic rifle wedding
comments 1583 Our-Troops-Need-your-Support1 page
Our-Troops-Need-your-Support - comments
Comments - funny sign showing that just for the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you too can send the much needed supplies to our troops to help support them in the field.
comments 1587 Funny-Candle-Picture-Lights-Ass1 page
Funny-Candle-Picture-Lights-Ass - comments
Comments - A funny picture of a candle dude lighting his ass on fire, very creative for sure.
comments 159 Funny-Sign---Frozen-Stop-Sign1 page
Funny-Sign---Frozen-Stop-Sign - comments
Comments - Now this is how you know it is freaking cold where you are and probably shouldn't even be on the road.
comments 1593 The-Best-1980s-Toy-The-Lite-Bright1 page
The-Best-1980s-Toy-The-Lite-Bright - comments
Comments - Everyone who was growing up in the 80's will remember how great the lite bright was, the hottest toy, you had to have it, etc.. etc... man how stupid were we back then?
comments 1595 Crabs-from-Dirty-Dicks1 page
Crabs-from-Dirty-Dicks - comments
Comments - funny sign says it all, get your Crabs from Dirty Dicks today, mmmm, mmmm goood
comments 1598 Funny-Video-Internet-to-Real-Life1 page
Funny-Video-Internet-to-Real-Life - comments
Comments - A very creative and funny video about how real life would look if we took some of the things we did on the internet out in the real world
comments 1599 More-Tiger-Woods-Funny-Pictures1 page
More-Tiger-Woods-Funny-Pictures - comments
Comments - Here is yet another Funny Tiger Woods picture, Just Do Her, and I really like the funky not so nike swoosh on the hat
comments 16 Beer-Stand1 page
Beer-Stand - comments
Comments - Smart-ass kid selling beer on the street corner from a stand making smart ass remarks. as seen on the man show. Remember back in the innocent days us kids just sold lemonade, now they are out there with beer stands
comments 160 Crazy-Computer-Price1 page
Crazy-Computer-Price - comments
Comments - These prices may look silly now, but I am guessing in 10 years our children won't believe that we paid $2000 for our PC's today, in fact, I am waiting for the first time he says
comments 1601 Crazy-Amphibious-Truck1 page
Crazy-Amphibious-Truck - comments
Comments - The new Ford F-150 has outdone itself this year, check out this new Amphibious version complete with an outboard Mercury motor for those times when taking the road is just too long and you need a good shortcut
comments 1602 The-New-iPhone-4GS-Rotary-Phone1 page
The-New-iPhone-4GS-Rotary-Phone - comments
Comments - Leave it to Apple to go back in time a bit and give us a rotary style dial iPhone
comments 1605 The-General-Lee-Limo1 page
The-General-Lee-Limo - comments
Comments - Now if Bo and Luke Duke saw this they would not be very happy, but the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard has been turned into a Limo
comments 1607 Cool-Colorful-Eye-Picture1 page
Cool-Colorful-Eye-Picture - comments
Comments - Just a neat picture of a very colorful eye someone did probably in Photoshop, but cool none the less
comments 1609 Cindy-McCain-YES-for-Same-Sex-Marriage1 page
Cindy-McCain-YES-for-Same-Sex-Marriage - comments
Comments - Cindy McCain recently posed in a picture with duct tape across her mouth to show her support for same sex marriage. A couple of thoughts here, 1. I bet John is pissed, and 2. I bet John got an erection
comments 161 Nemo-Sushi1 page
Nemo-Sushi - comments
Comments - Don't look here if you like sushi and Nemo, you think you can do these things but you can't, you just can't!
comments 1610 Google-and-Privacy1 page
Google-and-Privacy - comments
Comments - Now Google is even into watching you on the toilet and their privacy or lack thereof, Cool funny Video making fun of Google and their privacy policy
comments 1611 Diana-was-Alive-BEFORE-she-was-DEAD1 page
Diana-was-Alive-BEFORE-she-was-DEAD - comments
Comments - Breaking news everyone, it has been confirmed that indeed princess Diana was Alive well before she was ever dead
comments 1614 Cute-Babe-gets-her-Ass-Grabbed1 page
Cute-Babe-gets-her-Ass-Grabbed - comments
Comments - A couple of cute babes playing with a statue and she gets her ass grabbed as well she should
comments 1615 Emma-Watson-Sexy-Legs1 page
Emma-Watson-Sexy-Legs - comments
Comments - Cutie Celebrity Emma Watson showing off her very nice legs in those sexy heels with her bright red lips showing just a bit of a smirk
comments 1618 The-New-Apple-iPad1 page
The-New-Apple-iPad - comments
Comments - Sorry, with all the jokes going around about the Apple iPad, this picture had to be posted
comments 1619 I-Dare-you---2-Girls-with-Axe-Body-Spray1 page
I-Dare-you---2-Girls-with-Axe-Body-Spray - comments
Comments - Dare to go up 2+ girls and spray axe on yourself, just see what happens....
comments 162 Welcome-to-Arkansas1 page
Welcome-to-Arkansas - comments
Comments - Welcome to Arkansas you sexy offender president. Now I am only guessing that this is a photo chopped sign, but a darn funny one at that. Bill Clinton the sex offender, well define sexual relations, that's what I say!
comments 1620 Cool-F-22-Fighter-Picture1 page
Cool-F-22-Fighter-Picture - comments
Comments - Just a cool picture of the United States F-22 Fighter Jet, The Raptor breaking the sound barrier
comments 1622 Cool-Time-Lapse-Moon-Phases1 page
Cool-Time-Lapse-Moon-Phases - comments
Comments - Very neat picture in time lapse showing the different phases of the moon over a very cool skyline
comments 1624 Funny-Office-Foil-Prank1 page
Funny-Office-Foil-Prank - comments
Comments - This guy gets owned when his coworkers completely cover his office in foil, and old but funny prank
comments 1627 Kristen-Bell-showing-off-her-Perfect-Legs1 page
Kristen-Bell-showing-off-her-Perfect-Legs - comments
Comments - Sexy celebrity Kristen Bell looking hot as hell while showing off her perfect legs and black heels
comments 163 Funny-Sign---Dry-Pipe1 page
Funny-Sign---Dry-Pipe - comments
Comments - hmmm, I can read, I understand what it says, but somehow I think I can safely ignore this sign. This is an original picture, I actually took this picture outside of my old work location at BGE in Baltimore Maryland.
comments 1632 Funny--Video-The-Clothing-Drive1 page
Funny--Video-The-Clothing-Drive - comments
Comments - hahah, check out this funny video about an office clothing drive for beer, cool bud commercial
comments 1633 Agent-ZOO---a-spy-style-funny-slideshow1 page
Agent-ZOO---a-spy-style-funny-slideshow - comments
Comments - It is a funny slideshow video with our 4 bearded collies, 2 turtles, cat, rabbit and minipig in a spy style.
comments 1634 Girls-Gone-Wild-Syndrome-Video1 page
Girls-Gone-Wild-Syndrome-Video - comments
Comments - Girls Gone Wild Syndrome, GGWS, is a serious disorder and it is great to finally see dedicated professionals working to help these poor sexy girls.
comments 1635 Homeless-Guy-needs--via-Paypal1 page
Homeless-Guy-needs--via-Paypal - comments
Comments - Check out this hi-tech homeless guy who make a very funny sign asking for money through PayPal
comments 1638 Funny-Camouflage-Soldier1 page
Funny-Camouflage-Soldier - comments
Comments - Soldier in camouflage, you can hardly see him on the couch, but what is really funny about this picture is how they misspell the word camoUflage!
comments 164 Driving-in-India1 page
Driving-in-India - comments
Comments - wow, if you ever thought traffic was bad in the U.S. you have got to see this! Next time you are cursing at that yellow light, think about this and just realize how good it is to have any lights at all. But did you notice, not a single accident? That kinda tells something as well...
comments 1640 Hot-Babe-pleases-Ronald-McDonald1 page
Hot-Babe-pleases-Ronald-McDonald - comments
Comments - Just some random hot babe in a short skirt pleasing the Ronald McDonald statue outside of a McDonald's
comments 1642 Pit-Bull-Rips-off-a-Cops-Bumper1 page
Pit-Bull-Rips-off-a-Cops-Bumper - comments
Comments - Now that is one mean ass pit bull! Clearly doesn't like cops.
comments 1643 April-Fools-Day-Prank1 page
April-Fools-Day-Prank - comments
Comments - nikki and john are the most outrageous couple on the planet. check out our stuff!
comments 1644 Star-Wars-Empire-Trooper-Legos1 page
Star-Wars-Empire-Trooper-Legos - comments
Comments - Somebody has entirely too much time on their hands to be setting up this many lego Star Wars Troopers
comments 1646 Lady-Gaga-Sesame-Street---Telephone1 page
Lady-Gaga-Sesame-Street---Telephone - comments
Comments - Sesame Street meet Lady Gaga with the Telephone song, very funny video
comments 1647 Sexy-Keira-Knightley-Legs1 page
Sexy-Keira-Knightley-Legs - comments
Comments - Sexy celebrity Keira Knightley showing off her long sexy legs and her feet in open toe heels. Such a beautiful celebrity babe.
comments 1650 Ride-my-Wife1 page
Ride-my-Wife - comments
Comments - Funny trailer slogan, guy wants to ride his wife as much as his motorcycles
comments 1651 Walk-on-water1 page
Walk-on-water - comments
Comments - the impossible made possible: man can finally walk on water! A very cool video, although I do not think it is real, but well done at least
comments 1652 Jimmy-Kimmel-Gulf-Oil-Spill-Video1 page
Jimmy-Kimmel-Gulf-Oil-Spill-Video - comments
Comments - Funny video with Jimmy Kimmel about the BP Gulf Oil Spill and the best way to clean it all up
comments 1654 The-New-Apple-iPad-Phone1 page
The-New-Apple-iPad-Phone - comments
Comments - Apple has recently released an update to allow users to make calls from their iPad, kind of a merge between the iPad and iPhone.
comments 1655 Drunk-Guy-vs-Flip-Flops1 page
Drunk-Guy-vs-Flip-Flops - comments
Comments - Check out this drunk guy just trying like hell to get his flip flops back on his feet! I am going to say that the flip flops won!
comments 1657 Swimming-Pool-and-Extension-Cord1 page
Swimming-Pool-and-Extension-Cord - comments
Comments - Now does this look like a good idea to you? Now if this were needed to somehow keep the beer cold I would have no doubts about this setup, but really an extension cord floating in the swimming pool with a pair of $2 flip flops....
comments 1659 Sexy-Emma-Watson-Pose1 page
Sexy-Emma-Watson-Pose - comments
Comments - Emma Watson sure has grown up to be quite the sexy babe, such a hot pose here for her in her frilly panties
comments 166 Dont-say-to-your-wife1 page
Dont-say-to-your-wife - comments
Comments - These are the things you don't say to your wife, spoof video from I hope you have the time of you life song. Funny Video
comments 1662 Babe-Shows-off-her-great-Boobs1 page
Babe-Shows-off-her-great-Boobs - comments
Comments - Cute Babe showing off her hot drawn up paper Boobs
comments 1663 Free-Strips-of-Paper-Sign1 page
Free-Strips-of-Paper-Sign - comments
Comments - I'm not sure how I feel about this one, it somewhat concerns me that not only would somebody think about doing this free strips of paper sign, but more scary is the fact that there is one missing!!
comments 1665 Hottie-Hayden-Panettiere-all-Wet1 page
Hottie-Hayden-Panettiere-all-Wet - comments
Comments - Hayden Panettiere gets all wet in her pool in a very short and sexy leather dress complete with black sexy heels, my , what nice legs she has...
comments 1666 Stupid-Circuit-City-Sign1 page
Stupid-Circuit-City-Sign - comments
Comments - No wonder they went out of business, check out the idiot Circuit City employee who posted this funny and stupid sign
comments 1667 Domesticated-Pet-Deer-Video1 page
Domesticated-Pet-Deer-Video - comments
Comments - Really, a pet Deer living in your house like a pet dog or cat? This deer turns on and off lights, is potty trained, amazing...
comments 1669 Kids-Put-Car-Air-Bag-in-Couch.-There-Buddy-Had--No-Clue-What-Happened1 page
Kids-Put-Car-Air-Bag-in-Couch.-There-Buddy-Had--No-Clue-What-Happened - comments
Comments - This kid never thought there would be a remote control air bag in the couch when he sat down to play video games.
comments 167 Funny-IKEA-Commercial1 page
Funny-IKEA-Commercial - comments
Comments - Now ladies, we enjoy playing with your toys with you as much as you like using them, but you need to make sure you pick up your vibrators and other types of sexual toys when they are not in use. Very funny commercial from IKEA to prove this point!
comments 1670 Auntie-Annes-Pretzel-Bad-Advertisement1 page
Auntie-Annes-Pretzel-Bad-Advertisement - comments
Comments - Auntie Annes should really find a new company to do their marketing and if they do it themselves... well not sure what to say, but this is a bad advertisement on a billboard for sure.
comments 1673 BP-Spills-Coffee-Oil-Spill-Spoof1 page
BP-Spills-Coffee-Oil-Spill-Spoof - comments
Comments - Funny video spoofing BP and the oil spill when they spill coffee all over their table and can't get it cleaned up!
comments 1676 Bruce-Willis-is-a-bad-Ass1 page
Bruce-Willis-is-a-bad-Ass - comments
Comments - Epic video compilation of Bruce Willis and a song that has been written to honor him
comments 1677 Dads-Life-Funny-Video1 page
Dads-Life-Funny-Video - comments
Comments - Funny Video Gangsta style spoof on how Dads live their life
comments 1678 Drink-Dont-Drive-its-Cheaper1 page
Drink-Dont-Drive-its-Cheaper - comments
Comments - Funny sign about why you should drink, but don't drive, well, because now a days beer is cheaper!
comments 168 Annoying-clothing-tags1 page
Annoying-clothing-tags - comments
Comments - Are you tired of those annoying little tags on the inside of your clothes, they always fade so its not like you could read them anyway, but even when you can read them they don't make much sense, so here is what you do.... give it to your Mom, it is her Job!!
comments 1681 Mel-Gibson-Phone-Call-Rant1 page
Mel-Gibson-Phone-Call-Rant - comments
Comments - yes yes, Mel Gibson evidently hasn't learned his lesson, listen to this actual phone call he had wife his wife girlfriend whoever she is, calling her all sorts of names and how she is going to get raped. Warning, there is much profanity
comments 1683 15-Things-About-Star-Wars1 page
15-Things-About-Star-Wars - comments
Comments - 15 things about Star Wars I bet you didn't know....
comments 1684 Amanda-Bynes-Career1 page
Amanda-Bynes-Career - comments
Comments - Well, we will leave this question up to our loyal aysos fans, which is/was shorter, her short Skirts or her Career? Which will you miss more, I am guessing everyone will say her Career...... maybe not, thinking more people will miss her long legs
comments 1685 Interesting-Craigslist-Stats1 page
Interesting-Craigslist-Stats - comments
Comments - Some very interesting facts/stats about the Craigslist. From: Online MBA
comments 1687 Starbucks-iPhone-Wallpaper1 page
Starbucks-iPhone-Wallpaper - comments
Comments - Now you can drool for that Starbucks coffee all day when you look at your new pretty little iPhone, here it is, the official Starbucks wallpaper, just set it and forget it!
comments 169 Man-Holds-up-street-pole1 page
Man-Holds-up-street-pole - comments
Comments - This guy hold up this street electric pole all by himself, putting others ahead of himself on the road saving hundreds of lives I am sure.
comments 1690 Funny-Suicide-Jumper-Video1 page
Funny-Suicide-Jumper-Video - comments
Comments - Now this is a funny video of a guy who is going to Jump and the spectators do all they can to save him, I can't go into much more detail without giving it away...
comments 1692 Funny-Video-HTC-vs-iPhone-41 page
Funny-Video-HTC-vs-iPhone-4 - comments
Comments - Funny video on how to compare the iPhone 4 vs the HTC EVO. Evidently this video was actually made by a BestBuy employee and somehow they are now trying to fire him over it, even though nowhere does it mention Best Buy anywhere in the video... I guess they think they can somehow control what he does in his free time? I don't get it...
comments 1693 Funny-Note-Left-at-Starbucks-Restroom1 page
Funny-Note-Left-at-Starbucks-Restroom - comments
Comments - Check out this guy or maybe gal that left a funny note in a Starbucks restroom
comments 1694 Sexy-Emma-Watson-showing-her-Legs1 page
Sexy-Emma-Watson-showing-her-Legs - comments
Comments - Emma Watson really seems to be coming out and wanting to be quite the sex symbol and here is my take on that..................I am ok with that! Well more than ok, anyway, here she is looking very hot showing off her Sexy legs ....
comments 1695 Dora-caught-by-Arizona-Immigration-Law1 page
Dora-caught-by-Arizona-Immigration-Law - comments
Comments - Breaking news! Dora the Explorer a popular children's TV cartoon character has been detained by Arizona officials for violation of the Immigration law. Dora and her representatives will file an appeal to avoid being deported
comments 1696 Mel-Gibson-is-the-Devil1 page
Mel-Gibson-is-the-Devil - comments
Comments - I have been saying it for a while now, even before his latest round of ranting. This guy is freaking Evil man, then I ran across this picture which proves my point, I mean if I found it on the internet it must be true right!?!?
comments 1697 Guy-Locks-his-car-with-a-Padlock1 page
Guy-Locks-his-car-with-a-Padlock - comments
Comments - Check out this genius who instead of getting his normal car door locked fixed, figured it would be just as secure by attaching a padlock.....amazingly stupid people out there.
comments 1699 A-reverse-Aircraft-Carrier1 page
A-reverse-Aircraft-Carrier - comments
Comments - A very creative picture of what an Aircraft Carrier would look like if it were... reversed is the best word I can use to describe it
comments 17 Technical-problem-with-Sign1 page
Technical-problem-with-Sign - comments
Comments - can we say reboot, 3 finger salute, pull the power, format C:, reload with Linux?....that usually fixed technical problems these days, not sure if it works on signs, but it would be a good first place to start
comments 170 Girl-with-Big-Juggs1 page
Girl-with-Big-Juggs - comments
Comments - This girl has the biggest jugs I have ever seen. Ok, so it probably isn't what you were thinking or what you wanted, but funny for sure!
comments 1700 Florida-is-done-with-the-Hurricanes1 page
Florida-is-done-with-the-Hurricanes - comments
Comments - In breaking news today, Florida has decided (finally) that they are done with living in Hurricane alley, they have petitioned the federal government with a notice to move the state as shown in this picture.
comments 1701 Cute-Emma-Watson-in-Leggy-Dress1 page
Cute-Emma-Watson-in-Leggy-Dress - comments
Comments - Cute little Emma Watson is growing up fast and does seem to like showing off her girly figure. Beautiful yet leggy in her white dress
comments 1702 The-iPhone-Antenna-Song1 page
The-iPhone-Antenna-Song - comments
Comments - Introducing the Apple iPhone antenna song! Just when you thought you had heard enough about the whole iPhone 4 antenna issue, here is one last laugh
comments 1704 The-Evolution-of-Dance-Funny-Video1 page
The-Evolution-of-Dance-Funny-Video - comments
Comments - Now this is a crazy funny video, guaranteed to make you smile, or your money back? This guy has got some moves to match the pros. 5 minutes watching this will make the rest of your day a good one for certain
comments 1705 iPhone-Optical-Zoom-REALLY1 page
iPhone-Optical-Zoom-REALLY - comments
Comments - Yes, people this is an actual product that you can buy to add up to 10x optical zoom for your Apple iPhone, I wonder if people actually buy this crap
comments 1707 The-edible-keyboard1 page
The-edible-keyboard - comments
Comments - Check out this edible keyboard, someone had too much time on their hands, cool idea though
comments 1708 F-18-Fighter-Jet-Breaking-the-Sound-Barrier1 page
F-18-Fighter-Jet-Breaking-the-Sound-Barrier - comments
Comments - Very cool picture taken just as this F-18 jet breaks through the sound barrier
comments 1709 Order-your-Cheese-Grater-Slide-today1 page
Order-your-Cheese-Grater-Slide-today - comments
Comments - Ever wondered what it would be like if a slide was made like a Cheese Grater, sure you have, well now we have it, order yours today. If you order in the next 10 minutes we will double your order (just pay extra s&h) and you will get 2 cheese grater slides for the price of one!
comments 171 Rape-Protection-Tampon1 page
Rape-Protection-Tampon - comments
Comments - The ultimate in personal defense against a sexual attack. All rapists should be dealt with like murders in my opinion, but this new tampon device is indeed funny for a not so funny subject about rape.
comments 1712 Funny-Picture-Tar-Road1 page
Funny-Picture-Tar-Road - comments
Comments - Check out the genius who tarred this road right around an electric pole. Probably just doing what his boss told him...
comments 1713 Funny-Billboard-Picture1 page
Funny-Billboard-Picture - comments
Comments - I know, I know, dirty minds think alike, but this billboard picture is just too funny
comments 1714 Miss-America-Sponsored-by-BP1 page
Miss-America-Sponsored-by-BP - comments
Comments - This is what the Miss America pageant would look like if BP (British Petroleum) were to sponsor the event..... hey at least we can laugh and make fun of the horrible oil spill situation right.... oh , and now an American is the CEO over there!
comments 1715 Yellow-Pages-are-Obsolete1 page
Yellow-Pages-are-Obsolete - comments
Comments - I have felt like doing this myself for all the phone books, yellow pages, etc.. I get in the mail all the time. Who really uses this stuff anymore, I could only see it being useful if the power were to go out, but with the smart phones today I just don't see anyone needing this and cutting down so many trees to support this bad habit
comments 1716 Trade-Playboy-Magazines-for-Gun1 page
Trade-Playboy-Magazines-for-Gun - comments
Comments - Check out this guy, or gal perhaps. They are all set to trade their entire playboy magazine collection for some guns..... I think I would keep the magazine collection without a doubt... or wait, that\'s right anyone can now get free p0rn on the internet, ok, make the trade and get a nice gun
comments 1717 Thinking-INSIDE-the-box1 page
Thinking-INSIDE-the-box - comments
Comments - Ok, we are all sick and tired of hearing about all these people who taut themselves as thinking outside the box, instead check out these gals who actively display they like to think INSIDE the box!
comments 172 Funny-Army-Letter-Home1 page
Funny-Army-Letter-Home - comments
Comments - Army guy writes letter home and informs his family about his gay TI in boot camp and what the
comments 1720 Funny-Weed-Ant-Picture1 page
Funny-Weed-Ant-Picture - comments
Comments - Check out this ant, while all the others are busy gathering their food, he picks up some weed!? hahaha, the best part is that even his eyes are bloodshot!
comments 1721 Funny-Picture-Toilet-at-the-Great-Wall1 page
Funny-Picture-Toilet-at-the-Great-Wall - comments
Comments - Now this is a hell of a funny picture, trying finding this toilet while you are at the Great Wall of China
comments 1722 SpongeBob-goes-Goth1 page
SpongeBob-goes-Goth - comments
Comments - Check out what SpongeBob squarepants would look like if he went goth style
comments 1723 Funny-Video-200-Yard-Gong-Drive1 page
Funny-Video-200-Yard-Gong-Drive - comments
Comments - Check out these pro golfers as they have to skim their tee shot across a lake bouncing off the water to hit a gong target in the middle 200 yards out.... can it be done?
comments 1726 Bacon-flavored-Vodka1 page
Bacon-flavored-Vodka - comments
Comments - At long last finally we have it, yes it's true Bacon flavored Vodka, now just needs some egg and hash brown flavored and I will be out of a job in no time at all
comments 1727 The-Relationship-Grid1 page
The-Relationship-Grid - comments
Comments - Every possible variable figured out in any relationship in a simple easy to understand grid layout. From marriage, dating, to F-Buddy, here is your guide
comments 1728 Help-I-turned-on-CAPS-lock1 page
Help-I-turned-on-CAPS-lock - comments
Comments - I have CAPS lock on and can't get it off, help.... amazing some people are so stupid, I like the reply though. Just another funny picture of how stupid people can really be.
comments 173 Happy-Fun-Ball1 page
Happy-Fun-Ball - comments
Comments - One of the greatest Saturday Night Live funny commercial spoofs of all time, Happy Fun Ball! Just don't use it, look at it, get it wet, etc...
comments 1730 Chatroulette-Video-surprise-Exorcism1 page
Chatroulette-Video-surprise-Exorcism - comments
Comments - Check out all the guys on Chatroulette trying to sneak a peek at some girls when this one turns the table and scares the ***** out of them, exorcism style. Warning: This is scary stuff!
comments 1732 A-cartoon-of-the-show-HOUSE1 page
A-cartoon-of-the-show-HOUSE - comments
Comments - If you like the show House, you will appreciate this cartoon drawing of the cast, very nicely done. Hugh Laurie front and center
comments 1733 The-Evolution-of-Man-to-his-Computer1 page
The-Evolution-of-Man-to-his-Computer - comments
Comments - Evolution of man from walking on all fours to typing while sitting on his ass all day in front of a computer.
comments 1734 Anatonmy-of-a-Hangover1 page
Anatonmy-of-a-Hangover - comments
Comments - We have all been there, feeling like ***** after a night or day of heavy drinking, well this is why , everything you never cared about the anatomy of why you get a hangover and what causes it. Cool and interesting facts, but who cares, get your drink on!
comments 1736 September-11th-Divorce1 page
September-11th-Divorce - comments
Comments - Guy busted on September 11th 2001 is divorced by his wife, his .... explanation doesn't quite work...crazy article
comments 1737 Penis-Mushroom1 page
Penis-Mushroom - comments
Comments - Well if you like eating mushrooms this is the one for you, although not sure what it is really called, it sure does look like a funny penis to me...
comments 1739 Fishtank-and-Firecrackers-FAIL1 page
Fishtank-and-Firecrackers-FAIL - comments
Comments - Check out these smart guys who actually think putting a firecracker in a full fishtank is maybe a good idea? FAILure
comments 174 Spoof-Video-about-the-Apple-IMAC1 page
Spoof-Video-about-the-Apple-IMAC - comments
Comments - Funny guy talks about all the problems he has with the Apple IMAC and how he hates it.
comments 1742 Funny-Abortion-Comic1 page
Funny-Abortion-Comic - comments
Comments - Yes, I know, before I get all the mad emails, abortion is not a topic for joking, blah blah blah, just shut the hell up and laugh, this is a funny comic about is just a funny picture people, lighten up
comments 1743 Life-before-the-Computer1 page
Life-before-the-Computer - comments
Comments - What was life like in the world before everyone had a computer and even your grandmother could speak some computer lingo?
comments 1744 Install-Windows-7-from-floppy-disks1 page
Install-Windows-7-from-floppy-disks - comments
Comments - ahh.. I remember these days, even with Windows 95, now you too can install Microsoft Windows 7 with 5.25
comments 1747 Amazing-YoYo-Champion-Video1 page
Amazing-YoYo-Champion-Video - comments
Comments - Check out this guy, he is one of the greatest YoYo champions in the world, the tricks he can do with a Yo-Yo is just amazing
comments 1748 Cool-Pac-Man-Wallpaper1 page
Cool-Pac-Man-Wallpaper - comments
Comments - Just a cool Pac-Man wallpaper picture for your desktop
comments 175 Sexy-Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-Levi-Commercial1 page
Sexy-Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-Levi-Commercial - comments
Comments - Sexy Celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt commercial, she is wearing her Levi jeans... let's just say very nicely and gets lots off attention as she struts down the road.
comments 1750 Computer-Mouse-Injury1 page
Computer-Mouse-Injury - comments
Comments - Funny picture showing just how dangerous clicking around with your mouse and computer can lead to a serious injury
comments 1751 Every-Tom-Cruise-Movie-Plot1 page
Every-Tom-Cruise-Movie-Plot - comments
Comments - Crazy Funny Video from a comedian about how every Tom Cruise movie has the exact same plot over and over. Top Gun, Days of Thunder, etc....
comments 1753 Proof-of-Life-on-Mars1 page
Proof-of-Life-on-Mars - comments
Comments - We know have final proof that their is life on Mars, it may not be intelligent life but they have a McDonald's so that is a start
comments 1754 Windows-XP-casket-Computer1 page
Windows-XP-casket-Computer - comments
Comments - Introducing the newest gadget from Microsoft, the Windows XP casket computer
comments 1755 Sex-Show-school-field-trip1 page
Sex-Show-school-field-trip - comments
Comments - Really? A school field trip to the nudity bar to see a sex show? First of all my field trips were never that good, second, who signed that permission slip, and third, look at the price of gas!!
comments 1757 Woman-Wanted-Classified-Ad1 page
Woman-Wanted-Classified-Ad - comments
Comments - Funny classified ad for a guy wanting a woman with specific qualities
comments 1758 Store-Sign-Open-24-Hours1 page
Store-Sign-Open-24-Hours - comments
Comments - Really, sure doesn't seem like this sign really says it is open 24 hours now does it?
comments 1759 Steve-Urkel-then-and-Now1 page
Steve-Urkel-then-and-Now - comments
Comments - Remember the nerdy guy named Steve Urkel on that popular show called Family Matters, if not here he is then and now. I guess his real name is Steven Quincy
comments 1761 Funny-Picture-Sign-Sharp-Edges1 page
Funny-Picture-Sign-Sharp-Edges - comments
Comments - Funny picture of a sign that has really sharp edges, you shouldn't touch this sign
comments 1762 Seductively-Sexy-Anne-Hathaway1 page
Seductively-Sexy-Anne-Hathaway - comments
Comments - Anne Hathaway in a very seductive pose looking very sexy with the mens shirt on and show a bit of her very long legs
comments 1763 Ravens-Ray-Lewis-and-Old-Spice1 page
Ravens-Ray-Lewis-and-Old-Spice - comments
Comments - Funny Old Spice commercial with the legendary Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens
comments 1764 Danica-McKellar-is-Winnie-Cooper1 page
Danica-McKellar-is-Winnie-Cooper - comments
Comments - Remember cute little Winnie Cooper on that show The Wonder Years? Well her real name is Danica McKellar and she is now a hottie and evidently some type of math genius. Anyway, here she is before and after
comments 1765 NFL-Mascot-Eats-Cheerleader1 page
NFL-Mascot-Eats-Cheerleader - comments
Comments - Check out this clip from the Oakland game yesterday. The mascot totally eats this NFL cheerleader. And yes, get your minds out of the gutter,.... or at least make room for the rest of us!
comments 1766 This-is-a-Wasp1 page
This-is-a-Wasp - comments
Comments - Funny sign about how to identify and what to do when you see a wasp
comments 1767 Introducing-the-new-iPad-stand1 page
Introducing-the-new-iPad-stand - comments
Comments - Get the brand new iPad stand while supplies last, with this ingenious design they aren't going last long. Order today and they will likely double your order, (just pay additional S/H)
comments 1768 Nobody-Listens-unless-I-fart1 page
Nobody-Listens-unless-I-fart - comments
Comments - Nobody Listens unless I fart
comments 1769 Kristen-Bell-Leggy-in-Fishnet-Stockings1 page
Kristen-Bell-Leggy-in-Fishnet-Stockings - comments
Comments - Sweet little celebrity Kristen Bell looking very sexy in her fishnet stockings showing off her legs
comments 177 Celebrity-Helen-Flanagan1 page
Celebrity-Helen-Flanagan - comments
Comments - Sexy Helen Flanagan shows off just how cute she is in the hot schoolgirl uniform with a tie to boot. I like her long stocking clad legs in that skirt and great expression on her face.
comments 1770 Princess-Leia-takes-on-Ace-Ventura1 page
Princess-Leia-takes-on-Ace-Ventura - comments
Comments - Princess Leia AKA Carrie Fisher takes down Ace Ventura the pet detective in this very funny video
comments 1772 The-Ultimate-Goalkeeper-FAIL1 page
The-Ultimate-Goalkeeper-FAIL - comments
Comments - Check out this goalkeeper who thinks he has blocked the shot and gets a little too cocky, fail fail fail
comments 1773 Army-takes-Jeep-apart1 page
Army-takes-Jeep-apart - comments
Comments - Check out this cool video where these Army guys drive in on a Jeep, take it apart, and then put it back together and drive off. All in under 5 minutes
comments 1774 Hot-Kristen-Bell-showing-more-Leg1 page
Hot-Kristen-Bell-showing-more-Leg - comments
Comments - Ever notice how Kristen Bell really does seem to like showing off her shapely sexy legs? Don't get me wrong I am not complaining in any way, as she sure does look very hot here with the red heels
comments 1777 Fred-Savage-from-the-Wonder-Years1 page
Fred-Savage-from-the-Wonder-Years - comments
Comments - Check out Fred Savage from the Wonder Years, what he looked like then and today, well maybe not exactly today, but sometime recently
comments 1779 The-Bacon-Bikini1 page
The-Bacon-Bikini - comments
Comments - Thats right bacon lovers, you asked and you shall received, starting in November, just in time for the holidays, Old Army will start selling Bacon Bikinis. I am sure Lady Gaga has already made her own though
comments 178 Waitress-only-available-sometimes1 page
Waitress-only-available-sometimes - comments
Comments - Now here is a diner I would be waiting in line to eat at, sometimes the waitress is there and sometimes not! A great and funny sign to put out, at least they are being honest about perhaps providing poor service to their customers
comments 1780 Bad-Tequila-Shot-Video1 page
Bad-Tequila-Shot-Video - comments
Comments - Now here kids is the way NOT to do a Tequila shot, this is bad, very bad. And yes before I get a bunch of comments, no Kids you shouldn't drink
comments 1781 Katy-Perry-Sesame-Street-Banned-Show1 page
Katy-Perry-Sesame-Street-Banned-Show - comments
Comments - Sesame Street taped this show with Katy Perry, but later decided that her clothing was too revealing for a kids show. I don't see anything wrong with it as an adult and I am sure kids wouldn't think twice about it. It is usually us sick adults who have those thoughts....
comments 1783 Not-an-Apple-Computer-Fan1 page
Not-an-Apple-Computer-Fan - comments
Comments - Check out this guy with his funny sign, I guess he is not an Apple fan..... although I guess there is some truth to what he says...
comments 1784 Funny-Bear-Grylls1 page
Funny-Bear-Grylls - comments
Comments - If you haven't seen the show Man VS. Wild yet, you should definitely tune in, it is a great show and teaches you something about survival as well. Anyway, the guy's name is Bear Grylls and here is a funny picture
comments 1786 Jet-Ski-FAIL-Funny-Video1 page
Jet-Ski-FAIL-Funny-Video - comments
Comments - Check out these smart guys. I guess they didn't have a trailer for their Jet Ski so they figured they would pull the whole van down in the lake to load it back up? I had to watch this one at least 3 times. Never underestimate the power of stupid people...
comments 1787 The-Tallest-Oreo-Cookie1 page
The-Tallest-Oreo-Cookie - comments
Comments - Removing or eating the middle creamy part of the Oreo cookie has been a long time standard, but this is going a bit extreme I would say...
comments 1788 Very-Cool-Illusion-Video1 page
Very-Cool-Illusion-Video - comments
Comments - Cool illusion video of a cube that appears to float right in their house.
comments 1789 Jessica-Alba-in-Fishnet-Stockings1 page
Jessica-Alba-in-Fishnet-Stockings - comments
Comments - Jessica Alba showing her very long and shapely legs in fishnet stockings with a very short dress, but very high heels!
comments 179 P-Diddy-Bitching1 page
P-Diddy-Bitching - comments
Comments - Now here is a reason to lower gas prices, PDiddy is complaining because he can't fly is private jet back and worth to Los Angelas because gas for his jet is too expensive, man if we only all had that problem, give me a break.
comments 1792 George-Bush-and-Obama-are-the-same-guy1 page
George-Bush-and-Obama-are-the-same-guy - comments
Comments - Breaking news out today, it has been discovered during a routine presidential physical that United States president Obama and George Bush are actually the same guy!
comments 1793 Star-Trek-Enterprise-made-from-Salami1 page
Star-Trek-Enterprise-made-from-Salami - comments
Comments - Now this person has entirely too much time on their hands and is very much a trekky nerd to make an entire Star Trek Enterprise ship out of Salami? wow.... just wow
comments 1794 Lollipop-Singing-Girl1 page
Lollipop-Singing-Girl - comments
Comments - Cute video of a girl singing lollipop her voice and facial expressions are a little addicting for some reason
comments 1796 The-Periodic-picnic-table1 page
The-Periodic-picnic-table - comments
Comments - A very creative way to learn the periodic table just like a picnic table!
comments 1797 Kidnapped-Wife1 page
Kidnapped-Wife - comments
Comments - Check out this creative bum, he wife has been kidnapped and he is out doing all that he can to get that ransom together..... my guess is that it will be going to the closest liquor store on the corner and he will never see his wife again! ;)
comments 1798 Sexy-Kaley-Cuoco1 page
Sexy-Kaley-Cuoco - comments
Comments - You know Kaley Cuoco from the hit show 'The Big Bang Theory', she plays the hot yet dumb blonde Penny on the show. Check out this hot picture of Kaley
comments 1799 Funny-Closed-Store-Sign1 page
Funny-Closed-Store-Sign - comments
Comments - Funny sign on the door of a taco store about being close and someone even replied which makes it even more funny.
comments 18 Try-the-Anus1 page
Try-the-Anus - comments
Comments - Man I am sure hoping this meant to say Try the Angus... although I am 99% sure I wouldn't stop at this place even knowing what the meant.. It's called Attention to detail my friends... join the military... to quote a great leader
comments 180 Celebrity-Hayden-Panettiere1 page
Celebrity-Hayden-Panettiere - comments
Comments - Sexy Celebrity Hayden Panettiere looking very nice with her bright red lipstick and perfect shoulder line while showing off her... upper assets. You probably know her best from the show Heroes, but she has been in many movies and guest appearances on a few sitcoms. A very sexy celebrity for sure.
comments 1801 Funny-Welcome-Mats1 page
Funny-Welcome-Mats - comments
Comments - Admit it, some people you just don't want to say Welcome to when they are at your door, well here is what you have been waiting for, put out these funny mats and see what happens
comments 1804 Funny-Toilet-Picture1 page
Funny-Toilet-Picture - comments
Comments - Not sure who thought this was a good design, but they should probably be flushed. Even not thinking about the toilet in the middle, why the need for so many sinks?
comments 1805 What-not-to-do-in-a-Grocery-Store1 page
What-not-to-do-in-a-Grocery-Store - comments
Comments - Funny Video about what you shouldn't do in a grocery store, or in most public places would apply as well.
comments 1806 Your-AD-Here-Cow1 page
Your-AD-Here-Cow - comments
Comments - Really, has it come to this, everywhere we look these days there are advertisements, websites, more commercials on TV, but livestock, cows, this has got to be a new low...
comments 1807 Funny-Mickey-Mouse-Picture1 page
Funny-Mickey-Mouse-Picture - comments
Comments - The downturn in the economy has even affected the infamous Disney Mickey Mouse, check out this picture where he will now even do work just for some cheese
comments 1809 College-Babe-reading-Book1 page
College-Babe-reading-Book - comments
Comments - A college babe who is too lazy to use her hands and figures she will just read a book with her feet. Back when I was young perhaps I could have seen the words that far away, but certainly not now
comments 181 Go-Ahead,-Drink-and-Drive1 page
Go-Ahead,-Drink-and-Drive - comments
Comments - Nice sign, it gets the point across very well. If you drink and drive here are your likely next exits.
comments 1811 Samuel-L-Jackson-with-Pink-Hair1 page
Samuel-L-Jackson-with-Pink-Hair - comments
Comments - Just in case you were ever laying around and thinking about what Samuel L Jackson would look like with pink hair..... here ya go
comments 1813 Burger-King-Injections1 page
Burger-King-Injections - comments
Comments - Well, fast food like Burger King is probably just as bad as drugs so why not use an injection to get it over with quicker
comments 1815 Computers-in-Water1 page
Computers-in-Water - comments
Comments - Everyone knows that electronics and water do not mix, especially computers and water. What surprises me most is that the fan on the server is actually still running.
comments 1817 Funny-Bar-Video1 page
Funny-Bar-Video - comments
Comments - Preview for what always happens when you go to the bar and there is always someone who has just a few too many drinks, very funny video
comments 1819 Hauling-wood-in-their-Car1 page
Hauling-wood-in-their-Car - comments
Comments - These guys are hauling what looks like 14ft pieces of wood in their little car using only their arms, nice and safe and on a busy road it looks like too, stupid people
comments 182 Ladies-Slippery-when-wet1 page
Ladies-Slippery-when-wet - comments
Comments - hahaha, now this sign brings out all the dirty thoughts in my head for sure. I think they would have thought about this placement just a little bit better. Oh well, make for funny material for us to laugh at anyway.
comments 1820 Alien-wants-to-Believe-in-Life1 page
Alien-wants-to-Believe-in-Life - comments
Comments - Funny picture of a reversal of what alien life might be thinking about finding us!
comments 1822 Earth-hit-my-massive-Asteroid1 page
Earth-hit-my-massive-Asteroid - comments
Comments - A view from the moon if the earth were hit with a massive asteroid, I don't think it is realistic, but a neat and creative picture anyway
comments 1823 Do-not-get-the-Animals-sick1 page
Do-not-get-the-Animals-sick - comments
Comments - Funny sign, they are very much concerned about the animals getting sick, but not so much about your life.... probably because if you get eaten you deserved it for being stupid.
comments 1826 Say-Hello-To-My-Little-Friend1 page
Say-Hello-To-My-Little-Friend - comments
Comments - You know, not everything that's small is a disappointment. Sometimes small can be beautiful and, contrary to what all those girls tell you, could even get you laid. Like nanotechnology for instance.
comments 1827 Kid-Hacker-Funny-Video-FAIL1 page
Kid-Hacker-Funny-Video-FAIL - comments
Comments - This Kid thinks he is the future of hacking? Check this funny video out, he actually thinks that the tracert cmd is telling him how many people are on google and their IP addresses! Oh and there is usually only 10 people in the world on google at a time.... KID, YOU FAIL
comments 1828 Sexy-Actress-Joanna-Garcia1 page
Sexy-Actress-Joanna-Garcia - comments
Comments - I just love Joanna Garcia, so classy and sexy. Forget about her body and sexy legs for a second and just look at her face, amazingly beautiful. You know her from quite a few shows such as 'Reba' and 'Privileged' , as well as quite a few movies she has done, so underrated in my opinion.
comments 1829 Party-Girls-play-with-Blowup-Toy1 page
Party-Girls-play-with-Blowup-Toy - comments
Comments - Just a few party girls having a good time at a party with their blow up toy penis
comments 183 Helen-Flanagan-flanagan-in-Stockings1 page
Helen-Flanagan-flanagan-in-Stockings - comments
Comments - Another great picture of your favorite leggy Helen Flanagan in sexy black stockings, what a great smile and everything else to boot. I need to look her up to see what she has starred in, but I get a bit distracted every time I look at her pictures.
comments 1830 Space-Shuttle-Launch-Hi-Res-Picture1 page
Space-Shuttle-Launch-Hi-Res-Picture - comments
Comments - A very high resolution picture of a NASA Space Shuttle launch, very hi res picture, check out that smoke plume.
comments 1832 Air-Conditioned-Outhouses1 page
Air-Conditioned-Outhouses - comments
Comments - At long last, now with an air conditioned outhouse when you just have to go to the restroom and can't hold it any longer, at least you can be cool while you inhale other peoples stink!
comments 1834 Google-Postage-Stamp-Query1 page
Google-Postage-Stamp-Query - comments
Comments - ah.. remember the good ole days, when you had to mail in your query to Google on a post card?
comments 1836 Wedding-Photographer-Oops1 page
Wedding-Photographer-Oops - comments
Comments - Funny Video, It is the most important day in the brides life, her wedding, and they hire this photographer who figures he doesn't need to watch where he is going .... ooops
comments 1838 Marijuana-Smuggler-wants-a-Job1 page
Marijuana-Smuggler-wants-a-Job - comments
Comments - Funny classified ad from a former Marijuana smuggler who is now seeking legal employment
comments 1839 George-Bush-looks-like-a-monkey1 page
George-Bush-looks-like-a-monkey - comments
Comments - Very funny picture comparing George Bush facial expressions with that of a monkey, crazy accurate
comments 184 Sarah-Palin-for-Vice-President1 page
Sarah-Palin-for-Vice-President - comments
Comments - Now here is a reason to vote for Sarah Palin and John McCain, notice the order of names there? Nothing like a whale tale (thong) to get us to vote eh?
comments 1840 Redneck-Bass-Boat1 page
Redneck-Bass-Boat - comments
Comments - Funny picture of an actual boat made out of junk, of course by a Redneck, gotta give him credit though, very creative
comments 1841 Directions-to-wear-a-hat1 page
Directions-to-wear-a-hat - comments
Comments - Really, is it really neccesary to provide directions to people on what to do with their hat, how to wear it?
comments 1842 The-Perfect-Wife1 page
The-Perfect-Wife - comments
Comments - How here is the prefect wife, everything you could ask for in a life long companion!
comments 1843 Good-Woman-Wanted-Sign1 page
Good-Woman-Wanted-Sign - comments
Comments - Funny Sign - Good Woman wanted with boat, please show pictures of the boat at least
comments 1846 Will-work-for-Head1 page
Will-work-for-Head - comments
Comments - Ok, get all of your heads out of the gutter, he literally needs a head and is willing to work for it people!
comments 1848 Picante-Sauce-Baby-Food1 page
Picante-Sauce-Baby-Food - comments
Comments - Funny flavor for baby food, spicy hot picante sauce
comments 1849 Stress-Reduction-Kit1 page
Stress-Reduction-Kit - comments
Comments - Stress reduction kit funny picture. Just bang your head here until your are unconscious
comments 1853 iPhone-5-Sneak-Peak1 page
iPhone-5-Sneak-Peak - comments
Comments - So it looks like Apple has already completed the form factor for the new iPhone 5 that will be out in June or July of this year, check out the sneak peak picture here!
comments 1854 Stupid-People-not-being-safe1 page
Stupid-People-not-being-safe - comments
Comments - If you don't have the right tools for the job you probably shouldn't be doing that job. Here is a guy who didn't have a ladder or anything safer to use so he climbs his construction vehicle and puts a ladder in the scoop.... amazing,,.... creative I guess, but I don't believe OSHA would like to see this
comments 1856 Funny-Lion-Warning-Letter1 page
Funny-Lion-Warning-Letter - comments
Comments - A very funny letter to hunters and other people who are outdoors to watch out for lions and what to do to protect themselves, it is really only at the end of the letter do you get that it is a joke
comments 1858 Stacked-Computer-Monitors1 page
Stacked-Computer-Monitors - comments
Comments - Ever wonder what to do with all those old CRT computer monitors you have lying around? You know, the ones you paid $300 a few years ago and are now worth nothing and it costs money to get rid of them? Well you get creative and stack them if you have too much time on your hands!
comments 1859 Crazy-Cigarette-Magic-Trick1 page
Crazy-Cigarette-Magic-Trick - comments
Comments - Check out this guy in the streets of Las Vegas, making a living with this crazy cool cigarette magic trick, I had to watch this one a few times and still don't know how the hell he does it.
comments 1861 Cookie-Monster-Deleting-Cookies1 page
Cookie-Monster-Deleting-Cookies - comments
Comments - Cookie monster is at a loss, he can't understand why in the world he would want to delete the cookies!
comments 1864 Writer-offers-great-advice1 page
Writer-offers-great-advice - comments
Comments - I think this writer gives great advise , but perhaps men or at least this guy is not the best person for an advise column job unless he is just trying to be funny.
comments 1865 Gun-Pumpkin-Carving1 page
Gun-Pumpkin-Carving - comments
Comments - Forget the traditional time consuming and messy way of carving your pumpkin this year, do it the quick and easy way, with a gun! Hickok45 knows how to get the job done I just wish he would have shown the backside of that pumpkin
comments 1866 Emma-Watson-Sexy-Heels1 page
Emma-Watson-Sexy-Heels - comments
Comments - Emma Watson showing off her shapely legs in these very sexy high heels
comments 1869 Hot-Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-in-Lingerie1 page
Hot-Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-in-Lingerie - comments
Comments - Sarah Michelle Gellar seems to have dropped off the face of the earth lately. Everyone knows her as the hot little blonde Buffy the Vampire slayer, well lets just say she is giving me a 'buffy' here....
comments 1872 Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-Sexy-Dress1 page
Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-Sexy-Dress - comments
Comments - Check out SMG in this sexy little almost see through dress. Nice sexy pose with her legs and heels. Sarah Michelle Gellar
comments 1873 Awesome-Car-Camero1 page
Awesome-Car-Camero - comments
Comments - Check out this nice classic car, the Chevy Camero, not sure what year this one is, but someone please comment if they know.
comments 1874 Radio-Shack-TRS-80-Computer1 page
Radio-Shack-TRS-80-Computer - comments
Comments - A classic, one of the very best first computers, the TRS-80 from Radio Shack. If you are at least 33 years old or so, you likely had one of these or knew someone that did. I remember loading games through the cassette player
comments 1875 Rescued-Baby-Hummingbird1 page
Rescued-Baby-Hummingbird - comments
Comments - Very cool video about this guy who rescues a baby hummingbird, feeds it, let's it practice flying, etc...
comments 1876 Hot-Emma-Watson-Picture1 page
Hot-Emma-Watson-Picture - comments
Comments - Emma Watson looking very hot in this strange dress, but I am not complaining, she is so beautiful.
comments 1877 Danica-McKellar-Hot-in-HACK1 page
Danica-McKellar-Hot-in-HACK - comments
Comments - Check out this rare clip of Danica McKellar wanting it badly in the movie Hack. I never heard of it until I saw this clip and it would have been a crime not to post it! Go little Winnie Cooper! Yes, before you ask, she is the girl from the Wonder Years
comments 1878 Stupid-Hat-Guy1 page
Stupid-Hat-Guy - comments
Comments - Check out this idiot, guess he thinks the visors on hats are really just a fashion statement, don't actually use it the correct way to keep the sun out because that would not be the cool way
comments 1879 Funny-Pi-Eye-Chart1 page
Funny-Pi-Eye-Chart - comments
Comments - You thought you had problems seeing all the letters in your standard eye chart, well check out this funny Pi Chart, get it, Pi Chart
comments 1881 Google-Maps-car-crash1 page
Google-Maps-car-crash - comments
Comments - A car crashed right into one of the google maps markers, they should really be more careful with placement of those markers.
comments 1883 Escape-little-escape-keyboard-character1 page
Escape-little-escape-keyboard-character - comments
Comments - Poor little esc key is escaping from the keyboard, run litte guy, run like the wind
comments 1887 Coke-vs-Pepsi-Fight1 page
Coke-vs-Pepsi-Fight - comments
Comments - The epic battle between Coke and Pepsi has been going on for decades now, yes I know it makes some of us feel old, funny picture Coke and Pepsi fight it out.
comments 1888 Sexy-Emma-Watson1 page
Sexy-Emma-Watson - comments
Comments - Emma Watson looking very sexy up close with her bright red lipstick, what a hot babe she has turned out to be, I almost can't wait to watch the last movie in the Harry Potter series, in fact I think they should rename it to be the Hermione Granger series!!
comments 1889 Wheel-of-Fortune-solved-in-1-Letter1 page
Wheel-of-Fortune-solved-in-1-Letter - comments
Comments - Check out this crazy Wheel of Fortune video, this lady solves the puzzle with only 1 letter on the board
comments 1890 Sexual-Harassment-at-work1 page
Sexual-Harassment-at-work - comments
Comments - At first you might think this video is a bad case of sexual harassment at work, but she sure does know how to use it to her advantage, very cool video
comments 1891 Video-from-inside-Car-Crash1 page
Video-from-inside-Car-Crash - comments
Comments - Check out these cool guys who video their own crash from inside the care while going almost 140mph right off the side of a small cliff
comments 1892 Emma-Watson-Legs-in-Heels1 page
Emma-Watson-Legs-in-Heels - comments
Comments - Emma Watson once again showing off her sexy shapely legs in very high heels, seems she likes to tease us now that she is all grown up.
comments 1894 Get-out-of-a-Speeding-ticket1 page
Get-out-of-a-Speeding-ticket - comments
Comments - Now this my friends is a very creative, and somewhat illegal way to get out of a speeding ticket, very funny
comments 1895 Getting-turned-on-and-left1 page
Getting-turned-on-and-left - comments
Comments - Funny sign about being more green, saving energy by turning your lights off.
comments 1896 Turn-a-Math-problem-into-a-Sexy-Babe1 page
Turn-a-Math-problem-into-a-Sexy-Babe - comments
Comments - Now here is somebody who gets creative and funny with a math problem and turns it right into a sexy babe.
comments 1898 Airplance-Evactuation-Procedure1 page
Airplance-Evactuation-Procedure - comments
Comments - Funny picture on what to do if you need to open the emergency exit on the airplane to evacuate
comments 1899 Crazy-Interesting-Facts-Info-graphic1 page
Crazy-Interesting-Facts-Info-graphic - comments
Comments - A very interesting info graphic with some crazy facts for your reading pleasure
comments 1903 Brick-shit-in-the-Toilet1 page
Brick-shit-in-the-Toilet - comments
Comments - I guess everyone has heard the expression 'shitting bricks', but this is taking it a bit too far.... funny
comments 1904 The-Man-Song-Men-Only1 page
The-Man-Song-Men-Only - comments
Comments - NO TITS GTFO Manly song for manly men only hooplah. 34 on the 34..... seriously...
comments 1905 Condoms-on-Sale-for-Mom1 page
Condoms-on-Sale-for-Mom - comments
Comments - What a great mothers day gift! When I think of mothers day the first thing that comes to mind is that she would really like some Trojan Condoms to make her day a special one
comments 1906 House-vs-Jennifer-Aniston1 page
House-vs-Jennifer-Aniston - comments
Comments - How times have changed, check out this funny picture screen capture from an old episode of friends with Hugh Laurie (House) and Jennifer Aniston
comments 1907 Xray-Model-in-Heels1 page
Xray-Model-in-Heels - comments
Comments - Funny picture, kinda sexy... maybe, not sure, anyway here is what a hot model would look like in her heels if she got an xray
comments 1909 United-States-Map-of-McDonalds1 page
United-States-Map-of-McDonalds - comments
Comments - Check out this United States map showing the locations of all the McDonald's locations. I can't figure out why we have an obesity problem in this country....
comments 1912 Emma-Watson-Short-Haircut1 page
Emma-Watson-Short-Haircut - comments
Comments - Well, what is your opinion? Is Emma Watson still Hot or Not with her new short haircut? I vote still HOT, although I do like her better with her longer hair for sure.
comments 1915 Zooey-Deschanel-cute-with-sexy-legs1 page
Zooey-Deschanel-cute-with-sexy-legs - comments
Comments - Zooey Deschanel with her cute smile showing off her very sexy and shapely legs in pantyhose
comments 1916 USB-Sperm-Drive1 page
USB-Sperm-Drive - comments
Comments - We have all seen the various shapes and size of USB drives as of late, but I bet you haven't seen this USB drive at your local Best Buy store...
comments 1921 Peeing-on-the-Ice-Funny-Video1 page
Peeing-on-the-Ice-Funny-Video - comments
Comments - I guess the rope was attached to his leg for ... ,lets call it safety reasons, but he should have know as soon as he went out to pee on the ice his friends would pull his rope, funny video
comments 1922 Keri-Russell-in-Sexy-Stockings1 page
Keri-Russell-in-Sexy-Stockings - comments
Comments - I am not sure where she has been lately, but Keri Russell is looking very sexy here, I sure hope she makes a come back soon, yes you know her best from Felicity depending on your age
comments 1924 Funny-xWife-yard-Sale-sign1 page
Funny-xWife-yard-Sale-sign - comments
Comments - uh oh, the xwife is having a yard sale with all of your ***** in it, I guess I would show up and buy it all
comments 1925 Cool-Hi-Resolution-Spider-Picture1 page
Cool-Hi-Resolution-Spider-Picture - comments
Comments - A very cool picture of an albino spider in extremely high resolution and very close up
comments 1926 Your-at-home-Hosting-Company1 page
Your-at-home-Hosting-Company - comments
Comments - Funny picture showing how you can setup your own at home hosting company. The ironic thing is that some of you are probably hosting with a 'company' like this....
comments 1927 Kristen-Bell-runner-in-Pantyhose1 page
Kristen-Bell-runner-in-Pantyhose - comments
Comments - Poor petite Kristen Bell has got a runner in her Pantyhose, oh no, she is so hot with a great smile and very nice legs obviously
comments 1928 Bud-Light-Fridge-Beer-Cannon1 page
Bud-Light-Fridge-Beer-Cannon - comments
Comments - Introducing the Bud Light Beer Cannon, completely controlled by an iPhone from AT&T. The beer cannon fridge will even shoot the beer right into your hand, nicely done guy
comments 1929 Funny-Vintage-Computer-Advertisement1 page
Funny-Vintage-Computer-Advertisement - comments
Comments - Times sure have changed for computers, but 2 bytes are better than 1 is still true I would say. Funny 1978 computer advertisement
comments 1931 Cool-picture-Underwater-Bedroom1 page
Cool-picture-Underwater-Bedroom - comments
Comments - cool picture of what a bedroom would look like if you were completely underwater, like a 360 degree aquarium, I bet you sleep good though.
comments 1932 Facebook-Connections-around-the-world1 page
Facebook-Connections-around-the-world - comments
Comments - A very neat picture of just how widely used and connected facebook really is around the globe with over 500 million users
comments 1933 Keri-Russell-Legs-and-Heels1 page
Keri-Russell-Legs-and-Heels - comments
Comments - The beautiful sexy Keri Russell showing of a little bit of those great legs for us in some very hot heels
comments 1934 Stop-Global-Warming-Sign1 page
Stop-Global-Warming-Sign - comments
Comments - As you can see, Global Warming is a huge issue for the world, if we are to put an end to this problem, we all need to pitch in and help, I mean just look at this funny sign
comments 1935 Hard-to-say-when-Drunk1 page
Hard-to-say-when-Drunk - comments
Comments - Check out all of these difficult and impossible things to say while you are drunk off of your butt
comments 1936 I-just-had-Sex-Video1 page
I-just-had-Sex-Video - comments
Comments - Funny Video about 3 guys who Just had Sex, Jessica Alba is one of the babes too!
comments 1937 10MB-Computer-Hard-Drive1 page
10MB-Computer-Hard-Drive - comments
Comments - You know you have just been biting at the bit waiting for this monster of a drive, I mean a 10MB computer drive?, holy hell you will never use all of that space. A classic funny old advertisement
comments 1938 Katy-Perry-and-her-Legs1 page
Katy-Perry-and-her-Legs - comments
Comments - Sexy Katy Perry once again showing off her long shapely legs. Although this picture is very much brushed up, it is kind neat
comments 1939 Kid-with-Crazy-Basketball-Skills1 page
Kid-with-Crazy-Basketball-Skills - comments
Comments - Wow, check out this kid with some crazy basketball skills, 2 balls, a tennis ball, backwards, really..... wow, and to top it off his name is Jordan
comments 1941 Big-Bang-Theory-is-Sexy1 page
Big-Bang-Theory-is-Sexy - comments
Comments - Check out this Big Bang Theory poster, smart is the new Sexy baby! Kaley Cuoco for sure, funny show to say the least and a babe to top it off!
comments 1942 Funny-Class-Survey-Answer1 page
Funny-Class-Survey-Answer - comments
Comments - I would have to give an A for creativity at least for this class survey answer
comments 1943 Zooey-Deschanel-Stockings1 page
Zooey-Deschanel-Stockings - comments
Comments - Cute little actress Zooey Deschanel posing for a magazine pictorial wearing some very sexy lace stockings
comments 1944 Funny-Dog-Flashlight-Vet1 page
Funny-Dog-Flashlight-Vet - comments
Comments - This poor little dog goes to the vet for a simple checkup, when all of a sudden he finds out he has a big flashlight problem between his mouth and.....
comments 1945 7-Bad-Domain-Names-for-your-Site1 page
7-Bad-Domain-Names-for-your-Site - comments
Comments - Check out this list of 7 of the worst domain names you could use for your site, see if you can figure out why... haha
comments 1947 Apple-is-making-iProgress1 page
Apple-is-making-iProgress - comments
Comments - Check out the past, present, and future of Apple Computers, from the iphone all the way into the future with the iMat,
comments 1948 Criminals-favor-Gun-Control-Laws1 page
Criminals-favor-Gun-Control-Laws - comments
Comments - Funny and serious video about how criminals are for gun control law, you too can help by making sure it is illegal for law abiding citizens to protect themselves.
comments 1949 Crazy-fast-white-Rapper-Boy1 page
Crazy-fast-white-Rapper-Boy - comments
Comments - Check out this boy with the skillz, well I guess anyone could do this if they had the time to practice it out, but impressive none the less, go white rapper baby boy
comments 1950 Keri-Russell-seductive-look1 page
Keri-Russell-seductive-look - comments
Comments - Just another boring Keri Russell picture with her sexy little pose and hot black silk stockings, nothing to see here, move along to the next video or picture.... you still looking.... good for you, she is a hottie
comments 1952 Boat-Docking-FAILS1 page
Boat-Docking-FAILS - comments
Comments - Check out this idiot trying to dock his boat, bringing it ashore way too fast
comments 1953 Extreme-Easter-egg-designs1 page
Extreme-Easter-egg-designs - comments
Comments - yes, I know they are only stickers, but this person went the extra mile to get their Easter eggs looking great
comments 1955 The-great-Ketchup-Machine1 page
The-great-Ketchup-Machine - comments
Comments - I love technology, important discoveries in science making the world a better place & humanity benefiting from the outcome & thanks to advances in robotics, squeezing out your own sauce will soon be a thing of the past.
comments 1956 Top-Gun-North-Korean-version1 page
Top-Gun-North-Korean-version - comments
Comments - funny Top Gun video spoof of North Korea
comments 1957 Beautiful-Celebrity-Keri-Russell1 page
Beautiful-Celebrity-Keri-Russell - comments
Comments - Yet another sexy picture of celebrity Keri Russell showing off her great legs and smile while in very hot heels
comments 1958 Funny-Video-Blackberry-not-Working1 page
Funny-Video-Blackberry-not-Working - comments
Comments - A very funny video making fun of product names such as the Blackberry, Apple, etc... this poor guy comes into the store letting the guy know that his Blackberry just isn't working like he expected
comments 1959 Funny-Pizza-Sign1 page
Funny-Pizza-Sign - comments
Comments - mmmm, anyone hungry for some good Herpes Pizza. They say location is the most important factor in starting your business, I would say picking a good name is a close second!
comments 1960 Photo-bomber-xRay-Style1 page
Photo-bomber-xRay-Style - comments
Comments - Even x-Rays are no longer safe from your average photo bomber. You're just sitting there trying to get your xray done and this guy pops in to say hi
comments 1961 Drive-Thru-oops-Picture1 page
Drive-Thru-oops-Picture - comments
Comments - When it said drive through she took it literally. And yes when I say
comments 1962 Emma-Watson-is-sweet1 page
Emma-Watson-is-sweet - comments
Comments - Celebrity babe Emma Watson sure does appear to like her sweets, she looks pretty sweet to me
comments 1963 Beautiful-Emma-Watson-in-Red1 page
Beautiful-Emma-Watson-in-Red - comments
Comments - Happy Valentines day all! Check out the beautiful Emma Watson in a very sexy red dress with bright red lipstick. I thought this would be a good start to Valentines day for sure!
comments 1964 Funny-Broc-Obama-Picture1 page
Funny-Broc-Obama-Picture - comments
Comments - hahaha, funny picture, Broc Obama, get it , do you get it? and he is even ... green ahahha. No political agenda here, it is just funny and creative
comments 1965 Shopping-carts-in-a-circle-picture1 page
Shopping-carts-in-a-circle-picture - comments
Comments - Crazy picture, someone pranked their local grocery store and put all of their carts in a joined circle in their parking lot.
comments 1982 Wee-Wee-Wee-commercial-revenge1 page
Wee-Wee-Wee-commercial-revenge - comments
Comments - ah, I am sure you have all seen this Geico Insurance commercial and are as anonyed as most people for the next 30 seconds of your life, well here is your change to feel some relieve and get your revenge through others. wee wee wee , dead pig
comments 1983 Interesting-Superbowl-Info-graphic1 page
Interesting-Superbowl-Info-graphic - comments
Comments - An interesting info graphic with facts about Superbowl advertisements and the history behind their price tags. Brought to you by
comments 1984 Obesity-Epedimic-Infographic1 page
Obesity-Epedimic-Infographic - comments
Comments - Crazy facts on just how bad the obesity epidemic is here in the United States, people need to lay off of the cheeseburgers and apple pie every once in a while I guess. Brought to you by
comments 1985 Amazing-Information-on-Cellphone-Usage1 page
Amazing-Information-on-Cellphone-Usage - comments
Comments - Just how much do we rely on our cellphones everyday, from texting, to checking email, to even once in a while making a phone call? Check out these amazing factoids Brought to you by
comments 1987 Old-Dharma-initiative-computer1 page
Old-Dharma-initiative-computer - comments
Comments - A very old computer advertisement for the Dharma initiative. Information on the Dharma initiative can be found here, very cool, yet nerdy reading for sure.
comments 1988 Stupid-guy-on-Video-licks-frozen-pole1 page
Stupid-guy-on-Video-licks-frozen-pole - comments
Comments - hmmm, I wonder what will happen to this stupid guy when he figures he will lick this frozen pole, don't worry if you can't understand what they are saying, you get the idea
comments 1989 Mia-Kirshner-so-beautiful1 page
Mia-Kirshner-so-beautiful - comments
Comments - The beautiful Mia Kirshner looking very hot in this picture, just look at her eyes, amazing
comments 1990 Hot-Keira-Knightley-with-Legs1 page
Hot-Keira-Knightley-with-Legs - comments
Comments - Keira Knightley looking very hot with legs that just won't stop in this picture. Not sure what kind of outfit she is wearing but I sure do like it!
comments 1991 Funny-Snow-Overtime-Picture1 page
Funny-Snow-Overtime-Picture - comments
Comments - By the sounds of the news and weather reports most of the U.S. is being hammered by snow and that means plows, no school, no work, and fun fun fun .... right? How much snow or snow days are too much? check out this very scientific study on a more common condition called snow overtime. for just a few pennys a day even you can help these poor people
comments 1992 NCIS-Babe-Cote-de-Pablo1 page
NCIS-Babe-Cote-de-Pablo - comments
Comments - Introducing your favorite NCIS babe, Cote de Pablo. She is the cute investigator with a killer background on NCIS, if you haven't seen the show, she is a good reason to start watching
comments 1993 Leggy-Amy-Acker1 page
Leggy-Amy-Acker - comments
Comments - Amy Acker showing off her great smile and very long sexy legs. You know her best from the TV shows Alias and Angel
comments 1994 Ashley-Judd-Sexy-Smile1 page
Ashley-Judd-Sexy-Smile - comments
Comments - I have never heard of anyone who doesn't like Ashley Judd, from her acting to her perfect smile, what is not to like? Once of the sexiest celebrity babes
comments 1995 Pretty-Angelina-Jolie-picture1 page
Pretty-Angelina-Jolie-picture - comments
Comments - A nice picture of Angelina Jolie back when she was still pretty, I think she has lost too much weight and looks too kicka$$ instead of feminine right now though, let the comments on this one begin!
comments 1996 Donuts-Seeds-for-sale1 page
Donuts-Seeds-for-sale - comments
Comments - Yes, you saw it here first, you can now buy your very own donuts seeds and grow your own doughnuts. Yes I spelled donuts both ways and they are both correct, check the dictionary for the differences. They look more like Cheerios to me, but if you really think they are donut seeds give me a call and I will sell you a bunch of them for a great price
comments 1997 Nerd-Christmas-Tree1 page
Nerd-Christmas-Tree - comments
Comments - Yes, I know Christmas is over and still a long ways off for this year, but thought this nerd tree was pretty funny, if you aren't a nerd you probably won't understand it
comments 1998 Funny-Geriatric-Dance-routine1 page
Funny-Geriatric-Dance-routine - comments
Comments - Check out these geriatric guys, you have to give them credit, pretty good for old guys, very creative, entertaining and I bet it made you smile.
comments 1999 Funny-Chuck-Norris-NunChucks-picture1 page
Funny-Chuck-Norris-NunChucks-picture - comments
Comments - Everyone knows that nobody can beat Chuck Norris and with this picture we all know where the term Nun chucks really comes from and it isn't from an ancient Okinawan Japan name obviously!
comments 2 Never-Underestimate-Stupid-People1 page
Never-Underestimate-Stupid-People - comments
Comments - Never Underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
comments 2001 Optimus-Prime---Parody-of-Black-Eyed-Peas1 page
Optimus-Prime---Parody-of-Black-Eyed-Peas - comments
Comments - Angie and Chad's parody of The Time (Dirty Bit). - Optimus Prime Written, Directed, Edited and Performed by Chad Nikolaus and Angie Griffin
comments 2002 Stealth-bomber-and-fighters-picture1 page
Stealth-bomber-and-fighters-picture - comments
Comments - A great high resolution picture of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber flanked by 2 F-22 Raptors from the United States Air Force. Sorry China, we don't need to copy old Top Gun scenes for our fighter jets
comments 2003 I-wanna-be-an-Engineer-Video1 page
I-wanna-be-an-Engineer-Video - comments
Comments - Great spoof video, I want to be an Engineer so freaking bad! This is crazy funny, share it with your friends now!
comments 2004 A-very-Leggy-Katy-Perry-Picture1 page
A-very-Leggy-Katy-Perry-Picture - comments
Comments - Other than the obvious very nice legs, this is a cool picture of Katy Perry, looks almost cartoonish, too much air brushing or something
comments 2005 Blake-Lively-as-a-Schoolgirl1 page
Blake-Lively-as-a-Schoolgirl - comments
Comments - Actress Black Lively looking very nice all dressed up as a schoolgirl with the loose tie, skirt, and and all the requirements to be a schoolgirl outfit
comments 2006 Cute-Catherine-Bell-from-JAG1 page
Cute-Catherine-Bell-from-JAG - comments
Comments - You likely know Catherine Bell best from her role on the hit show JAG, well here she is in her little sailor bathing suit all ready for you to take her on that cruise
comments 2007 Cute-Dog-and-Boy-Praying1 page
Cute-Dog-and-Boy-Praying - comments
Comments - A cute picture showing a dog and a boy praying at his bedside
comments 2008 Beautiful-Summer-Glau-picture1 page
Beautiful-Summer-Glau-picture - comments
Comments - Summer Glau in a very beautiful picture showing off her lovely face and sexy body. Check out her eyes, she really is quite a pretty lady. She has been in quite a few shows, but you have probably seen her most in the Terminator show and Firefly
comments 2009 Relaxing-boat-and-lake-picture1 page
Relaxing-boat-and-lake-picture - comments
Comments - I thought this was a very nice relaxing picture of a boat in this lake, check out just how clear that water is to be able to see right to the bottom. I bet it is a great place to swim and fish for sure.
comments 2010 Funny-No-Customer-Service1 page
Funny-No-Customer-Service - comments
Comments - These guys get a little upset while trying to sit down and have a meal, only to wait and not get any service from the waitress, so what do they do, write their thoughts on the table with mustard and ketchup!
comments 2011 Pretty-Eliza-Dushku-picture1 page
Pretty-Eliza-Dushku-picture - comments
Comments - Eliza Dushku looking very pretty while out in her short dress showing off her great legs in heels. Check out the guy in the tie sneaking a quick peek, can you blame him?
comments 2012 Funny-Computer-Desktop-Wallpaper1 page
Funny-Computer-Desktop-Wallpaper - comments
Comments - hahah, change your wallpaper on your desktop, this is just the answer I bet 96.9% of people over the age of 65 would give (although that is down from 98.4%) last year
comments 2013 Funny-ATT-support-Chat-session1 page
Funny-ATT-support-Chat-session - comments
Comments - An actual chat session between a customer and an AT&T support representative, now that is funny stuff.
comments 2017 Infographic-about-birth-facts1 page
Infographic-about-birth-facts - comments
Comments - Interesting infographic on birth facts in the United States, avg hair color, weight, birth defects, etc....
comments 2020 Pretty-Katie-Holmes-picture1 page
Pretty-Katie-Holmes-picture - comments
Comments - A very pretty picture of little Katie Holmes, although I guess she isn't really that little since she is way taller than her weirdo husband Tom Cruise
comments 2021 Phone-with-built-in-Razor1 page
Phone-with-built-in-Razor - comments
Comments - Now we have seen it all, wiFi, 4G, pay with your phone, and now finally what everyone has been waiting for the built in razor
comments 2023 Fire-Hydrant-Parking-Owned1 page
Fire-Hydrant-Parking-Owned - comments
Comments - This is why you don't park within 25 feet of a fire hydrant, they will either tow your vehicle or bust out your windows and run the hose right through your car. What would you think if you walked out of the nudie bar to find your car looking like this, I am guessing OWNED
comments 2024 Homemade-Solar-Death-Ray-Video1 page
Homemade-Solar-Death-Ray-Video - comments
Comments - Talk about a homemade weapon, this guy created a solar death ray right in his backyard. A very cool if not a bit disturbing video. So you need a permit to build a deck, but this is fine in a neighborhood? I wonder why the Mythbusters could seem to do the same..... or perhaps this video is fake, .... no way, it is on the internet, it must be real!
comments 2027 F-15-fighter-and-Police-car-accident1 page
F-15-fighter-and-Police-car-accident - comments
Comments - Funny picture showing an accident between and Air Force F-15 fighter jet and a police car, ... uh, needless to say I think we all know who lost
comments 2028 Cute-Mena-Suvari-Pinup-Girl1 page
Cute-Mena-Suvari-Pinup-Girl - comments
Comments - Mena Suvari looking cute in this pinup type picture old style. She looks like a very happy waitress waiting to serve you your perfect hamburger and beer in her little red outfit
comments 2030 Alcohol-abused-by-Friends1 page
Alcohol-abused-by-Friends - comments
Comments - We have all been at both ends of these types of gags at some point in our life probably. At least it is usually friends getting you back when you are drunk
comments 2031 Eliza-Dushku-sexy-red-dress1 page
Eliza-Dushku-sexy-red-dress - comments
Comments - Eliza Dushku showing off her legs and heels in a very sexy red dress all while giving you that I will kill you look with a gun in her hand
comments 2032 Valentines-Day-facts-about-Money1 page
Valentines-Day-facts-about-Money - comments
Comments - Check out this great infographic with many interesting facts on just how much money is spent on Valentines day and on what exactly.
comments 2033 Jennifer-Morrison-cute-picture1 page
Jennifer-Morrison-cute-picture - comments
Comments - Jennifer Morrison posing for this cute picture of her on a nice leather couch of some sort, now if the camera was just a little to the left we could see more of her perfect legs
comments 2034 The-Marlin-Catcher1 page
The-Marlin-Catcher - comments
Comments - The Hookem is an entirely invented nautical device to help catch fish (particularly Marlin) at sea. It is a humorous promotional sales video to try and reel in deep-sea sports fishermen who want to catch more fish but just donít have the communication devices to afford them the time to stay at sea.
comments 2035 Carla-Gugino-seductive-look1 page
Carla-Gugino-seductive-look - comments
Comments - Carla Gugino is one of the hottest actresses out there without a doubt, check out this pose with that seductive take me now look, and just a little peek at her stocking clad legs
comments 2036 Pretty-Diane-Lane1 page
Pretty-Diane-Lane - comments
Comments - Little miss pretty Diane Lane, somehow you can picture her as the innocent housewife, a model , or a babe that teases all the guys, but one thing is for sure, she is damn pretty and hot all at the same time.
comments 2037 Charlize-Theron-goes-Leggy1 page
Charlize-Theron-goes-Leggy - comments
Comments - Charlize Theron has always been known for her very long shapely legs and this just goes to show she hasn't lost it at all
comments 2038 Chocolate-Porsche1 page
Chocolate-Porsche - comments
Comments - Well, if there is one thing that most women like more than a nice looking fast car, I guess it would be a nice looking fast car made of chocolate so here is the Porsche you should buy to pick up the ladies
comments 2039 Puberty-Pills1 page
Puberty-Pills - comments
Comments - ah, for all of those with teenage kids, don't you wish these puberty pills were available? I just use liquor , on myself not them of course.
comments 2040 Emma-Watson-promotional-picture1 page
Emma-Watson-promotional-picture - comments
Comments - Emma Watson with her new short hair cut (I don't like it) promoting the upcoming Harry Potter movie, she still a cute babe with nice legs, but grown the hair back Emma please!
comments 2041 Christina-Aguilera-dress-for-bed1 page
Christina-Aguilera-dress-for-bed - comments
Comments - Christina Aquilera showing off her cute playful side in a very nice dress all for bed and yes for you feet lovers she is showing those off as well you weirdos
comments 2042 Jennifer-Morrison-in-leather-and-heels1 page
Jennifer-Morrison-in-leather-and-heels - comments
Comments - Jennifer Morrison in a hot pictures revealing her great legs in heels and even wearing some nice tight leather, no need to really even mention the short skirt is there? The House babe has given us something to fantasize about yet again.
comments 2043 Emergency-Panties-Video1 page
Emergency-Panties-Video - comments
Comments - For all the ladies out there, as you can see there is nothing wrong with keeping a spare pair of emergency panties in your purse just in case something like this were to happen to you.... ok , maybe there is something wrong with it, but it is a funny video anyway
comments 2044 Missing-Socks-Laundry1 page
Missing-Socks-Laundry - comments
Comments - We have all been here, for some reason it seems like socks are the first to disappear while doing laundry. I have been trying to figure this out for years and still can't decide if it is the washing machine or the dryer that seems to eat socks, perhaps they are converted to lint and shot out of the dryer?
comments 2045 Alicia-Silverstone-cute-in-Fishnet-Stockings1 page
Alicia-Silverstone-cute-in-Fishnet-Stockings - comments
Comments - Where has Alicia Silverstone gone, it has been so long since I have really seen her in anything lately, but she sure is cute and fills out a pair of fishnet stockings with her legs very nicely indeed.
comments 2046 Mary-Louise-Parker-is-Batman1 page
Mary-Louise-Parker-is-Batman - comments
Comments - Adorable Mary Louise Parker is sporting her very nice and tight Batman t-shirt
comments 2047 Alicia-Silverson-short-skirt-and-legs1 page
Alicia-Silverson-short-skirt-and-legs - comments
Comments - Alicia Silverstone looking very sexy hot here in a very very short skirt, I don't like the heels much though
comments 2050 Funny-Care-Meter-Picture1 page
Funny-Care-Meter-Picture - comments
Comments - We all wish we could carry one of these care meters in our pockets, there is always that person who likes to blab on and on about stuff you don't care anything about.... yet you are polite and stand there nodding your head like you do care
comments 2051 Solar-Powered-Boombox-Radio1 page
Solar-Powered-Boombox-Radio - comments
Comments - Introducing the worlds first portable solar powered boombox radio, take it anywhere, works great on the beach. Disclaimer: not as seen on TV
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